If you can read this, thank a teacher
(and a meeting notes recorder, and an editor).
Meeting Notes recorded by Bonnie Kern
Edited by Tom McClellan
With President Jim Hairston operating from a “secure, but undisclosed location”, the meeting called to order by President-elect Bryan Christensen.  Tom McClellan provided the invocation, including a request to bless Bryan as he performed duties as president-pro-tem.  Dave Cotant led us in the Pledge of Allegiance
There was one visiting Rotarian, Virginia Ferguson from Tacoma Sunrise, who was introduced by Joy Taylor.
Special guests:  Tom McClellan introduced the guest speakers for the day, Sandra Campbell and John Doherty, of the Tacoma Area Literacy Council.
Sunshine Report:  Ellie Carr reported that her father and Clover Park Rotarian, Alan Billingsley broke a couple of ribs by falling on some ice when visiting a frozen water fall. He was trying to get off to a quick start on this year’s family challenge – visiting the most named waterfalls.
Upcoming events and/or commitments for our club:
Marie Barth reported that Lakewood’s Martin Luther King celebration will be held at the McGavick Center, this coming Saturday, January 14 at 10:00 AM.
Virginia Ferguson from Tacoma Sunrise Rotary promoted their upcoming fundraiser to benefit their club’s foundation which sponsors student who wouldn’t otherwise have a chance to go to college.  February 11 will be their “Hearts and Wine” dinner.  If you would like to attend, contact president Jim Hairston for details.
Not covered at the meeting, but of interest to everyone, is that our Rotary Club got a note of thanks in the most recent District 5020 Bulletin.  Tawny Dotson, president of Rotary Club of Tacoma South, thanked our club for our donation to help the Schatz Branch of the Boys and Girls Club purchase a new van.  See http://portal.clubrunner.ca/50092/SitePage/district-5020-bulletin-january-2017/i-grew-up-a-club-kid.
Fun and Fines with General Ed
assisted by red badgers Stephanie Walsh and Becky Newton
Ellie and Chris Carr celebrated their 9th anniversary.   Ellie also reported on the outcome of her father’s challenge to visit as many state parks as possible.  She and husband Chris Carr visited 109 parks and took 3rd place in the contest – and Ellie contributed $1 per park, plus more for her anniversary.
Rick Ring redeemed his $100.00 Wachter.
General Ed chided Tom McClellan, as a fellow proud West Point alumnus, for not better covering Army’s successful year in football and the victory over North Texas in the Heart of Dallas Bowl, by a margin of 38-31.  General Ed contributed $31.00 and asked Tom to double that.
[ed. note: There may be other news items which certain members may feel specifically worthy of inclusion.  There are 2 ways you can address that.  First, do a search at https://news.google.com/.  Just as the dictionary contains all the words, that site contains all of the news, and so now all possible news has officially been included here by virtue of that link.  Second, members can volunteer any time to serve as a meeting recorder or editor if anyone thinks it is not being done right.]
Charlie Maxwell has been having a string of bad luck, most recently when he totaled his truck on December 22- he is still needing chiropractic help.  However, his luck changed on Tuesday when he won over $6,000 while he was playing a slot machine at a casino in Kathy’s name.  He made a $100 donation to the club.  General Ed tried to leverage another $5 out of Charlie for being an “early leaver”, but Charlie demurred, noting that, “I only have $100 bills.”
Becky Newton’s report to the City Council was covered in the Suburban Times, and she was invited to recap the highlights.  She got a financial pass from a generous General Ed, who opined that with all of this new business development that Becky is bringing to our city, Marie Barth and the other City Council members ought to give Becky a raise.
Fred Willis spent 8 nights in Hawaii and apparently got into a bar fight considering how his left eye looked (actually he tripped and fell while getting off a bus).  He paid $40.00 – no discount for the eye!
Today’s Program:
John Dougherty and Sandra Campbell presented information about the Tacoma Area Literacy Council (TALC), which teaches adults to read.  Some had failed to learn to read while in school, and are finally gaining that skill as adults.  Others are learning English as a second or even third language.
Literacy is defined as more than just reading – it also includes skills one needs to succeed on the job and get along in the world.  TALC’s goal is to help the families get better jobs and better manage in the community.
TALC serves almost all of Pierce County and some students from South King County. Volunteers don’t have to be teachers, because TALC trains the volunteers using materials and methods that have been developed specifically for adults.  Sandra spoke of how fulfilling it is to see one of her students achieve the ability to read, and to get a job and other benefits from having that skill.
TALC does have a website – www.tacomaliteracy.com – if you want additional information.  They are looking for both students and tutors.
Drawing:  Tom McClellan had the winning number and pulled a “9” for $5.00.
And finally, this news item:
Thousands Protest Global Warming