President Sheri opened the 8th meeting of her presidency (only 44 more weeks to go!).

One sad bit of news was that former member Jack Roffler's father passed away at age 89.

But the good news is that donations of school supplies for our adopted school Southgate Elementary are still rolling in.  Please bring them to Carr's.  Anything you can donate will be appreciated, but at this link you can see a specific list of what the school asks families to provide.  Many families do not have the money to procure these things, which is why our donations are so appreciated.

Judi Maier provided additional details about the upcoming Theater Fundraiser:

Date:     Sunday, September 28, 2014, 6:15 P.M.

Place:    Lakewood Playhouse

Play:      And Then There Were None (based on the mystery novel by Agatha Christie, Ten Little Indians)

Price:     $50 per ticket

Food:    Heavy hors d’oeuvres  (we are definitely planning to have more food than last time, but I would not consider it a full dinner), wine, cider. Dessert and coffee at Intermission.

Leave your wallets and checkbooks at home – there will not be any auctions, silent or otherwise, raise the paddle, or any other fund raising that evening.  We just want to have fun raising!  This event is designed to be an enjoyable evening with friends and family.

To avoid congestion in the Lobby, we will have tents beside the Lakewood Playhouse where the food and beverages will be served.  Also, there will be tables for consuming the food and beverages.

Tickets will be available at each Club meeting and from Judi or Marie.  We have 152 seats to sell and we want to have a full house!

For those who may have difficulty hearing, the Playhouse now has ten adaptive hearing devices that will be available for use that evening, along with the four that our Club owns.  So everyone should be able to enjoy the play.

Sponsorships have passed the half-way mark, but we still need to continue to encourage local businesses and organization to be a sponsor.

Remember the better we do with this fundraiser, the easier the Rose Sale will be. 

Two Truths and a Lie: It turns out that John Munn really has acted in or directed over 100 stage productions, and his former comics bookstore really was nominated 7 times for the Will Eisner Award, the equivalent of an Oscar for comic book stores.  But he really was not a writer for the "Almost Live" TV show for as many seasons as he asserted. 

Memorable fines and stories:

  • Teresa Nye spent a week cooped up in a trailer in Chelan with her husband and kinder, but somehow managed to acquire a dazzling tan.  $50
  • Choi Halladay spent 4 nights in Boston, MA and New Hampshire with his daughter, touring notable locales from America's history.  $20
  • Randy Black arrived late, failed to sign in, AND he has moved to a new house.  He related that he refused to sleep in the new house, however, until the pink walls of the master bedroom had been repainted to a more acceptable color.  $50
  • Heidi Wachter celebrated 12 wonderful years married to Neil, noting that since each of them is a lawyer, their marriage took two lawyers off the market, thereby protecting the rest of the dating populace.  $50. 

Today's Speaker: Janne Hutchins is the Executive Director of LASA, the Living Access Support  It was started in 1989 as the Lakewood Area Shelter Association, intended to help families in the community who struggle with stable housing.  It was rebranded recently due to confusion over the mission of "shelter", including getting phone calls asking about adopting kittens. 

Janne was hired 18 years ago by former club member Bruce Barth, who is still the husband of current member Marie Barth, and who was serving on LASA's board at the time. 

In 2013, LASA served 96 homeless families from throughout Pierce County. LASA works to prevent homelessness, and also to prevent recurrent homelessness, by doing:

  • Outreach
  • Utilities assistance
  • Bus service access
  • Case management
  • Changing behaviors
  • Reduce barriers to stable family situations

Janne spoke of community involvement, and getting things done in unconventional ways.  She related the story of how she had told former Mayor Bill Harrison about the difficulty keeping up their properties, and he responded by coming out to mow the lawns himself.  A grant from the City of Lakewood many years ago enabled LASA to hire case managers, having a greater impact on the families LASA serves. 

LASA is going to be constructing a new 15-unit supportive housing center on Gravelly Lake Drive, close to Greater Lakes Mental Health Clinic.  The new facility will also include a client services center, and units designed for disabled persons.  Everyone is invited to the groundbreaking ceremony, Sep. 3, 10:00 to 11:30 AM. 

Raffle Drawing: With $637 in the pot, Ed Trobaugh failed to draw an ace.  So the pot continues to grow, which is a great reason to come to next week's Rotary Club meeting.