Christmas is a'comin', and the State Supreme Court is a'representin'. 

Meeting Notes recorded faithfully by Dee Ebsen, and edited with an edgy attitude by Tom McClellan

The Meeting was called to order within mere seconds of precisely 12:30 p.m. by President Joyce Loveday.
The Invocation was given by Alice Peeples and the Pledge of Allegiance was led by past-president Bonnie Kern.  All members joined in a flawless recitation of the Rotary 4-Way Test.
The lone visiting Rotarian was introduced and welcomed by Randy BlackAnn Winters from Camas-Washougal Rotary Club (sister of club secretary Karen Fengler Nichols).
Other visitors were introduced:  Today we were blessed with the presence of Justice Charlie Wiggins from the WA State Supreme Court; Tom Wie (husband of Judi Maier), Ron Hagen (a guest of Marie Barth), Assistant Police Chief John Unfred, Hazel Billingsley, and Gavin Carr.
Future Programs were reviewed by Tom McClellan
Dec. 16 - Michael Wark and Mark Hoppen of UW Tacoma, talking about their Rotaract Club
Dec. 23 - No meeting, have a Merry Christmas
Dec. 30 - No formal meeting, but please come to Carr's at 12 Noon for an optional informal fellowship meeting, ordering off the standard menu.
Jan. 6 - Valerie Pettit, Pierce County Homelessness Survey
Other Announcements:
Joyce Loveday provided the Sunshine report today, informing the Club that Marilee Johnson's husband Wally would be having knee replacement surgery on December 14, 2015. 
Sydna Koontz thanked everyone that has been taking notes for the weekly meetings, Jim Hairston, Karen George, Dave Cotant, Sheri Hodson, and Dee Ebsen, and for then submitting those notes to Tom McClellan for final edit and circulation.  Our Club is only one of a few communicating to its members in this way and has been complimented for doing so.  Now is the time to sign up for the next three months so a calendar was passed around for “note takers” to schedule their dates.  If you missed that list and want to volunteer, email Sydna
Georgene Mellom reminded everyone about the gift wrapping party Thursday night at 5:00 p.m. at Carr’s.  Boxes and gift wrap will be provided; please bring scissors and tape.  All gifts will be given to the Fire Department for delivery to the selected family.  [ed. note: see the photo album from that event at this link.] 
Joyce Loveday reported on the Sunday, December 6, Christmas shopping at Target.  We had ten Rotarians and ten friends of Rotarians show up for shopping with the Fire Department.  $3,195 was collected from our club alone (the most ever) and shopping was done for 120 children.  Seven of the families selected were from Tyee Elementary School.
Ellie Carr reminded everyone of the upcoming December 15 Supplemental Back Packing “Pack” at Carr's on Tuesday December 15th, Carr's.  This will take the place of the Holiday Food Baskets and will provide ready-to-eat or easy-to-prepare food for students during the Christmas Break.
Joyce Loveday presented us with three questions for “Test Your Knowledge”.  How well did you do?
  1. What does Good King Wenceslas have to do with Christmas?   Answer: Not really anything, however, he was a Bohemian Duke who on December 26 (the “Feast of Stephen”) would go out and present comfort to the poor.  It is believed that this act is what has led people to identify him with Christmas.
  2. What is a Kringle?  Answer: It is a Danish Pastry.  [ed. note: this has nothing to do with the derivation of Kris Kringle, which is a transmogrification of Christkindl, a German festival celebrating the birth of the Christ child.]
  3. Which U.S. president first hosted the Traditional White House Hanukkah Party for 100s of American Jewish politicians and community leaders?  Answer: President George W. Bush on December 10, 2001.
FUN & FINES – General Ed Trobaugh assisted by Jenny Goodin and Joy Taylor.
Ed first took care of old business by collecting Wachters from Dave Cotant and George Lin.  [ed. note: Not sure how Ed supposedly did this, as George Lin was not in attendance.]
Current Fines Collected:              
Anniversary and Birthday from Dee Ebsen, who interrupted her note-taking to write out a check.
Colorado Springs & Phoenix Trips from Jim Hairston
Failing to pay for a guest meal from Paul Webb, who arrived after guest John Unfred, and thus failed to pay for John's lunch. 
Failing to pay for a guest meal from Judi Maier, who arrived before her husband Tom Wie, and thus failed to notice him arriving so that she could pay for his lunch. 
Our Guest Speaker, Justice Charlie Wiggins, Washington State Supreme Court, was introduced by Judi Maier, who had come to be acquainted with him while he was on the WA State Court of Appeals. 
Justice Wiggins is one of 9 justices on the State Supreme Court today.  Currently six are elected and three have been appointed to fill the expiring terms of elected justices, but as the appointees current terms expire, they must face election.  The “Temple of Justice” consists of 9 justices, 6 of whom are women, and the members are widely diversified.  Justice Wiggins briefly described what a “day looks like”, how the election process is conducted and what we should look for when voting (Judges are Non-Partisan) and how they decide cases.   His presentation was very interesting and several questions were raised by Club Members. 
[ed. note: Hat-tip to Judge Grant Blinn for helping to arrange this presentation.  Judge Blinn and Justice Wiggins reportedly met while they were in prison at the same time.  Details were offered about that encounter, which you should have been there to hear.]
Bryan Christensen conducted the weekly raffle drawing.   $238 Pot – Marie Barth held the lucky raffle ticket but did not draw the lucky “Ace” so she won just $5
Meeting Adjourned at 1:30.