Last week, no finemasters.  This time, we had an abundance.
Meeting Notes from February 8
Recorded by Teresa Nye,
Edited by Tom McClellan
Invocation – Randy Black.  Pledge – Rick Ring.
There was but one visiting Rotarian: Jim Sharp of Lakewood Rotary
Guest:  Patti Agard - Girl Scouts
Tom McClellan shared word of future meeting programs:
Feb. 15 – Ann Warman - Social media in businesses, and the upcoming DLTA meeting
Feb. 22 – Susan Campbell – Navigating Social Security
Mar. 1 – Rose Sale Briefing
Rotary Theme for the month:  Peace and Conflict Resolution
President James Hairston asked for Flat Paul stories - no one obliged.  He then read a Thank you letter from the Boys & Girls Clubs and what our donation had done for that area’s kids
Late comers Bill Harrison and Karen George arrived to hurrahs and huzzahs. 
John Munn announced The Lakewood Playhouse’s 1st Annual Fund Raiser Auction.  It will have a live and silent auctions
Fun And Fines
General Ed Trobaugh was back for his time as Fine Master -  called all Wachters due.
John Unfred needed to add $5 to his $15 Wachter.  There was discussion on what to call that, a double Wachter?
Gen. Ed explained his absence for not being there the week before.  Deputy Finemaster Heidi Wachter confirmed she received his email with ink on whom should be fined for what, but she got caught up in the city’s business and so could not attend.
Birthdays - Becky Newton & Georgene Mellom were sung to for their birthdays.  Georgene’s was back in January, but since she’s been traveling we were just now able to celebrate it with her.
The discussion circled back again to John Unfred, who told a story about how his neighbor’s tree fell on John’s house.  What’s worse, it fell on the newly remodeled section, not the older section that needs a new roof anyways.  And the neighbor’s insurance does not pay; that obligation falls on John’s insurance.  General Ed tried to rope in Sheri Hodson for an explanation, but she was (perhaps strategically) absent. 
Joy Taylor reported on the Bellarmine Robotics Club - she had one team receive first place, the other did not.  She announced the Big Robot reveal.  They box up the robot and bring it to the Ice Cream Social and reveal it there.  The cost is $10 from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. [ed. note: Unfortunately the date of the event went unrecorded, and it was not posted on Bellarmine's website].
Gen. Ed asked Teresa Nye about last weekend’s activity.  Teresa described her charge of costuming for the St. Charles Borromeo production of The Wizard of Oz, and paid $1 per child in the play, so $30.
Georgene Mellom paid $50 for her trip.  Becky went to Vegas for her birthday and was joined by her son and daughter, she donated $122.
Gen. Ed Trobaugh donated $50 for his trip to sunnier climes.
Charlie Maxwell went to get a sun tan in Arizona, including going for an underground tour of Hoover Dam.  [ed. note: Think about it.  Suntan.  Underground tour.]  Charlie bought a couple cars as well, at the big annual auto auction.  Donated $100 to charities for his trip.
This Week’s Program:
Patti Agard is a recruiter for this region of the Girl Scouts of Western Washington.  She gave an overview of the structure and benefits of the Girl Scouting program, which goes from Daisies for Kindergarten and 1st Grade all the way through Brownies, Juniors, Cadettes, and Seniors.  The challenge is to keep Girl Scouting relevant for all girls, who may be from diverse backgrounds and with widely varied interests.  One of the keys is involving young adult women as mentors and leaders, women to whom the scouts can aspire to be like. 
After our speaker was finished, Ellie Carr reminded all about our spaghetti Dinner and read-along night @ school on Feb. 23rd.  Look for an email message from Ellie with details about how we can pitch in.
Weekly Raffle:  Birthday gal Becky Newton had the winning ticket, but not the touch to draw an ace (and Tom Faubion demonstrated his pained expression). 
And Finally…
A Computer Repair Episode

Caller :                      Hi, our printer is not working.
Customer ServiceWhat is wrong with it?
Caller :                     
Mouse is jammed.
Customer ServiceMouse? Printers don't have a mouse!!!
Caller:                       Mmmmm??.. Oh really?... I will send a picture.

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