Posted by Tom McClellan on Jan 16, 2018
Fish are smart, because they stay in schools.  And so do more high schoolers in Lakewood, which is a good thing.
Clover Park Rotary
Notes from the January 10, 2018 meeting
Recorded by Joyce Loveday
Edited by Tom McClellan
President Bryan Christensen called the meeting to order at 12:30 p.m.  The invocation was offered by Tom McClellan, the Pledge of Allegiance led by Joyce Loveday.
Visiting Rotarians – Kim Prentice and Debbie Lebeau, both from Lakewood Rotary
Visiting Guests - Marty Schafer (a Clover Park School Board member), and Gavin and Nolan Carr (our littlest Rotarians).  Bonnie Kern was also welcomed back, since it had been a while since she had been able to attend.
Tom McClellan whetted our appetites for upcoming meetings by announcing the next few upcoming programs:
                January 17 – Dave Hall will talk about the Shelter Box program
                January 24 – Chief Jim Sharp will provide an update about West Pierce Fire and Rescue
                January 31 – John Hough will present information about Rotary District grants and scholarships
Dave Hall offered attendees to a package of American Heritage chocolate mix with the condition that it be made within the next two weeks and provide an assessment of the product.
Tom McClellan passed along word from Sydna Koontz that Susan Ford Wiese, a former Clover Park Rotarian, recently passed away from breast cancer. Susan had owned a high-end gift shop in town, and her husband Mike was a neurosurgeon for years. 
President Bryan shared that he and Ellie Carr met with the Pastor of the First Baptist Church to talk about using their facility as a place to serve homeless children and youth in our community. A memo of understanding was discussed that would expand service to our community by providing food and a facility for washing clothes. More information to follow.
Fun and Fines
General Ed Trobaugh was back in his traditional post, and promptly recruited Joy Taylor to assist, which she did by paying off her own $20 wachter.  [ed. note: He then made a crabby rant about so many people getting off last week with $5 confessions, whom he could have wrung more money out of.  But your editor pointed out that he had offered up $10, a dollar for every one of the Army football team’s victories this year, and invited Ed to match.  Ed declined.]
Money was collected from two early leavers – Randy Black and Joyce Loveday ($5 each).
John Munn was fined $10 for information placed on the tables about “This Old House, the 2nd annual season reveal “fun raiser” for the Lakewood Playhouse.  As a member of the Playhouse board, Bob Lawrence matched the fine.
Marie Barth donated two tickets to “American Idiot” currently playing at the Lakewood Playhouse.  Joyce Loveday won the bid $30.
Bonnie Kern contributed $20 for her recent retirement.
General Ed said he was glad to see Kim Prentice who in the past was known for heartily supporting Clover Park Rotary’s budget. No fine this time, however.
Joyce Oubre celebrated 43 great years with husband Ron - $50 worth of great.
This Week’s Program
Guest speaker Debbie Lebeau provided an update on the state of the Clover Park School District.  Debbie's voice was weak, from the effects of recent cancer treatment, but her will was strong.  Debbie’s presentation began with the introduction of School Board President Dr. Marty Schafer, who spoke about the exciting work occurring in the School District.
Among shifting mandates facing K-12, the CPSD has done well in building a structure that provides a wholistic view of student success in 4 areas. The Board believes that if the district focuses on the following four priorities, students will excel and increased achievement test scores will result:
(1) Students need to value learning and be responsible for their own investment in education
(2) Students need be collaborative in a way they never have been before
(3) Students must build character
(4) Students will be strong in the area of leadership. Marty also expressed that board members are striving to increase their community engagement to partner for greater student success.
After sharing additional information about school district trends and achievements, including high school graduation rates staying high and exceeding State averages, Debbie invited everyone to attend the Clover Park School District’s 90th Anniversary Celebration that will be held Tuesday, January 23, 6 p.m. at Harrison Preparatory School Commons (9103 Lakewood Drive SW in Lakewood).
Ellie Carr held the lucky ticket, and nominated son Gavin to draw a card, but failed to draw an ace - $5.
And Finally…
If the pilot of this balloon exclaimed the typical interjection pilots are known to utter when something bad happens, would that be redundant?  And just imagine what the occupants might have exclaimed.
And this pilot decided to be a wise guy: