Posted by Tom McClellan on Mar 03, 2018
Rose Sale Kickoff Day, Wine with “In Tents” Flavor, and an Axel Rose Trivia Question
Notes from the February 28, 2018
Meeting of the Rotary Club of Clover Park
Notes taken by Jim Hairston
Edited by Tom McClellan
Meeting was called to order by President Bryan precisely at 12:30 pm.
Invocation: Jeannie Hill
Pledge of Allegiance: Joy Taylor
Greeter: Jeannie Hill
Today’s Guests:
Shaun Schoenfeldt, Principal of Tyee Park Elementary School.  Leanne Noren, Pierce County Project Access and our Guest Speaker.
Future Programs:
March 7: Georgia Lomax - Pierce County Library’s Strategic Plan
March 14: Clark Mather - Tacoma Public Utilities
March 21: Tim Puryear (Northwest Building LLC) – Lakewood Industrial Park
Sunshine ReportTom McClellan conveyed an email message from Bonnie Boyle who reports that her partner Paulina Adams is doing well, and they hope to be with us at the March 7 meeting.
Dave Hall – auctioned bottle of “Shelter Box Merlot” with “In Tents flavor!”  Bid began at $40.  After a bit of haggling, Teresa Nye won the bid at$55.  Proceeds will go to Shelter Box.
Jim Hairston provided an update on our August Golf Tournament scheduled for August 4th.  The advertisement on our website contains two links (one to download a manual registration form; and one to purchase a ticket through Eventbrite).  See the links on our home page at
The key point for club members to know is that we need to sell enough entries by the tournament date.  Every member should work to recruit at least 2 foursomes.  Individual entries are also allowed.
President-Elect Heidi Wachter kicked off the Rose Sale with music, and a trivia game.  For reasons that went unrecorded, President Bryan was given the chance to answer trivia questions about Axel Rose.  Sheri Hodson distributed packets and explained how the process works. 
President Bryan – provided a synopsis of the February Board Meeting.  Lots of items on the agenda.  The next board meeting is March 16, and all members are welcome to attend.
President Bryan presented a $1,000 check to Tyee Park Elementary School Principal Shaun Schoenfeldt for use on toward an “electronic whiteboard” for use by students in his school. We were also reminded of the March 1 Spaghetti Feed and Reading Night.
ed. note: The Spaghetti Feed was a big success, thanks to Chris and Ellie Carr, plus a crew of Rotarian servers.  Here are some pictures.
Bryan also presented a check to Joy Taylor to support the Bellarmine Robotics Team’s community outreach and robotics instruction efforts.
The multiple announcements and discussions left no time for the Fine Master at this meeting.  We will probably hear more about that next week.
This Week’s Program:
Leanne Noren is no stranger to this club and has presented on the subject before in 2015.  According to their website, Project Access exists to improve the health of individuals, families and communities by ensuring pathways to health services for Pierce County residents in need. The primary programs fall into two categories, donated care and premium assistance.
Donated care is a program where a network of healthcare providers (physicians, ARNP’s, PA-C’s, and other providers) volunteer care to people who are enrolled in PCPA. Primary care, specialty care and ancillary services are available within our donated care network.
Premium assistance is available for people who are eligible for a qualified health plan on The Exchange, but can’t afford their monthly premium payments. PCPA will make those premium payments and clients are responsible for co-pays, co-insurance, and deductibles.
Leanne noted that the health care landscape is changing dramatically now.  The State of Oregon’s House of Representative just passed a bill to amend that State’s constitution, making health care a right.  But subsequent to this week’s meeting, the Oregon State Senate failed to get that measure out of committee, because it did not appear likely to be passed by the entire senate.  See
Leanne’s office is making strides to help the underprivileged obtain appropriate medical care in Pierce County.  See more at
Raffle Drawing:
General Ed held the winning ticket, but did not draw an Ace.... $5.00 collected.
And Finally…
If you are ever going to try using Photoshop to modify a picture to make yourself look better, be sure not to use an original photograph which has your image captured in a mirror.