A visit from the 7th Infantry Division commanding general.
President Joyce Loveday called the meeting to order at 1230 hours, this being a meeting with a military theme.  The flag salute was led by John Munn. Invocation given by Karen Fengler Nichols, quoting the psalmist
Visiting Rotarian, Bill Young from Lakewood Rotary, was introduced by Sydna Koontz.  [ed. note by way of foreshadowing: Bill will be making a significant appearance later in these notes]
Visiting guests included Paulina Adams, Jack Munn (John's son!), Sergeant Major Murphy, 1st Lieutenant Allen, Major General Terry Ferrell, the Billingsley clan -- Hazel, Gavin and Grandma Debbie.
Future program, announced by Tom McClellan
Aug. 19 -- Ed Dock from Habitat for Humanity new store in Lakewood. 
Aug. 26 -- Brian Nelson with the Kindred Souls Foundation
Sep. 3 - - Raymond Swalley, on the 60th anniversary of V-J Day
Karen Fengler Nichols reported that Bob Lawrence had a cardiac ablation procedure yesterday, so keep him in your prayers.
Teresa Nye reported on this year's fundraiser on October 1 at the Lakewood Playhouse.  Sponsorship sheet was circulated.  Teresa asked for your help in securing past sponsors to help again this year, plus contact new businesses that you might know.  Sponsorship flyers are available.  Goal for sponsorship is $12,500, with ticket sales the total revenue would be $16,000.  A Few Good Men will be the production. 
President Joyce reported that a group of Rotarians met with Taj Jensen, Principal at Tyee Park.  There is great need for school supplies.  Jim Hairston placed lists on each table, a copy of which is attached.  Please bring items to the meetings.  Joyce also said there may be an opportunity to plant new shrubs around the exterior of the school -- more information to come.
Bonnie Boyle reported on the Ready to Learn fair held last Saturday at Lochburn Middle School.  In preparation for the fair on Friday at 9AM 75 to 100 people unloaded truck loads of clothing, backpacks and other items that were stacked on tables in the gym.  In the cafeteria table were loaded with school supplies.  Families on Saturday lined up early to select item for school.  Bonnie and Helen McGovern Pilant helped out.  She was hopeful more Rotarians might get involved next year.
August 25 - Rotary Night at the Rainiers.  All clubs are invited.  Joyce will email [ed. note: has now emailed] out ticket information.  See attached.
When was the first Rotary club started?  1905
When and where was the first Rotary club started outside the U.S.?  Answer: Winnipeg, [which is in] Manitoba, Canada 1910
When and where was the first Rotary club started outside North America?  Answer :Dublin, Ireland 1911
Where was the first Rotary club started in a non English speaking country?  Answer: Havana, Cuba
Which member of Clover Park Rotary saw his wife for the first time while she was playing doubles tennis with General Schwarzkopf?  Answer: General Bill Harrison in 1969.
Clarke Thomson helped with the microphone.  Joy Taylor collected the money.
No anniversaries or birthdays.  However, Gen. Ed did point out that it had been since April 29 since we had seen John Munn  -- welcome back!
Brian Christensen went to Indian Wells, CA for tennis nationals for four days and three nights.  Unfortunately he lost, but contributed $25 to Polio Plus.
General Ed reminded Clarke Thomson that he should avoid getting Ed's attention.  There was some ink in the Suburban Times that tomorrow Mt. View Cemetery was celebrating 100 years of caring.  Dr. David Cotant asked if the event hadn't happened yet, why was Gen. Ed fining our new member?  Dr. Cotant was accused of causing trouble and fined $5!
Our finemaster confessed he was puzzled by the August 12 Lakewood United posting listing two of our members, Marie Barth and Brian Christensen as board members.  Marie chimed in challenging the General asking, "Can you take Rotary time to do business?"  Gen. Ed pointed out all was done before the bell rang, signaling the start of the meeting!  Marie - $5, Brian - $5.
Judge Grant Blinn admitted to a vacation to Kitsap County with family where he shared time hiking and fishing with his daughter.  Gen. Ed. However reminded the Judge that there was an outstanding IOU for $20 PLUS he was leaving early today -- the dollars were adding up -- Judge Blinn agreed to pay $100 for all!
Jeannie Hill complained that nothing good had happened to her.  Saturday morning around 1AM, they were awakened by noises outside.  It sounded somewhat like a cat -- lots of scratching.  They looked out and found a "poor confused kid" armed with a screw driver and mallet, who had walked away from a halfway house.  He thought he was at his home.  After calling 911, the Lakewood Police escorted him to his real home.  No fine for Jeannie.
Tom Faubion was allowed to share his experience, but he had to remain seated.  He was nevertheless articulate.  Last weekend he did his normal community service, cutting 30+ logs and clearing trails at Three Peaks Trail, using only crosscut saws and shoulder power.  It was mentally and physically grueling, only in legal BS.  $50
Former President Sheri Hodson proudly announced that her daughter had gotten engaged.  Sheri will be doing some planning for a next August wedding.  It was suggested she check with Randy Black and Choi Halladay for pointers.
General Bill Harrison introduced today's speaker, Major General Terry Ferrell, commanding general of the 7th Infantry Division at JBLM.
General Ferrell is a graduate of Marshall University (go Thundering Herd), and got a Master's Degree from Central Michigan University (go Chippewas).  Along the way he has had a large variety of assignments, most recently in Djibouti, Africa. 
General Ferrell explained that his 17 months here as commander of the 7th has been exceptional.  He had heard from soldiers at all of his previous placements that JBLM was one of the best places to be stationed, and CG of 7ID he got to find out how true that assertion really is.  Next Tuesday as he leaves for Tampa, Florida, to be the chief of staff at the US Southern Command.  He will miss this great community and establishment. 
As the total armed forces has shrunk from 490,000 to 470,000 to now 450,000, the only Division here at JBLM was decreased from 20,000 to 14,000 and for now that will remain stable.  70% of the 14,000 live off post and in the community.  60% have never deployed.  80% are ages 18-25. 
Their job is to fight and win our country's wars.  The changed focus has become to get ready for the next one.  They are training all the time.  JBLM is responsible for the Pacific, but units can go globally with deploy able forces.
General Ferrell recommended we visit the new/old Division Headquarters, dedicated to former 7th ID CG, Lt. General Bill Harrison. 
Prior to 2001 the focus was on high intensity training.  2002-03 it was Iraq. Next battle: Cyber Warfare.
The military walks a fine line in terms of of retention of good soldiers versus assisting those who are separating from the military with their return to civilian life.  For the first time in six years, they have not met their recruiting goal, a point which correlates well to the nation-wide unemployment rate.  The unions have stepped up to train pipe fitters, welders, high tower climbers, professional bridge painters, and other skilled jobs for placement after their military service.  But they are not just training soldiers, they are offering jobs, too.  80% of those getting out of the military are getting jobs.  70% stay in the area.
Bill Young had the lucky number AND picked a winning ace. 
It has not been that long since Bryan Christensen won the big pot, but Bill's winnings should number in the $100s.  We look forward to seeing Bill as a guest at our future meetings, and to his contributions to our future raffle pots.