Posted by Dave Hall on Jul 18, 2018
SummerFest, Summer Socials, Summertime (...and the Livin' is Easy.)
Meeting Notes for the July 18, 2018 meeting of
The Rotary Club of Clover Park: Guaranteed 100% Photo-Free, thanks to your rookie editor's slow learning curve...
Recorded by David Cotant
Edited by Dave Hall (Editor's Note: Two Wrongs Don't Make a Right, but Two Daves Do Make a Write!)
12:30  Call to Order: Past Pres. James Hairston. Invocation: Randy Black. Flag Salute: John Munn
Visiting Rotarians: George Linn (Tapei)

Guest / Visitors:  Dr. Mark Tillotson (former CPR member...Welcome Back!); Dr. Kristine Grace (Guest Speaker); Max Munn with John Munn; and Ingrid with Fred Willis.
 Sunshine with Jeannie (who also served as our Greeter): No Report.
 SummerFest Recap:
* Charlie Maxwell reported that the Car Show was a success, with more and different vehicles on display this year.
Marie Barth spoke about the great response from all the food vendors, exhibitors, and entertainers, and praised the Lakewood Parks   team for organizing and facilitating an outstanding event.
Fred Willis noted the strong support for the joint CPR/ShelterBox exhibits. (Editior's Note: Special Thanks to David Cotant, James Hairston, Karl Roth, Karen Fengler-Nichols and Spouse Joe, Tom McClellan, Sheri Hodson, Susan Adams, Heidi Wachter, and Fred Willis for being "People of Action", setting up/taking down the ShelterBox Tent, and our Clover Park Rotary booth!!!) Thanks also to Pres. Heidi for recognizing these "Rock Star Rotarians" with more gourmet chocolate bars!
Summer Social BBQ at Lake Louise's First Family, Tom and Shelley McClellan, Saturday July 21, 4pm. Bring a side-dish and your favorite beverage!
Faubion Family Farm Fest: July 28th, at Casa de Faubion in bucolic Kapowsin. Come for the alliteration, stay for the great food, frolic, friends, flora and fauna.
Rotary Night at the Rainiers: August 2nd. Tailgate fun before the game with fellow Rotarians, and then even more food during what is sure to be a perfect summer's evening at the ballpark.
Clover Park Rotary's First Annual Benefit Golf Tournament: August 4th. We still need golfers and hole sponsors! Please forward sponsor info to Tank Hairston no later than July 25 (our next meeting!), to allow enough time for signs and programs to be printed. Registration through our club website, or ask any of the Tournament Committee members to contact prospective players. Remember, our goal is for every member to bring in two foursomes, and one or more sponsors!
John Munn sent a letter on behalf of Lakewood Playhouse, thanking CPR for our $2,000 donation, which allowed completion of the restrooms renovation to ADA standards. Greater restroom capacity = Happy playgoers. (No pun intended...)
CPRC Board approved the completion of the Donation to Friends of the Veteran’s Golf Course in the amount of $25,000.00.  This had been committed as a 5 year project and is completed this year.  This will make next year’s Tournament fully a CPRC Foundation Fund Raiser.  The event should be expected to grow each year.
In addition, a woman who wanted to support all the Veteran’s Course does for the warriors donated $105,000.00 for training and teaching wounded warriors to golf. 
Fun and Fines with Gen. Ed and Joy Taylor
Tom Faubion: Wachter and Birthday.  “May I stand to talk” denied.  Again when asked to speak, he asked “May I stand to talk” Granted. “Thanks for all the birthday good wishes.” $50.00 + $20.00 Wachter.
Marie and Bruce Barth: 47thAnniversary. 1sttime they have been apart on their anniv., but Bruce sent a very nice note; in part: “Looking back, you have made my life the best.”  $50.00
Joy Taylor: 4 nights in Chelan; enjoyed the heat and the lake.  $20.00
Teresa Nye: Golfed at Fircrest Tournament; Low Gross in Division. Congratulations.  $5.00
                  Her Son’s Lacrosse Team finished 2ndin their tournament.
Speaker:Dr. Kristine Grace, Readiness Acceleration  Innovation Network: RAIN.
Dr. Grace is the Marketing Director and Mentor in business  and biotech development.  She is a retired Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon with additional degrees in Microbiology and Business Administration.
RAIN is a 501c3 non-profit life science incubator growing jobs, talent, and companies in Biotech for Tacoma.  David Herschber, Phd is the founder and director of RAIN. They work with 7 high school and 4 colleges.  They are located downtown Tacoma, (the old Nativity House building) near UWT.
The BioTech industry is a powerhouse industry in Seattle, but Tacoma has some of the best minds to help develop many of the ideas and products at a lower cost and more rapid turnaround for an idea or company. The Incubator is the collaboration of talent, energy and will to make an idea develop and to bring it to market.
RAIN is in many fields, but Dr. Grace’s focus is on the BioTech industry for Tacoma.  They contract with companies to produce a produce at a lower cost, and employ the students in the field.  Madigan Army Hospital is one of their collaborators doing pivotal research.
This summer they will sponsor a Bioengineering Camp for 9thgraders.  RAIN is actively finding bright students in the schools to go into this field and to inspire them in research.
iGEM team:     Brendon Studebaker – Rhododendron Cloning: Cloning if Rhododendrons is being done in Canada.  However, it can be done here in Tacoma with much less cost of production and delivery.
  Ian Gutierrez – Arsenic Soil Testing: A paper strip has been developed to easily test the soil for the presence of Arsenic.  
  Keshava Katti – Trees can be made to provide light by making the leave luminescent.
  DNA, biologic material, can store much data, just as or better than a microchip.  The paper strips with encoded DNA can be made to test for many substances such as Arsenic or Biologic and Chemical Warfare Terrorism materials.  RAIN is working with JBLM on several projects.  They will be sending  team to Boston for the iGEM completion.
Girls who Code:  Kati, a Jr. student from Bellarmine, works with the Robotics Team. Computer coding is done by mostly boys, 90% to 10%.  According to Kati, the boys seem to goof around a lot, and not focus on the task at hand.  Girls have not been encouraged to code, and she is working at Bellarmine to get more girls interested in coding, and to improve the whole team.  “Girls soak in the knowledge better that boys do.”  
See more about RAIN at  
Raffle:  Marie "Many Tickets" Barth had the winning raffle ticket, but could not draw an ace.  $5.00
Adjourned at 1:23 pm, PDT.
And Finally