Misplaced Sun Glasses, a Nineteenth Wedding Anniversary and a Presentation from the Kindred Souls Foundation - August 26, 2015
Today’s Speaker – Brian Nelson, Co-Founder of the Kindred Souls Foundation
Meeting called to order by: President Joyce Loveday.
Invocation given by Alan Billingsley.
Pledge of Allegiance led by Ken Sharp.
Visiting Rotarians: Noel Ostrander, President -Elect from the Rotary Club of Hawks Prairie, Lacey, WA.
Today’s Guests:
Brian Nelson, today’s guest speaker.  Alan Billingsley introduced his granddaughter Hazel.
Future Programs:
9/02/2015 – Raymond Swalley, WWII Veteran speaking about the 60th Anniversary of V-J Day.  Please expect a large crowd.
9/09/2015 – Stephanie Cholmondeley, The TREE Program – Community Gardens in Tillicum“
9/16/2015 – Dana Knutzen, LCTC – Cancer and Genetic Counseling
Attendance Report - Nothing to report today.
Sunshine Report – No report today
Secretary Karen Fengler Nichols reminded all of the collection of 2015-2016 club dues.  Payment can be brought in and given to her over the coming weeks.
President Joyce thanked all for their generous shopping for backpacks and announced that emergency backpacks are being collected over the next few weeks to supplement the expected turnover rate of students at Tyee Park Elementary this year.  Based on the sign-up sheets there is still space for a 1st grade and 3rd grade backpack.
Fundraising Director Teresa Nye gave an update on the Theatre Benefit.  We have at least 6 known commitments to sponsorship of the event.  She asked that everyone take a look at potential donors and encouraged all to solicit support.  The Theatre Committee meets on Tuesday mornings in the Caliber Mortgage conference Room, 6050 Tacoma Mall Blvd (take driveway between the building and Cash & Carry Market up to the rear of the building complex). 
Test your Knowledge:
Q.1. Which Clover Park Rotarian and athlete played soccer as an adult on a women’s only team  and also on a coed team?
A.1. Past-President Sheri Hodson.
Q.2. Which Clover Park Rotarian was born in New Orleans, Louisiana?
A2. Joyce Oubre.
Q.3. In 1927 the members at the Rotary Convention donated $26.50 for what specific cause?
A.3. The amount of $26.50 was the balance remaining from convention activities.  This sum was used to begin the Rotary Endowment fund?
Memorable Fines and Moments with Gen Ed: (Clark Thomson and Jeannie Hill assisting)
Bob Lawrence placed the opening bid of $5 for a pair of sunglasses that was found on the greeting table. His final bid of $25 was sufficient to secure possession of his prized “shades”.
Teresa Nye was greeted with the Happy Birthday song and noted for celebrating her 19th wedding anniversary.  
Ken Sharp’s recent weekend trip to Newport, Oregon was enjoyable and was settled with a $15 fine.  
Marie Barth called out Jim Hairston and Tom Faubion – for sitting at a table where there were no female members.  No action was taken toward the two Greeting Table volunteers who quickly found the first viable seats facing the podium after the meeting was called to order.
Today’s Program:
Brian Nelson and his spouse Kelley are the Co-Visionaries of the Kindred Souls Foundation.  Kindred Souls Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization committed to animal welfare advocacy. Their organization provides sanctuary to abandoned, abused, and neglected cats and dogs of all ages, a holistic approach to their care, and provide education to “Foster Caretakers” on the rewards and responsibilities of animal companionship. Through specially designed programs, community involvement, and networking with other organizations, their goal is to ensure all animals they take-in are given the opportunity to be loved and receive exceptional care.
The 2015 Fundraiser was completed on August 2, 2015 and was titled Unleashed - Stadium Bowl 2015.  The event drew participation from all over the area and over 345 participants registered to participate.  Proceeds from the event will be used to continue to support the rescued animals of Kindred Souls Foundation.
Find out more about how you can provide support to this organization at: http://www.kindredsoulsfoundation.org/index.html
Raffle Drawing:
Raffle pot was $190. Joyce Oubre had the lucky number drew a “pot draining” Ace.  Next week we begin a new raffle.