Special guests:  Hazel and Debbie Billingsley, Gavin Carr, George Pilant, and Leslie Pearson

Future programs:

  • Aug 13, 2014       Canyon Little                      EFN’s Mother Earth Farm
  • Aug 20, 2014       Janne Hutchins                   LASA's New Housing Development
  • Aug 27, 2014       Don Sosnowski                   Rotary Foundation

Sunshine report:  No report, but glad to see that PP Bob Lawrence is recovering well from his knee replacement surgery. 

Past events:  Courage Classic was another great success.  Kara Faubion’s massage students raised over $300 that was donated to Mary Bridge.  Thank you Kara.  Dave Cotant and Choi Halladay helped out and had a good time.  Heidi Wachter completed the course with a little help due to road closure.  She donated $100 to the club in thanks for the financial support for Mary Bridge.

Upcoming events and/or commitments for our club: 

  • Alan Billingsley is collecting school supplies for Southgate starting next week at Carr’s.  Members please bring contributions to the August 13 meeting
  • Theater Benefit looking for sponsors (fill out green cards) with sponsor sheets available.   Big thanks to Joyce and Ron Oubre for their $1000 sponsorship.  Tickets will be available starting August 20, $50 each.
  • Board meeting August 15, 7:30 at Carr’s
  • Rotary Night at the Rainiers August 21
  • Tunnel of Hope, Southgate, Friday, August 29, 8:20 AM.  Rotarians please come out to welcome the kids back to school.

Memorable fines and stories: 

  • Marie Barth top sale associate AGAIN!  $50
  • Ed Trobaugh went to Indiana, on purpose - $40
  • Dave Cotant was crabbing at Guemes Island.  Lost as many traps as caught crabs.  $20
  • Bonnie Boyle to Ohio to see family, attended Mariners/Indian game with Indian-fan family - $100
  • Helen McGovern-Pilant’s son moved from Shelton to Steilacoom so granddaughter much closer, and George joined Rotary 8 - $25 to start George’s Paul Harris
  • Don Sosnowski made a quick trip to DC with one of Goodwill’s successful clients - $50 PH & $50 club


Today’s speaker:  Dona Ponepinto is the CEO of United Way of Pierce County, having taken over in January after a nationwide search.  She previously served the United Way offices in Detroit, Los Angeles, and Orange County, CA.  In addition to acting as a conduit for donated money to reach deserving organizations in our community, the Pierce County United Way is putting greater emphasis on child literacy, to get more youngsters ready for kindergarten, and reading at grade level by 3rd grade. 

Other:  Dave Cotant did Truth or Lie:  He was a fisherman in Alaska; he attended 5 different universities to achieve his education; he climbed both Mt Hood and Mt Rainier.  The last is the lie.  Dave invented a way to make sure almost everyone guessed correctly!

The speakers list in the club bulletin shows upcoming scheduled speakers, and also available dates.  If you have a good idea for a future speaker, please contact Tom McClellan.