Meeting Notes, April 15, 2015
Notes taken by Jim Hairston
                         File Phote 2014
Meeting called to order by President Sheri Hodson.
Invocation given by Alice Peeples.
Pledge of Allegiance led by Grant Blinn.
Special Guests: (visiting Rotarians and visitors)
Visiting Rotarians – Don Daniels from Lakewood Rotary; Charlie Thompson from Tacoma South.
Today’s guest - Alan Billingsley introduced young Gavin Carr.
Future Programs:
4/22/2015, No meeting due to rose sale deliveries; 
4/29/2015 – Lakewood Deputy Police Chief Mike Zaro.
5/6/2015 – Mark Lindquist will present a program on “Elder Abuse”.
Attendance Report - Bonnie Boyle – nothing to report today.
Sunshine Report - Karen Fengler Nichols indicated that Helen’s thumb is better. Alice Peeples granddaughter-in-law recently had twins, but is now hospitalized due to other complications.
Southgate Update - Alan Billingsley reports that the faculty continues to prepare for the move of students to 3 different schools as a result of opening of 4 Heroes School.
Rose Sale Update:
Rose Sale report – Joyce Loveday reported that we were closing in on our goal of 750 dozen as of meeting time.  As of Friday April 17, we have exceeded the goal and placed an order for 100 dozen additional roses to meet the new demand. Way to go Rotarians!!
Other Announcements:
President Sheri reminded us of an invitation to the Greater Lakes Healthcare 50th anniversary Celebration on May 20th, 2015.
Multi-Care is creating a “Wall” for display and will list Clover Park Rotary as a member of their “Sterling Circle” of donors who have contributed $10,000.00 or more. 
2 Truths and a Lie with Marie Barth:
Marie opened by mentioning that she has a love of motorcycles.
#1.  She likes to wear leather
#2.  Judge Faubion prepared her Incorporation letter in 1987.
#3. On a motorcycle trip through one of the National Parks, she stopped to take a picture of a Grizzly Bear.
The partial Lie #3, she rounded a curve in the park a saw a Grizzly next to a tree and decided she wanted to take a picture, but Bruce quickly persuaded her to forget about taking the picture and moving out of danger’s path.
Memorable Fines and Moments with Gen Ed: (Rick Ring and Karen George assisting)
The opening volley was to collect an IOU from Ken Sharp for his trip to Florida. Paul Webb began with a “Rat” on taking Ken to the airport, at an early hour, which quickly generated further discussion about true friendship (or the lack thereof). Ken was asked why he would let Paul Webb take him to the airport at such an early hour vs. taking a shuttle. Ken mentioned that Paul has few true friends and that Paul could carry-on an entire conversation (solo) all the way to the airport.
General Ed made a recent trip to Florida and made the appropriate gesture.
Judge Grant Blinn presented an excellent “State of the Court” report to the Lakewood City Council, according to Heidi Wachter, Judge Blinn was very pleased with the response from the council and pledged $50.00 to the club for effort.
Bonnie Kern took exception to her recent trip to London being omitted from the newsletter notes. Sydna Koontz, in absentia, was identified as the note taker for that session. There is more to follow…for her omission.  However, President Sheri was fined for failure to catch the omission of Bonnie’s trip and for not signing in.  
Don Daniels from Lakewood Rotary, after observing our Fine Master in action, opted to forego “the inquisition” and donated $20 to our club.
Today’s Program:
Ms. Nina Field, from Big Brothers Big Sisters (BBBS) of Puget Sound was today’s speaker.  Nina is a native of Newburgh, NY and in her current job for four months.
Big Brothers Big Sisters of Puget Sound is celebrating more than 50 years in the Puget Sound Area.  Their mission is to “provide children facing adversity with strong, enduring, professionally supported one-on-one mentoring relationships that challenge their lives for the better, forever”.
The program is intended for children from 7-18 years of age where they believe BBBS programs will make the biggest difference.  The groups of most interest include those children: living in poverty; struggling in school; living in a single parent home; living in a home where someone is involved in the criminal justice system; and involved in child welfare.
Big Brothers Big Sisters provide extensive vetting of and training to mentor volunteers.  BBBS emphasizes three stepping stones that focus on children’s success: improvement in attitude and competencies; avoidance of risky behavior; and educational success.
If you have interest in helping or want to learn more, contact BBBS at:
Raffle Drawing:
Raffle pot equals $390+. General Bill, holding ticket #2298, won the raffle but did not pick an ace. $5 consolation.