Clover Park Rotary welcomes back Don Sosnowski.
President James Hairston is still AWOL, reportedly someplace warm, pleasant, and ultimately punitive.  So President-Elect Bryan Christensen opened the meeting promptly at 12:30 in President Hairston’s absence.
Invocation – led by our youngest Rotarian, Gavin Carr.  The Pledge of Allegiance was then led collaboratively by mom Ellie Carr and Gavin.
Visiting Rotarians- David Ryan, visiting from the Rotary Club of Indialantic, Florida.
Claire Mancilla – from America’s Credit Union (Guest of Jason Lopez)
Don Sosnowski – Invista Performance Solutions
Emily Barnett – Invista Performance Solutions
Gavin Carr – Littlest Rotarian
Sunshine report
Still sporting a fading black eye, Fred Willis indicated he’d be out for a week or so for a minor procedure to his shoulder.
Ellie Carr reported that her dad Alan Billingsley is still laid up from broken ribs following a fall on some ice, but perhaps back with us next week.
Tom McClellan reminded members of some of the programs in the coming weeks.
Jan. 25 - Debbie Lebeau, Superintendent, Clover Park School District
Feb. 1 - Kelly Ingalls, Washington Youth Academy
Feb. 8 - Patti Agard, Girl Scouts of Western Washington
Sally Martinez informed the club about Lakewood’s 15th annual “Boots N Bling” Father/Daughter dance scheduled for February 25, 2017, at the McGavick Center. 
Jason Lopez announced the grand opening of the newest America’s Credit Union branch, located on the corner of 26th and Proctor (next to Starbucks) in Tacoma.
Bryan Christensen reminded the club of the Hearts & Wine dinner and auction hosted by the Tacoma Sunrise Rotary Club on February 11. 
Fun and Fines
With a generous 20 minutes of time, General Ed Trobaugh asked Jason Lopez and Sally Martinez to assist him with the day’s fun and fines.
John Munn’s fine for the recent press reviews of the Rocky Horror Picture Show performing at the Lakewood Playhouse escalated to $15 after John unabashedly promoted the current and upcoming shows.
Sheri Hodson paid up on a Wachter, and Rick Ring paid $5 for leaving early to get back to a meeting with his boss.  [ed. note: with Rick's boss Debbie Lebeau as our speaker next week, he probably won't be leaving early then.]
Karen Fengler Nichols celebrated a birthday during the week ($50), so Jason led the club in singing Happy Birthday.
Joyce Loveday received some press during the week for her elevation from acting president to permanent president of Clover Park Technical College ($200 to Rotary International Foundation toward her Paul Harris).
Alice Peeples announced that after a “spooky year” of tests with false positives, she was declared cancer free.  For this good news and peace of mind, Alice thankfully contributed $100 to the Rotary Foundation.
Visitors Dave Ryan and Claire Mancilla, and visiting Rotarian David Ryan,  were each fined $2 to make sure they felt  included and had opportunity to contribute.
After much fanfare, and a mocking of the profession of journalism generally, Tom McClellan was assessed a $15 fine for 3 articles he recently authored that were published in the Suburban Times.  Tom professed that it is the “getting” of ink which is the fineable offense, and not the generation of it.  And furthermore, the fining of a Rotarian for merely engaging in his chosen profession, even on a pro bono basis, goes against the Rotary principle that all useful occupations are recognized as avenues for service.  Thus that fining a member for merely engaging in such service would be a crime against Rotary.  You can imagine exactly how far that line of argument went. 
For those who missed Tom's articles, you can see them at these links:
This Week's Program
Don Sosnowski and Emily Barnett provided an interesting program about Invista Performance Solutions, a partnership among Tacoma Community College, Pierce College, and Clover Park Technical College to offer contract training services in Pierce County.
With $297 in the pot, the lucky ticket belonged to Gavin Carr. Gavin drew from among the remaining cards in the deck, but didn’t get an ace - $5.  [ed. note: this is a good lesson to teach the leaders of tomorrow, that gambling does not pay].
And finally…
Those whacky guys over in the European Union are actually contemplating the idea of whether to grant “personhood” to robots and other smart devices.  No, this is not an early April Fool’s Day joke.  See    
Personhood implies all of the rights and privileges we enjoy, as well as the duties.  So perhaps a robot or other smart device could own property, vote, be taxed, get married, serve on a jury, etc.
So here’s the important question: If a smart battery were to commit a crime, could it be charged?