"Run, Hide, Fight"
And that's not supposed to be the advice for during "Fun And Fines"
Notes recorded by Bonnie Kern, edited by Tom McClellan
President Joyce Loveday called the meeting to order at 12:30
Pledge of Allegiance was led by Bruce Barth.  Invocation was led Randy Black.
Marie Barth, Fred Willis, Ellie Carr and Alice Peeples introduced their guests.
Tom McClellan discussed future meeting programs:
Feb 24 - Brenda Wall, The Wall Of Hope efforts in Ethiopia
Mar 2 - Kathleen Davis, MD, Guatemala Water Project
Mar 9 - Charlie Maxwell, Recycling
Karen George presented Ellie Carr with $20.00 gift cards for the each Carr’s Restaurant staff member, as a thank you for taking care of us each week. 
Joy Taylor extended an invitation for everyone to Bellarmine’s 2nd Annual Robot Reveal and Ice Cream Social from 6:00 – 9:00 p.m. on Friday, February 26. [ed. note: that’s “ice cream”, not “I SCREAM!!”]
President Joyce and Marie Barth thanked Alice Peeples for opening her home to the club for a wonderful Fireside meeting.  Jeannie was even serenaded for her birthday by a surprise barbershop quarter [ed. note: what every girl wants!!].
Marie Barth announced the celebration of the City of Lakewood’s 20th anniversary on Tuesday, February 23, 5:30 to 8:00 PM at Lakewood City Hall.  All are welcome to attend.
Dave Cotant announced a playground clean-up project at Tyee Park Elementary on Saturday, April 16.  Watch for more details.
Fun and Fines 
Hosted by General Ed, with help from Ann Winters and Clarke Thompson,  recognized the following Rotarians and their activities:
Bonnie Kern paid off a $100.00 Wachter.
Jeannie Hill celebrated her Valentine’s Day birthday the appropriate donation.
General Ed welcomed back Helen McGovern who had some ink in the Tacoma Weekly, and who donated $25.00 to the club and $25.00 to Paul Harris.
Marie Barth explained the City Council’s attempt to improve the quality of the rental housing units available within the city by increasing inspections of rental property.  No fine levied upon Marie.  Slumlords’ should get ready though. 
Jeannie Hill is performing this Saturday in a chamber music performance of Peter and the Wolf at the Gig Harbor Maritime Museum.
Georgene Mellom returned from visiting her daughter in Hawaii.  No sunbathing, surfing, parasailing, cliff diving, shark-cage scuba diving, or eating crumbs off the floor after the 5-second rule.  Georgene made a contribution to the foundation in honor of polio month which was said to sufficient to keep General Ed quiet for the rest of the year!
Ellie Carr returned from a 3-day ski trip to White Pass to celebrate her Dad’s ( Alan Billingsley) birthday.
Bonnie Boyle sold her condo to Lakewood Rotarian Ted Wier; however the sale hasn’t closed.  She is also buying a home in Seabeck and will eventually sell her beach house.  All of which means that eventually Bonnie will be leaving us (but not for good).  Tears shed all around. 
Today's Program
Clover Park Rotarian and Lakewood Deputy Police Chief, John Unfred, discussed the topic of active shooter response.  In a nutshell, the response is “run, hide, or fight”.  If you can get away, run; if you can’t get away, hide, and if you can’t hide, fight, and fight to win.
Some stats – schools account for less than ½ of shootings, 40% of shooters are subdued by civilians, most active shooters do not have a lot of military, tactical, or weapons training.  And most do not think through events beyond the shooting, such as escaping the scene.
5 phases most active shooters go through– obsessing about other shooters, detailed planning, detailed preparation, practice, and implementation.
In perspective there is a very low likelihood of this happening.  You have a greater chance of being struck by lightening.
Local response time to active shooter situations – 2-5 minutes – 2 to 15 officers; 6 – 20 minutes  - 70+ officers.  Tacoma Mall shooting had 250 emergency responders on site within 25 minutes.
Responder priorities –
  1. Stop the killing
  1. Stop the dying
  1. Everything else
In Lakewood, police and fire department work together to get injured out of danger and to medical care as soon as possible.
If you run –
Do a quick assessment to determine where the shots are happening, and move away from the sounds.  Take a minute to think about the route you are taking, notify as many coworkers as possible, call 911.
If you hide –
Plan how you would barricade yourself if necessary, cover doors and exterior windows, turn out lights, spread out everyone in the room (versus being sardines all in one can), remain quiet, turn off cell phone ringer, call 911 with location and number of people, don’t open door for anyone except police.  If you are not sure it is the police at the door, ask 911 to help verify.
If you fight –
Make a plan while you are hiding.  When the moment comes, be as aggressive as possible for as long as possible.  You must be totally committed to surviving.  Anything can be a weapon.
Raffle - Dave Cotant won $5.00
And finally…
Edward came home one day, and told his wife Edna, “I’m going to have to give up golf.”
Edna replied, “What’s wrong?”
“My eyes are getting bad, and I just can’t see well enough to know where the ball goes any more.”
Edna suggested, “Well, take along my brother Jim.  His memory is starting to go, but his eyes are fine.”
So the next day, Edward and Jim headed to the golf course.  Edward teed up a ball on the first tee, wound up, and hit it for all he was worth.  He then turned to Jim, and said, “Well, did you see where it went.”
Jim replied, “Of course I saw it, my eyes are fine.” 
Edward then asked, “Well, where did it go?”
The answer: “I don’t remember.”