This week we learned more about
Etta Projects

Special guests: (visiting Rotarians and visitors)

Jim Sharp (Lakewood Rotary)
Bill Young (Lakewood Rotary)
Richard Bagine (Kenya Rotary Member)
Roseanne Mbayer (Richards guest)
Seberina (Richards guest)
Dave Logan (Randy Black’s guest)
Debbie Ranniger (Today’s Guest Speaker)
Hazel Billingsley (Alan’s guest)
Note: Richard Bagine has been visiting our club regularly, and will be our guest speaker on Feb. 4, talking about wildlife and Rotary in Kenya.  If you have an idea for a future guest speaker, please contact Tom McClellan. 
Sunshine report: 
Alice Peeples had a minor fall and is ok!
Announcements, upcoming events, and/or commitments for our club: 
Heartfelt and hardy thanks to Marie Barth for opening her house to Rotary members, hostessing the recent ‘Fireside” event. All enjoyed the fellowship and inclusion of member’s spouses and guests in this informative and fun event. 
Heidi Wachter thanks all CP Rotarians who attended and participated in the JBLM Listening Session on Jan 21st at McGavick Center.  From the TNT article published on Jan 22nd, there were over 500 participants in attendance in this potentially life-altering result of Sequestration for the Puget Sound quality of life if approved at the level projected by the US Congress.
Thanks to Judy Maier for making the time-consuming install of Club Runner 2.0 and subsequent upgrade to 3.0 on our website.  Tom McClellan and Jim Hairston will assist in making inputs to the site.  Please provide any request for changes to the site in writing (email) to Tom and Jim.
Southgate School – Southgate teachers and staff will visit the campus of the new “Four Heroes” School to see the new facility in the near future. March 5th marks the date for “Literacy Night”, the CP sponsored Spaghetti Feed and the raffle of the 9 remaining bicycles.  Mark your calendars for this great event.  We will need to have a big turnout for this event at our adopted school, as over 600 students and family members will be fed Spaghetti (courtesy of Carr's Restaurant), plus the normally week-long Book Fair will be condensed down to just that one night.  Dave Cotant will have Rotary Aprons available for sale beginning Jan 28th at a cost of $25 each.
Rick Ring extended an invitation, on behalf of Clover Park School District,  for the grand opening celebration of Harrison Preparatory School on Thursday March 26, 2015 at 6:00 to 7:30 pm.

Two Truths and a Lie

Jeannie Hill intimated three statements relating to an experience during a lightning storm on the Tower of Pisa; personally witnessing 3 murders as a child; and semi-streaking during an event in Tacoma as a youthful teen.  It turned out that Jeannie did not actually do a full streak, but did run down 21st Street in Tacoma in just her underwear.  No photos are available.

Memorable fines and stories: 

Finemaster Ed Trobaugh was AWOL this week, and so Heidi Wachter filled in.  The question remains about who will dare to point out to Ed at some future meeting that he failed to arrange for a stand-in.
Daidre West (birthday and no Rotary Pin)
Ray Fraley paid up for his birthday and anniversary
Helen McGovern-Pilant (birthday)
Helen, Ray, and Bill
Sergeant at Arms David Cotant agreed to a fine of $20 for his failure to post the US and Canadian flags before the meeting.
$5.00 Confessions
  1. Marilee Johnson, for a heinous transgression, the nature of which was not recorded.
  2. Alan Billingsley (weekend trip to Westport)
  3. Randy Black (30th anniversary with the Water District)
  4. All who did not have their Rotary Pins were fined $2.

Today’s speaker: 

Today’s club program was presented by Debbie Ranniger of the Etta Projects whose mantra is Attainable, Sustainable results. This organization was created in the memory and honor of Etta Turner, a young American woman whose life was lost in Bolivia, while participating as a Rotary Exchange Student in that country. 
Debbie Ranniger
Etta Projects provides sustainable solutions to the inhabitants of rural Bolivia focused on Health, Sanitation and Clean Water.  Effective training of inhabitants to perform in these areas is an integral part of sustaining these projects. Etta Projects focus on clean water has resulted in the Bolivian government taking more of and active role in this massive undertaking.  As a result, Etta is placing focus on the areas of Health and Sanitation.
The introduction of compostable latrines is slowly making a huge impact in sanitation and safety, yielding dignity and privacy as residual effects.  Etta Projects trains participants in a 3-year program that graduates students as first responders for their village.  This training is the equivalent of achieving qualification as a Certified Nursing Assistant.  Women’s health, children’s health and nutrition training are just a few benefits of this training.  These Health Promoters are typically the only help available while waiting for local health personnel to provide assistance.  Etta Projects core components of work in the villages include participatory involvement, partnership, and education which yields sustainable results.


The Jan 21st Raffle was won by Grant Blinn!  Grant drew the final Ace in the deck, and pledged all his winnings toward his Paul Harris.  Next week we start with a new deck, and a new pot.