Posted by Tom McClellan on Feb 04, 2018
The Lord giveth, and the Lord taketh away. But Rotary just gives grants, with no takeaways (finemaster efforts notwithstanding).
Meeting Notes from January 31, 2018
Notes recorded by Dave Hall, who provided his own parenthetic humor
Edited by Tom McClellan, whose humor muscles got a rest this week
12:30 Meeting Called to order by Pres. Bryan Christensen. Invocation: David Cotant. Flag Salute: Randy Black. (I’m not sure, but Randy may have modified the last line to “…and Liberty and Justice Go Dawgs!”)
Visiting Rotarians: John Unfred, (who may qualify as a Visiting Rotarian himself) announced today’s guest speaker, Olympia Rotarian John Hough.
Visitors: Fred Willis hosted his always charming wife, Ingrid.
February is “Peace and Conflict Resolution Month”. (Is it ironic that the Super Bowl, featuring two of the NFL’s most conflict-generating teams, takes place this month?)
Sunshine Report: Tom Faubion remains under the weather with a cold, leaving David Cotant once again to perform heroically with set-up, raffle ticket sales, and delivering the Invocation.
Future Programs:
February 7, 2018: Susanne Bacon, Local author
February 14, 2018: Sebastian Mathews, World Vision
February 21, 2018: John C. Matthews, Rotary International Director, Zones 25/26.
February 28, 2018: Tom McClellan is trying to find another guest speaker with the last name of Matthews, to achieve a rare Rotary Program Hat Trick/Trifecta. [ed. note: This is not actually true. But we are always looking for great guest speakers.]
Joy Taylor announced that John Unfred had earned his first Paul Harris Fellow award, presented by President Bryan. John noted that his membership in Clover Park Rotary has been a positive, life-changing experience.
President Bryan presented Bob Lawrence with a $500 CP Rotary check in support of Lakewood’s  41st Annual ArtFest, scheduled for August 4, 2018.
President Bryan also strongly encouraged club members to register for and attend this year’s District 5020 Training Assembly and Conference, held at Tacoma’s Hotel Murano on May 4-5.
Fun and Fines:
General Ed Trobaugh resumed his role as Finemaster with scarcely-concealed relish, dinging the following Rotarians in rapid fire fashion: (assisted by our newest Blue Badger, Riley Wyatt).
Joy Taylor paid off her $10 Wachter for departing early.
Bryan Christensen coughed up $5 for nearly omitting the Pledge of Allegiance last meeting.
General Ed thanked Marie Barth for her yeoman work as substitute Finemaster last week; while today was a rare occasion where Marie did not incur a fine from General Ed, she did fine herself $5 surreptitiously for leaving early.
Randy Black regaled the club with a touching tale of seeing his daughter for the first time in her wedding dress, just before the ceremony in Cancun. His fatherly pride netted Rotary $100.
Joyce Loveday disclosed the details of a just-received Clover Park Guided Pathways program grant, which when combined with State matching funds totaled $1 Million! Joyce contributed $50 in appreciation.
Riley Wyatt was ratted out for the birth of his daughter, Annie Joy Wyatt, a 5lb 6oz bundle of happiness. Riley explained that his wife, Connie, had just returned home after a surprise baby shower at work, and complained of not feeling well. Riley was concerned and took her to the hospital to get checked out; within minutes after arriving, Connie went into labor and delivered a healthy baby! $100 to PH.
John Unfred decided to switch roles and become a Confidential Informant. He “dropped a dime” on visiting Rotarian and guest speaker John Hough for failing to sign in, not realizing that our beloved Finemaster would name him as the source. John Hough responded to the subsequent $2 fine in true gentlemanly Rotarian fashion, handing over a crisp portrait of Andrew Jackson, with no change required!
Our Finemaster finagled the final fine of the day, assessing himself $50 in payment for a sun-seeking vacation.
This Week’s Speaker:
John Hough, a member of District 5020’s Grant Management Training Team and 26-year member of Olympia Rotary Club. John grew up in Lakewood (Grad of CPHS), is a USMC veteran, and retired from the Washington State Attorney General’s Office after a distinguished career.
John provided a concise overview of Rotary Grant Programs. There are two types of grants: District and Global. District Grants are typically comprised of up to $7,500 from a club matched by an equal amount from the District. These grants are usually in support of local projects, but may be used to further international projects.
Global Grants are also club-initiated, with a club contribution of at least $10K, matched by both the District and the World Fund. ($30K minimum total) Key aspects of Global Grants include the following project guidelines: Must have sustainable, measurable outcomes; large, long-term in nature; aligned with the 6 Areas of Focus (Promoting Peace, Fighting Disease, Providing Clean Water, Sanitation and Hygiene, Saving Mothers and Children, Supporting Education, Growing Local Economies); clubs must maintain continued involvement. John gave some examples of Global Grant projects: Mobile Mammography Van (India), Vocational Training Teams for teachers and dental technicians in the Philippines.  Rotary Global Grant Program also provides graduate school scholarships, each totaling $30K.
What’s the process clubs follow to obtain grant funds?
Memo Of Understanding with District/Club member(s) must complete grant management training/Other District requirements.
Will partnering with a Canadian Rotary Club still provide matching funds from Government of Canada?
Yes, though there are additional restrictions which may make getting the grant more difficult.
Why does a Clover Park Rotary laptop choose to start installing software updates in the middle of a presentation?
This gives the guest speaker an opportunity to gracefully transition from PowerPoint to extemporaneous presenting without missing a beat!
Note taker Dave Hall had a chance at the $642 pot, but drew the 7 of Clubs for $5. He was not unhappy.
And Finally… [Dave did this one as well]
If you were watching The Grammy’s Award Show the other night, and wondered why perennial nominee Taylor Swift was absent…she was on the road!