The return of the Jedi?  No.
The return of the Heidi?  Perhaps.
These are not the finemasters you're looking for. 
President Jim Hairston promptly started the meeting at 12:30.  He has not missed a meeting start time yet, much to the frustration of the finemaster who usually gets a president on that point at least once per Rotary year.  Invocation – Fred Willis.  Pledge – General Ed Trobaugh.
Visiting Rotarians – Debbie Ranniger (Passport Club)
Guests - Mike Courts Mayor of Dupont (an aviator by trade)
Joy Taylor reminded Rotarians that today is the last day in 2016 for contributions to Rotary International to be recorded in the current year.
President Jim updated club members about the most recent service of the club which was helping the West Pierce Fire and Rescue Department distribute Christmas gifts to the families of Tyee Park Elementary whom we supported.
Jim also read a letter from the Boys’ and Girls’ Club, thanking our club for contributing $500 for a new van.
Tom McClellan reminded members of the great programs lined up for the club in the month of January.
Jan. 4 - Mark Lindquist – Pierce County Prosecutor
Jan. 11 - Sandra Campbell, Tacoma Area Literacy Council
Jan. 18 - Don Sosnowski, Invista Performance Solutions
Flat Paul – Tours in Tokyo
Bob Lawrence showed several pictures with “Flat Paul” that were taken when Bob and Judy took a 30-day cruise to the far east this fall.  Flat Paul, Bob, & Judy had the good fortune to see the Emperor of Japan saying goodbye to his guest, the Queen of Belgium, when they visited the oldest Buddhist Temple in Tokyo. Pictures showed the three of them at many interesting locations, including the Royal palace in Bangkok, the great wall of China, and with a group of Indian Rotarians in Shanghai. 
Fun and Fines:
General Ed Trobaugh was back for fun and fines, and he engaged new members Gennette Simmons and Chris Mejia in collecting fines.
Fred Willis gave an appropriate gesture for celebrating his 59th anniversary.
Karen George celebrated a birthday, and she also returned from a trip to California over Christmas.  She attempted to plead that the trip to California was "work related", accompanying (the absent) Bill Harrison, but that's just pouring fuel on the fire.  Gennette Simmons led the club in singing “happy birthday” and Karen paid an appropriate fine.
Gen Ed Trobaugh responded to the $20 fine levied upon him last week (in absentia) for believing that a beautiful women he saw in the paper was Helen McGovern.  He also paid up for a 5-day trip to visit his daughter in Michigan.  On top of that, the Army football team added to the glory of finally beating Navy (after 14 years), when it won in Tuesday’s Heart of Dallas Bowl game, so he “recruited” Tom McClellan to join him in making a $25 contribution for the win.
Sheri Hodson had a mostly wonderful trip to California the week before Christmas, right up until she and her family had to spend the night at LAX airport.  Some mastermind evidently thought that the peak Christmas travel period was a great time to do concrete repairs on the taxiways at that busy airport, creating a cascading chain reaction of delays.   
No luck collecting a fine from General Ed and Heidi Wachter for the missing out on the performance finemaster duties last week.  Ed responded to that notation in last week's eBulletin by inviting all who had voted (unanimously) for that $10 fine imposition to raise their hands, and accept their own $10 fine for such a crime against Rotary.  The he gave a blanket amnesty to all involved (which included him and Heidi).  Lesson learned?
The Week's Program
Mike Courts mayor of the City of DuPont, WA, is a graduate of Clover Park High School, then West Point, then a 30-year Army career.  During his final tour at Fort Lewis, he and his wife bought their “forever home” in Dupont.  He retired in 2011.  Shortly after, he ran for and won the job of Mayor of Dupont. 
He provided a very interesting presentation about the city, including some interesting points of history, fun facts, geography, vision, goals, and challenges.  He also provided information about the city’s current economic state and projected future development projects.
Dupont is an urban island, geographically isolated between JBLM, the Puget Sound, and the Nisqually River Flats.  One small bit of trivia: Dupont was recently recognized by SafeWise as the safest city and one of the ten happiest places to live in Washington.
With $210 in the pot, Marie Barth had the lucky ticket; no luck at drawing the ace ($5).
Meeting adjourned promptly at 1:30
And Finally...
"An optimist stays up until midnight to see the New Year. A pessimist stays up to make sure the old year leaves." - - - Columnist Bill Vaughan (1915-77)
And can you believe that this was just 17 years ago?