Posted by Tom McClellan on Jan 25, 2018
We hear from the chief of West Pierce Fire and Rescue, which we are assured has better equipment than this:
Rotary Club of Clover Park
Meeting Notes from January 23, 2018
Recorded by David Cotant
Edited by Tom McClellan
[ed. note: David Cotant wins the superstar award for this meeting, having set up the room almost single-handedly, selling raffle tickets, offering the invocation, and then taking meeting notes.]
12:30:  Meeting called to Order by President Bryan Christensen. Invocation was offered by David Cotant.  Flag salute led by David Hall, after Bryan almost forgot to call for the flag salute (see Fun and Fines, below).
Visiting Rotarians: Lakewood Rotary Club; Greg Horn, Mark Edgecomb, Sally Porter Smith, Jim Sharp.
Visitors: Jenny Goodin had two young future Rotarians with her, son Aaron and brand new daughter Lola.
Future Programs:
January 31 – John Hough will present information about Rotary District grants and scholarships
February 7- Susanne Bacon – Local author
February 14 - Sebastian Matthews, World Vision
Fred Willis encouraged everyone to get involved with Rotary Host Exchange.  It is a really great way to meet and know people from other countries.  And he brought boxes of Hawaiian Chocolates with Macadamia nuts, in honor of his and Ingrid’s anniversary trip to Hawaii.  Thanks Fred
Greg Horn with Mark Edgecomb: Greg and Mary are the Chairpersons for the upcoming District Conference, May 3rd, 4th and 5th.  District Training Conference is May 4th; a very good way to understand Rotary, and to be a more involved and effective club member.  Lots of sessions on lots of subjects are scheduled.
Conference is May 5th.  Reports and Speakers on topics of interest for all Rotarians.  A good party.
May 3rd will be a new effort for the conference, a Service Project of Packaging Food for Shelters around Pierce County.  The plan is to package 52,000 meals, so 336 volunteers are needed for 2 hour shifts.  Budget for the project is $13,500.00; CPRC has already committed to $100.00.  If the project raises more than the predetermined budget, then more meals can be packaged, to a maximum of 72,000 meals.  The packaged meals will have a 2-year shelf life.  This will be a great benefit to all the shelters and food banks in the area, and the meals can be stored for a lengthy time.  Please volunteer, and consider donating.
Riley Wyatt turned in his Red Badge in exchange for a Blue one.  He said he was “pleased to get rid of the silly Red one and be a real Rotarian.”  [ed. note: okay, this was not my best work as a photographer.]
Riley also passed out fliers for the Friends of Scouting Breakfast, sponsored by the Pacific Harbors Council of the Boy Scouts of America.  Special guest speaker is Lisa Hallett, who is a gold star wife, runner, and motivational speaker.  It will be held March 7, 7:30 AM, at the Foss Waterway Seaport, 705 Dock Street, Tacoma.  Call (253) 682-2226 to get more information, or to reserve a seat or table.  See more details at
Report from the recent Board Meeting: A new laminated roster of members and their contact info will be out shortly.  And starting with the new Rotary year in July, the roster will be back to being book with pictures.  If you want a Police Blotter picture, we will be taking them at meetings, however, if you wish, you may email a photo to Bob Lawrence a nice photo.  [ed. note: Photos are needed from Susan Adams, Patrick Ahearne, and Amy Schreiber.  If we don’t get them, we may have to use proxy images.]
Fun and Fines
with Marie Barth, and newest blue badger Riley Wyatt:
Just a note, General Ed Trobaugh is in Florida, so we will hear about that in the future.
Visiting Rotarians from Lakewood Rotary Club all volunteered $2.00
Birthdays: Karen George and Karen Fengler-Nichols.  Appropriate donations were made, and a musical conveyance of birthday wishes was attempted.
Fine assistant Riley Wyatt was then fined $2.00 for leading the song as happy birthday to “Rotarians” instead of naming “Karen”, since both birthday girls had that name.
Marie Barth confessed to taking a 10 day trip to Montana, the value of which she calculated as $5/day, but subtracting the -19degree weather, and subtracting 6 snow-covered mountain passes, resulting in a modified fine of $25.00.  But several members of the Club explained to her that it does not work that way, and the club voted to keep it at $5/day, $50.00.
Playhouse Party: 80th Anniversary Season Reveal Party, Feb. 18th.  Lots of good prizes for the Auction, and it will be a fun event.  No fine for promotion.
Symphony Tickets x 2 donated by Alice Peeples and Jeannie Hill.  Auctioned to Sally Porter Smith for $50.00.
Dave Hall $2.00 for playing the Kazoo during the Happy Birthday Song.
Pres. Bryan $5.00, for almost missing the Pledge of Allegiance.
Jim Hairston, not quite on time: $5.00
Trivia Questions: several correct answers, but all present paid $2.00 each for the education.
Becky Newton reported on the Lakewood City Planning meeting.  Lots of money received in the form of grants.  $10.00
John Munn added that the city gave money for new lighting at the playhouse, and thanked the city.
