Posted by Tom McClellan on Jan 07, 2018
Waterfall visits, girls in the Boy Scouts, and a big donation to fight local hunger.
Meeting notes for the January 3 meeting of
The Rotary Club of Clover Park
Recorded by Heidi Wachter, edited by Tom McClellan
President Bryan Christensen called the meeting to order at 12:30.  Riley Wyatt gave the invocation. Dave Hall led the Pledge of Allegiance. Everyone recited the Four Way Test.
John Munn recognized the one visiting Rotarian, Fred Moisio, from Tacoma 8.
Guests were introduced - Marie Barth brought husband Bruce, who is heading back to Montana. Fred Willis brought wife Ingrid. Alan Billingsley announced that he is all by himself, without his usual grandchild entourage.
No sunshine report.
Tom McClellan announced future programs as follows:
January 10 - Debbie Lebeau, Clover Park School District Superintendent
January 17 - Dave Hall on ShelterBox
January 24 - West Pierce Fire and Rescue Chief Jim Sharp, on serving locally and helping globally
President Bryan announced that the Board has approved $1500 to go to Emergency Food Network, $1500 to Nativity House and that leaves $1000 available for donations going forward.  That money had originally been allocated for holiday gift baskets.
President Bryan announced outreach to First Baptist Church to support the proposed assistance program for homeless youth, involving a resource location for laundry and other assistance.  There is a meeting set for January 8.
[ed. note: Because Ed Trobaugh was absent, Heidi Wachter abandoned her role as note taker for the meeting in order to conduct Fun ‘n Fines.  So what follows are your editor’s recollections]
Finexecutrix Heidi noted that Ed had endowed her with a list of some things to get started.  Heidi noted that birthday girls Bonnie Boyle and Karen George were not in attendance, so our celebration of said birthdays was rather muted. 
Fred Willis and Ingrid celebrated their 60th anniversary on Dec. 21.  Fred had a few remarks about that august occasion, and then he tried to get Ingrid to say a few words.  “I have nothing to say,” was her response.
Ellie and Chris Carr, who are both members of our club, celebrated 10 years of wedded bliss.  Heidi relayed that Ed Trobaugh’s opinion on this is that since both are members, this ought to be a “double dip”.  Ellie replied that she and Chris had celebrated with a 2-night trip to Victoria, BC, and thus rounded the joint fine up to $50. 
Ellie’s father Alan Billingsley gave a report on the Billingsley family challenge to see who could visit the most waterfalls in the State of Washington during 2017.  He reminded us of the contest rule, stipulating that each visited waterfall had to actually be functioning at the time of the visit… no dry holes allowed.  He and wife Debbie visited 83 in all, hiking 60 miles in the process.  The best ones were in the Gorge, before the fires.  He offered no word about whether any other family members might have exceeded that total.  But he did note that he also made a disappointing trip to watch the UW Huskies in the Fiesta Bowl, and rounded it all up to a $100 fine.  The new Billingsley family challenge for 2018: visit all 39 counties in WA and do something fun outside in each one. 
Heidi then opened the floor for confessions, noting that the price tag for self-confessions is usually lower than what might be assigned by General Ed.  Tom McClellan kicked off, wearing his Army Football sweatshirt, and offering $10 to celebrate Army’s 10-win season, culminating in a 42-35 victory over San Diego State in the Armed Forces Bowl.
Alice Peeples noted that her daughter Jeannie Hill had invited a friend from Honolulu to visit over the Christmas holiday.  The visitor complained about everything the whole time, and so to Alice, the visitor’s departure was worth $20.
Randy Black has a granddaughter on the way, whose name will be Sydney Kaye Sawyer.  Randy got to attend his daughter’s ultrasound examination, and see his granddaughter for the first time in “beautiful 3-D”.  All fingers and toes accounted for.  The baby is “about the size of an avocado”.  Ed. note to Randy -- You might want to shop for baby supplies at a different store than this one:
David Cotant’s granddaughter Heidi had applied to Western Washington University, and has been “accepted with highest distinction”.
Bob Lawrence reported that his youngest daughter thought she was done having children, BUT… Bob has a new grandson due in June.
John Munn announced that a new play, “American Idiot” [do NOT insert your own political joke here] will be showing at the Lakewood Playhouse.  It is a rock opera based on the music of punk-rock group Green Day.  The Lakewood Playhouse presentation will feature an 8-piece band and a 22-member cast, most of whom are new to acting.  It will be showing over the next 4 weekends.  John offered up a $5 fine for the confession, but Heidi noted that any reviews of the play which might end up getting ink will be subject to separate fining provisions. 
Dave Hall reported that he had played hickory golf (using antique clubs) on January 1 in Redmond, and was pleased to announce that he’d notched 5 pars and 5 birdies (and 4 triple bogeys).  $5
And now back to Heidi as note taker.
This Week’s Program:
Riley Wyatt gave a classification talk about Boy Scouts of America.  He talked about the history and purpose of the organization, as well as the recent decision to include girls into Cub Scouts in 2018, and into Boy Scouts in 2019.  He noted that girls and young women had already been allowed into other Scouting programs such as Venture Crews, and Sea Scouts. 
The BSA is expecting to see a 20% increase in membership from this change and Riley discussed the related transition challenges for the organization.  He reviewed the various organizations that sponsor and partner with BSA, including some churches and Rotary.  BSA works from a model of Membership, Money, and Manpower and they always need funding and volunteers.
Jeannie Hill won the raffle, but drew the Five of Spades.  The pot was at $431.
And Finally…
It has been bitterly cold in many parts of the U.S. lately, thanks to a big blast of Arctic air that pushed south.  The central and eastern portions of the U.S. and Canada have seen below-freezing temperatures for several weeks straight.
What is difficult to understand, however, is how the computer-modeled weather forecast for Davenport, Iowa, was able to get Jennie’s phone number.