District Governor's Visit, along with GOD. 
Meeting Notes by David Cotant
Edited by Tom McClellan
Call to Order:  12:30:02 pm by Pres. Joyce Loveday
Invocation: Alice Peeples
Anthems: Jeannie Hill led us in both the Star Spangled Banner and Oh Canada
Introduction of Visiting Rotarians: by Joy Taylor
District Governor Rose Bowman & Leon Bowman, AKA GOD (Governor’s Official Driver), both of Chehalis Rotary
Assist. Dist. Gov. Curtis Thiel, of Puyallup South Hill Rotary
Fred Moisio, Past President of Tacoma 8
Visitors: Dr. Derek Sturtevant, Optometrist
Fireside, Feb. 11th, 6:00 pm, Alice Peeples’ home.  More details forthcoming.
John Unfred: City of Lakewood’s 20th Anniversary celebration will be Feb. 23rd, 5:30 pm – 8:00 pm, at Lakewood City Hall.
Larry Saunders’ Memorial Service was attended by approximately 600-700 people.  Funds raised (approx.. $1,500.00) from Lakewood First Lions, Lakewood Rotary, and Clover Park Rotary (among others) more than paid for the costs of the service and refreshments.  Anything left over will go as a donation to the Lakewood Boys and Girls Club.
President’s Minute - Rotary Questions:
1.  What was the original 1917 purpose or goal of the Rotary Foundation?  Answer: To do good in the World.
2.  How much has Rotary and its partners spent on the Eradication of Polio? Answer: $3 Billion+
3.  In what year did Rotary Foundation begin to offer a Paul Harris Fellowship Award for having given $1,000.00?  Answer: 1957
New Member Induction:  Assist. Police Chief John Unfred, sponsored by Heidi Wachter
Induction done jointly by Pres. Joyce and Dist. Gov. Rose Bowman.  John is a multi-year veteran of the current LPD, and of the prior sheriff’s department Lakewood detachment.  He and wife Randi have 4 sons of diverse ages. 
Paul Harris Fellow Awards, presented by Don Sosnowski:
   Judge Grant Blinn - Fellow
   West Pierce Fire and Rescue Lt. Karl Roth - Fellow
   Lt. General William Harrison - 5th PHF
Comments by Gov. Bowman:
1.  The Rotary Foundation is the infrastructure and support foundation for Rotary in the world. 
2.  Clover Park Rotary Club was awarded a 100% Participation, $100.00 sustaining contribution to the Foundation in 2014-2015.
Fun and Fines: General Ed Trobaugh with microphone-schlepper Anne Winter and money-collector John Unfred.
Several “Wachters” were redeemed, and too quickly to be tabulated for this record.
Other notable fines:
Grant Blinn: 4 days in Kansas City with In-Laws and other wifely freunden und familien (amigos y relaciónes). 
Alan Billingsley: Attempted to rat on daughter Ellie Carr and son-in-law Chris Carr, plus restaurant GM Jennie Goodin, for having spent 3 days in Westport along with kids and dogs.  Further digging revealed that Alan himself was also present on that expedition, so while none of the other named travelers were present at the meeting to subject themselves to enfinement, Alan was offered the opportunity to pay a $2 rat plus a trip fine on himself. 
Fred Willis: 57th Wedding Anniversary, on a trip to Hawaii (with Ingrid), 13 nights - $100.00
Today's Program: Introduction of District Governor Rose Bowman, by Assistant Dist. Gov. Curtis Thiel
Rose Bowman was a 2-term member of the WA State House of Representatives.  She was Lewis County Treasurer.  She is a member of the Chehalis Rotary Club, Past President, chair of several club committees, and was the Foundation Chair for several years.  She has been involved at the district level since 2007, and for several years published the District Directory.
Dist. Gov. Rose Bowman:
First, please consider attending the District Conference in Olympia June 24 and 25th.  Opening Ceremonies will be in the Capitol Rotunda at 5:00 pm on Friday, 6/24, and the Session will be all day Saturday, 6/25 at the Red Lion Inn.  Speakers: Marilyn Fitzgerald, Michael McQueen, and Jean Irwin (Jean was very involved with Rotarians for Hearing Regeneration.)
Leon, her husband of 53 years, claims to be “the GOD”, or “governor’s official driver”, and there is a lot of driving.
A quote from RI President K.R. “Ravi” Ravindran:  “Each one of us is made because so many people helped us become who we are.”  We are molded by family, community, country, and Rotary.  That is why the focus in Pres. Ravindran’s year is all about giving back.  How do we do that?  There are many opportunities, we just have to recognize and take advantage of those opportunities to pass on to others some of the gifts we have received.
Question:  Are you a member of Rotary, or Are you a Rotarian.
Gov. Bowman told the story of her getting involved as a member of Rotary in Chehalis.  She was an active member, she could chair an event, participate in a project, help with fund raising, and all of the activities of Rotary.  When she became president of her club she became more excited at the opportunities to do things in her community.   
She met a young woman who was going to Mexico as a member of a Rotary Exchange and asked her to come speak to the Chehalis Club when she returned.  One of the significant problems in the Mexican community was the lack of transportation for children to get to and from school (the local police would come by the school and deliver children home when possible.)  What they needed was a bus.  Through the efforts of Rotary, in many different ways, a bus was secured, fitted, painted, and prepared to be delivered to Laredo, Texas and then on to the village in Mexico.  During the trip, Gov. Rose really got what Rotary was all about, and truly became a Rotarian.
The involvement of so many people around the world as Rotarians, doing so much for their communities, with the help of so many other Rotarians in other parts of the world, is a true phenomenon.  So get involved.
Again, the question:  Are you a member of Rotary, or Are you a Rotarian?
Quote from Henry Ford: “If you always do what you have always done, you will always get what you always got.”
RaffleJeannie Hill - No Ace drawn, so $5.00.
Adjourn: 1:30. A board meeting with Dist. Gov. Bowman followed the meeting.