Dave Hall asked that all those who have chocolate from Amazon to please get their reviews completed and to him, as he needs to respond to Amazon.
Charlie Maxwell returned from a trip to Arizona for the big Auto Auction.  They were able to buy a 1938 Diamond T Pickup, original green colors, for $60,000.00.  A good price compared to some of the items sold. 
This Week’s Speaker:
Chief Jim Sharp, West Pierce Fire and Rescue. Serving Locally, Helping Globally
The West Pierce district has about 100,000 people and receives 16,000 calls per year.  They take care of Fire, EMS, Hazardous Material, Technical Rescues, Marine and Dive Rescues. 
They are involved in the community with many events: Fall Safety, National Night Out, Summer Fest, Open House, and more.  They showed up at a Birthday Party for a 107 y/o woman just to make it a big deal.  [ed. note: Teresa Nye exclaimed, “So that’s what it takes to get attention from a hunky firefighter,” or words to that effect.]
They are involved with the various clubs and organizations such as Rotary, Kiwanis, Lyons, Sportsman’s Club and etc. 
Fire Fighters have been affiliated with Muscular Dystrophy Association since 1954, and have raised more than $550 million with the “Fill the Boot Campaign” .  Breast Cancer Awareness with the sale of Pink Shirts.  Movember Men’s Health month is another involvement.
At Parks Appreciation Day, the Divers are there to remove debris from the bottom of American Lake.
Food Collection for the Food banks is just another use for the trucks.  Christmas Toy Drive provided clothes including shoes and coats plus toys for 156 children.
Saving Lives provides more than just the important EMS responses.  A 5 y/o boy with a disease that doctors have not yet figured out, but which requires oxygen all the time needed something special, so a trip to Disney Land was arranged.  The boy’s father was the only Garbage Man in the small town which they lived, and he couldn’t be gone.  One of the West Pierce Fire mechanics learned of the problem, said he had the license and skill to operate the garbage truck, so he took vacation leave, traveled to the small town and took care of business so that the dad could go to Disney Land with his son and family.  Just a small thing, but it was huge to the boy and his dad.
A West Pierce Firefighter’s mother received a Kidney donation which saved her life.  The lady firefighter decided that since this donation saved her mom, and since she had two kidneys, she could offer to donate one.  A woman on the east coast of the US was a match and the transplant was done.  This type of generosity needed to be recognized, but the dept. didn’t have an appropriate award; so, The Humanitarian Award was started and the Kidney Donor so recognized.  There have been several Humanitarian Awards given since its inception. 
Mutual and Automatic Aid Agreements with other departments county-wide are an important part of the service.  Region 5 Water Resource Team is such an agreement.
State Wide: Wildland Fires are not in the training of structural firefighters, but West Pierce does have Management and Overhead resources to be helpful in times of such events.  Teams from West Pierce can be available to help with all the logistics needed to field the teams and equipment necessary during major forest fires or events like the Oso Mudslide.  The recent Police Officer Funeral requires a lot of organizational support, and West Pierce can assist in these events.  After the recent Amtrak wreck, West Pierce was a major player in the initial response, EMS, Hazardous Material, Technical Rescue and general organization of the response and cleanup.
Nationally:  After the Hurricanes West Pierce sent teams to assist.  In Georgia they were involved in the cleanup of an Air Force base to get it back operational. 
Globally: WPFR has a Humanitarian Leave program.  Firefighters can donate some of the vacation leave time so that others can have time to volunteer on humanitarian projects.  One firefighter has traveled to Mexico more than 10 times to help build homes.  He travels at his own expense, but his time off is covered by donated time. 
An EMS instructor travels to Guatemala to train firefighters in that country and has helped set up a marine rescue team that can also transport victims across the lake to medical help, a trip that previously took several hours on poor mountainous roads.  A firetruck here locally was retired, and driven by the EMS instructor to Guatemala for donation.  The mountainous road would have been easier. 
Emergency Volunteer Firefighters:  In 2016 West Pierce Firefighters went to Israel during wartime conditions.  They responded to more than 1700 fires while there two weeks. 
Be proud of your firefighters.  They are dedicated to serving and protecting.
Does West Pierce coordinate with JBLM?  Due to the difference in governmental structures, there is not a lot of interaction.  They have the best of comradery and relations locally, but not much can be done in cooperative action, except on the freeway where they often do both respond. 
Is there risk for teams that get called to other districts to help and are not in their own jurisdiction?  Teams such as Technical Rescue and Hazardous Material Rescue do often go to other jurisdictions, and a single team officer would be in charge, often from a different district.  It is a concern, but well-handled and insurance for such an event is in place. 
Consolidation seems to be working well between UP and Lakewood.  Is there future consolidation considered?  No.  With Tacoma on the north and east, and JBLM to the south, there is not much more consolidation to be done.  Only Fife might be considered, and with only a small area of common border, it would not work.
Jenny Goodin and Lola drew a 2 of clubs.  $5.00
And Finally…
If you are ever in an accident, you’ll hope that the great men and women of West Pierce Fire and Rescue are there to help you.  And you will also hope not to put your mother through this: