The notes from the August 13 meeting will certainly fail to fully capture the full extent of the fun which was had by those in attendance.  Life is a participation sport; one must be present to win.


Special guestsDebbie Billingsley (sans grandkinder) and Les Skelly.

Future programs:

  • Aug 20, 2014   Janne Hutchins             LASA's New Housing Development
  • Aug 27, 2014   Don Sosnowski             Rotary Foundation
  • Sep 3, 2014     J. Michael Cavitt            Stop Losing Clients/Members/Prospects

Sunshine reportBill Young is doing well.  Keep Marilee’s daughter-in-law, Wendy, and grandson Kent in your thoughts and prayers as they face some medical issues.

Upcoming events and/or commitments for our club

  • Alan Billingsley is collecting school supplies for Southgate starting this week at Carr’s
  • Theater Benefit looking for sponsors (fill out green cards) with sponsor sheets available.   Big thanks to sponsors Harborstone CU, CPTC Foundation,  KMS (Bonnie Kern), Carr’s Restaurant, New Tacoma Cemetery, Georgene Mellom, Marie Barth, RTS Auto (Bryan Christensen), and Firefighters Local 1488. We are halfway to our goal of $12,700. Tickets will be available starting August 20, $50 each.  Date is September 28 at 6:15. 152 seats available.  SELL, SELL. SELL.
  • Board meeting August 15, 7:30 AM, at Carr's, all members welcome. 
  • Rotary Night at the Rainiers August 21 with tickets available until August 15.  Contact Sheri  if you would like to attend.
  • Tunnel of Hope, Southgate, August 29.  Arrive no-later-than 8:12 AM.  Briefing at 8:15 AM.  Come to welcome the kids back to school with love, joy, and enthusiasm!!  Coffee and donuts will be provided.  Try to park on neighborhood streets away from campus, as parking and traffic will be a bit hectic.  Check in at the school office for directions to your duty station.  Key skills needed: Stand, wave, cheer. 

Other news:  Committee assignments are finalized, however the migration into the new Clubrunner means that they are not available in a way that is meaningful (or current).  So see the attached document with committee assignments. 

Dues are due, and if you don't get the money in to Bonnie Boyle, she'll summon Guido and Vinnie to breaka you neecaps.

Memorable fines and stories

  • Marie Barth sold a condo next door to Bonnie Boyle, who is worried about the neighborhood going completely downhill, although such worries are reportedly misplaced, if Marie is to be believed. $25
  • Joyce Loveday and Virgil 30 happy years married (to each other).
  • Dave Cotant continues filling his time in retirement, this time with a trip to Montana to ride horses, and perhaps other creatures, plus another trip to Westport for salmon fishing, and he still made it back to perform Sergeant at Arms duties.  $50
  • Les Skelley shared that the grand-triplets are doing fine.  YEAAAAH!
  • Choi Halladay lost his red badge which he acknowledges that he has had for much too long.  $2

Two Truths and A Lie: It turns out that Helen McGovern-Pilant actually did study at both the University of Idaho and that of Paris, France, and she is also a twin.  But she did not really race snowmobiles while in college. 

Today’s speaker:  Canyon Little is the operator of the Mother Earth Farm, which provides fresh produce for the food banks that are part of Helen McGovern-Pilant’s Emergency Food Network.  It acquired the name “Mother Earth Farm” after having been passed down through several generations of women, instead of the historically typical custom of primogeniture.  He acquired this job after his mother stepped down from the same job, which she had created started in 2000.

Key accomplishments of the farm are (1) providing approximately 150,000 lbs. of fresh produce to area food banks every year, (2) operating under organic farming principles, although not certified as such due to the lengthy certification process, and (3) providing meaningful service for inmates of the Washington Corrections Center for Women in Purdy.  Canyon highlighted the success of that program, whose participants have had a 9% recidivism rate versus 50% for that prison overall. 

Raffle Drawing: For the 2nd week in a row, Tom McClellan had his ticket drawn, and he again demonstrated his utter ineptness at drawing an ace from the deck.  The pot now exceeds $500, which is another good reason to come to the Rotary meeting next week.