President Joyce's first meeting as president, and so far no fines for screwing up!

Notes taken by Karen Fengler Nichols, editing by Tom McClellan
President Joyce Loveday got the meeting started precisely at 12:30, the first meeting of her presidential year, and unlike some past presidents she was not shy about giving the bell a solid whack.  Fred Willis served as invocateur.   Tim Plante led us all in the Pledge of Allegiance.  President Joyce then led meeting attendees in reciting the Rotarian 4-Way Test, a reminder of our mission.
Visiting Rotarians - Georgene Mellom introduced John Forkenbrock and Jim Sharp, Lakewood Rotary; Mitch Sagers, Tacoma Narrows.
Other Visitors - Georgene Mellom introduced a guest at her table, Clarke Thomson, general manager of Mountain View Funeral Home and potential new member.  Alan Billingsley introduced guests granddaughter Hazel and his wife, Debbie. Ken Sharp introduced his 2 guest daughters who joined him today, Chloe Sharp and and Jenny Weekes, who has a new job with West Pierce Fire & Rescue.
Future Programs - by Tom McClellan
July 8 - David O'Keeffe, Communities In Schools Lakewood
July 15 - Del Livingston, Friendly Water For The World
July 22 - Leanne Noren, Pierce County Project Access, Health Insurance Program
Announcements - Jim Hairston shared his Rotary experience at the US Open. There were 8 members and friends who worked in the beverage tent at the Open. Their compensation and tips will be returned to the club to be used for future projects. Joyce Loveday reported that Rotary’s participation was rated as the best of all the volunteers. We filled 400 spots and were on time and reliable. Way to go! Also EFN was instrumental in getting un-used food collected and distributed to those in need. So much better than in the trash!
Sunshine report- Karen Nichols passed on information from Marie Barth that past member Kurt Graff is now home from UW Medical Center and is doing well. He may join Marie in a couple of weeks at one of our meetings.
Other members shared info as well- David Cotant reported on two past members he saw during the US Open- Dr. Steve Teeny, still practicing in Lakewood was encouraged to return to the club. He also saw Jeff Casey who is doing well and currently selling insurance. Jim Hairston also reported on Werner Sharmach, an original member who is currently living in Phoenix.
Joyce Loveday shared a thank you letter from Sylvia Allen of Partners for Parks. She thanked us for our $1000 contribution to help continuing projects at Fort Steilacoom Park and around Waughop Lake.
President Loveday introduced a new feature at meetings this year ‘Test Your Knowledge’. This week's test featured highlights from Rotary meetings past. Very informative!
Fun and Fines with General Ed - Assisted by Karen George collecting money, and Mason Hudson with the microphone. 
Birthdays- Bonnie Kern and Jim Hairston. Mason led everyone in song. Both gave the max $50 fine.
Joyce has an outstanding IOU which will continue to be outstanding since she does not have it the at this meeting.
Karen Fengler Nichols lost her raffle ticket at the Installation Banquet when it fell out of her name tag pocket. Oops. $2.
Helen McGovern Pilant was featured in the news last week for her efforts facilitating with the US Open the acquisition, collection and distribution of food not used during the Open. Seventy thousand pounds were collection. Helen graciously offered $40 for the publicity.
Bryan Christensen took a trip to Portland Oregon for a tennis tournament. He made it through several tie breakers but did not qualify for nationals. It was an extremely hot weekend in Portland last weekend making is efforts even more challenging. He offered $25 for polio plus.
Bryan also noted that at the Installation Banquet, his wife’s nametag had the name of McDougall, not her new married name Christensen, and his own name was misspelled as well. Georgene Mellon got singled out for this faux pas since she organized the dinner. Fine $2 each name total $4.
Jim Sharp did a rat on a Rotarian for $2, although he risked the dreaded snivel premium when he protested since he was just asked a question by Gen Ed and gave an honest answer, not really a rat, but fined anyway. The question and answer related to Jenny Weekes of West Pierce Fire change of position to media relations manager. Fine $2. Really? [ed. note: Jenny has secretly all her life wanted to be a Rotarian, so General Ed was just helping her get the feel of it].  Bonnie Boyle was fined $2 for speaking out of turn.
Tom McClellan took a trip to Los Angeles to visit both his own and his wife’s fathers. Much work was done while there cleaning out stuff. Fine 8 days x $5 equals $40 plus $10 for the ‘garbage’.
David Cotant rented his home during the US Open to professional golfer Francesco Molinari and his wife, plus caddy and trainer. Fine 4 people x 8 nights $32.
Georgene Mellom ratted on Teresa Nye for not attending the club’s Installation Banquet last week. Teresa Nye didn’t know how it slipped by her. Fine $20.
Today’s Program- West Pierce Fire and Rescue Jim Sharp gave a state of the department report. This report was a very detailed and informative and shows the degree of professionalism within the department to evolve and grow to meet the needs of our community.
Challenges include community para-medicine, changes in technology, changes in property values which effects department funding, standards of cover assessing all risks, capital facilities planning, and the upcoming maintenance and operations (M&O) levy vote in August.
The maintenance and operation levy is coming up on August 4th. It is a 4-year levy and funds 35% of the departments operations.
Hot topic- The 4th of July and fireworks. Be safe out there!
Raffle- $764 in the pot. Still 4 Aces available. Winner: General Ed but did not draw an ace so $5 winnings.