Meeting called to order by President Sheri Hodson

Special guests: (visiting Rotarians and visitors)   

Dr. Richard Bagine, a Rotarian from Kenya who is visiting the area

John Munn introduced Jeremy Thompson, the Lakewood Playhouse’s education director.

Alan Billingsley introduced his adorable grandchildren, Hazel Billingsley and Gavin Carr.

Tim Plante introduced Mason Hudson from St. Clare, who will be part of the St. Clare corporate membership consortium.

Sunshine report:  Alice Peeples in back at the club, still in one piece after a fall.  Dee Ebsen is having surgery and needs our prayers as does Sue Potter’s father, who is in hospice.


Upcoming events and/or commitments for our club:

Christmas shopping will occur on Sunday, December 7 at 8:00 a.m. at Lakewood Target.    This project is in conjunction with the West Pierce Fire Department.   We have raised $2,740 for Southgate families and can still use some shoppers on Sunday, Dec. 7.  Contact Joyce Oubre if you can participate

Christmas Party on December 11 at 5:00 PM will take the place of the December 10 meeting.   PP Georgene Mellom reported that this year our Christmas party will be gift wrapping the presents bought on Sunday.  Please bring a roll of wrapping paper, tape and scissors as well as $12.00 to cover the snacks. There will be a no-host bar.   Please email Ellie Carr know if you plan to attend so Ellie knows how much food to prepare.

If you can’t make the party on the 11th, you can also help wrap gifts at West Pierce or help deliver gifts.  Contact Joyce Oubre for more details.

Ellie Carr also reported that we will deliver 35 baskets for Christmas.  Dry goods packing will be done at Carr’s at 3:00 pm. on Monday December 15.  Perishables will be packed at 6:00 a.m. on Tuesday the 16th and delivery will begin at 7:30 on the morning of the 16th.  Please let Ellie know if you can participate but haven’t been able to sign up.

Randy Black announced that on January 15th at 6:00 p.m. we will have a Fireside at Marie Barth’s house.  This is a chance for all club members and their significant others to learn more about Rotary and get to know one another.

An orientation breakfast for new members at will be held at Carr’s on Wednesday, December 10 at 7:30 a.m.

President Shari presented Marilee Johnson with her 4th Paul Harris and Georgene Mellom with her 8th!


Bob Lawrence read a request from Master Sergeant Oliver who is in charge of the holiday feast for single airmen at McChord this coming week.  Bob proposed that we contribute $100.00 to the cause, which would come from the fines from today.  Generous club members contributed over $250.00 for the cause!


Two truths and a lie

Georgene Mellom was a good sport and filled in at the last minute for Two Truths and a Lie. 

  • Story #1: Her daughter runs marathons and at one point in her life, Georgene ran the Honolulu marathon with her daughter. 
  • Story #2: Georgene won an award from the Kennedy Center for promoting arts in the schools (truth). 
  • Story #3: Georgene’s daughter, Debbie, was a camp counselor and one year the training conflicted with her PLU graduation ceremony.  Georgene picked up and ironed the cap and gown, and as an extra-dutiful mother, Georgene sewed the sash to the gown while it was still on the hanger, inadvertently also sewing the gown to the hanger, which was not discovered until Debbie put on the gown to walk in the graduation procession.

The members enjoyed each of the stories, but almost no one was fooled into believing that Georgene had run a marathon (which was the lie).  Up next time: Tom Faubion will be the guest truth-teller, even though he asserts that it would be inappropriate for any Rotarian to intentionally tell a lie in such a setting as a club meeting.  Still, he promises to tell us 3 stories, and perhaps we can vote on which of them may be the least believable. 

Memorable fines and stories with General Ed, and Rick and Grant


President Sheri paid $2.00 for all the meeting no-shows

John Munn – added $10.00 to his running account for promoting the theater during an introduction.

Dave Cotant – Happy Birthday – past the magic number and used the pitch pipe to make sure it was a good song.  Or at least it was a performance which was on key for at least the first note. 

Tom McClellan - $2.00 (rolled up to $20.00 for the single airman’s Christmas dinner) for ratting on Alan Billingsley who attended the coldest Apple Cup on record.   The only bright spot for Husky Fans was the score – 37 -13.   Alan paid $40.00 toward the military dinner.

Jim Hairston attended a Kiwanis event and won the raffle of $180.00.  He had previously donated all of those winnings toward the Rotary Foundation, but donated additional money toward the military dinner.


Bryan Christiansen reminded us that he will be getting married on December 20.  The Fine of Damocles hangs by a hair, awaiting that event’s completion. 

Visiting Rotarian Richard Bagine from Kenya was given the chance to participate with a contribution of $2.00.  He took that opportunity to reveal that he had previously visited the Lakewood Rotary, which he described as an “old club”, and that he was looking forward to making a visit to a younger club, but then he ended up with us.  He got a big laugh for that. 


$5.00 confessions – Randy Black paid a $5 confession worth $20.00 for the picture of him in a Turkey hat which wife Tina posted on Facebook.

Today’s speaker:   Our scheduled speaker didn’t make it, but President Sheri managed to use most of the extra time for the good of the club.

The Club’s 3-year commitment to the arts project will end with this Rotary year.  The incoming presidents – Joyce Loveday, James Hairston, and Bryan Christensen will be meeting soon to discuss what might be the future direction and possible new projects for the club, and what ideas to bounce off of the board.  If you have any ideas, please contact one of them to share your thoughts.

Drawing: John Munn won $5.00.  11 cards left in this deck, of which 1 is an Ace.  So your chances keep getting better.  But life is a participation sport - - one must be present to win.  So come to the next luncheon meeting on Dec. 17.