The one where Ed Trobaugh came back, and in fine form.
Upcoming Events
April 19 - CPTC Scholarship Banquet, 11:30.  RSVP to Joyce Loveday.
April 21 - Rotaract Club initial meeting. 2:00 PM, Carr's Restaurant.
April 23 - Parks Appreciation Day work party, POC Alan Billingsley, more info at the April 20 club meeting.
April 25 - Rose Sale packing and bundling party. Time and location TBA
April 26-27 - Rose Sale deliveries
May 18 - Greater Lakes Anniversary Fundraiser
May 20 - Rotary Club board meeting, 7:30 AM, Carr's Restaurant.
June 15 - Installation Banquet, 6:00 PM, Tacoma Golf & Country Club
Upcoming Meetings:
April 20 – Speaker: Choi Halladay: Pierce College’s use of Data Analytics
       Note taker: David Cotant
       Invocation: Randy Black
       Greeter: TBD
April 27 – No meeting - Rose Sale deliveries
May 4 – Speakers: Duke Paulson & Cornelia Thomas: Courage Classic, and the Mary Bridge Child Abuse Intervention Unit
       Note taker: Jim Hairston
       Invocation: Ellie Carr
       Greeter: TBD

Meeting Notes, April 13, 2016

Recorded by Dee Ebsen, editing and photos by Tom McClellan
The Meeting was called to order at 12:30 p.m. by President Joyce Loveday.
The Invocation was given by Helen McGovern Pilant and the Pledge of Allegiance was led by Marie Barth.  All members joined in the Rotary 4-Way Test lead by President Joyce Loveday.
Visiting Rotarians were introduced by Brian Christensen.  We were happy to greet and welcome our guest speaker BG(Ret) Jack Nevin from Tacoma Narrows Rotary Club.   
Visitors of Rotarians were introduced:  Alice Peoples introduced her guest, Janice Jangard; Alan Billingsley introduced his guest, grandson and future Rotarian Gavin Carr.    
Future Programs were reviewed by Tom McClellan
April 20, 2016 – Choi Halladay discussing the use of Data Analytics at Pierce College
April 27, 2016 there will be no meeting due to Rose Sale Deliveries
May 4, 2016 – Duke Paulsen and Cornelia Thomas from Multi-Care will share information about the upcoming Courage Classic Event
Other Announcements:
Sunshine report was given by Marie Barth, who noted:
Bill Harrison has two broken bones in his foot and will be unable to get around for at least six weeks.  First of all, please keep him in your prayers.  Secondly, Karen George is asking for some support to assist her with Bill on Wednesdays and Fridays during this six week period in order to serve dinner to Bill and offer some company while she attends her scheduled Yoga Classes.  Please contact Karen at if you are able to spend perhaps an hour or two with Bill during these times as he is not to be active or attempting to get up.
We have also been notified that Sydna Koontz’s husband Corky has been diagnosed with early stages of Lymphatic Leukemia.  Please keep them both in your prayers.
Bob Lawrence distributed new, updated, and laminated Club Roster and phone lists.  Thank you Alan Billingsley for all your hard work doing the laminating.  These are very helpful and greatly appreciated. 
President Joyce reminded everyone about the informational Rotaract Club Meeting Thursday, April 21, 2016 at Carr’s from 2:00 p.m. to 3:15.  This is for Young Professionals, age 18 to 30 years of age and College Students (any age) who are interested in opportunities for networking, service and professional development.  Sheri Hodson noted that this meeting is for information only and the day and time of future meetings will be determined later by the members of this new group in order that it meet according to their schedules.
Jim Hairston shared the current status of the Rose Sale.  He encouraged everyone to continue selling as we still have 230 dozen roses to sell.  767 dozen roses have been committed to the “sold” status, 680 dozen roses have been funded.  We still need volunteers for deliveries and a sign-up sheet is being circulated for those wishing to support this need.  If you can help delivery others’ rose orders on either April 26 or 27, please email Jim Hairston.
Dave Cotant reminded everyone about the Cleanup Party at Tyee Elementary School Saturday, April 16 from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.   Eleven Rotarians have signed up and will be joined by volunteers from Kiwanis and the Robotic Club.  Tasks to be tackled are trimming, barking, and general cleanup.  There will be some tools already on site, but if you have tools you think might be handy, bring them.  This includes power washers, blowers, weed eaters, pruners, etc. 
Don Sosnowski shared the current status of our Foundation Giving Goals. Our goal this year was $7,000 and we are currently at $6,779 so now is the time for you to fulfill your commitment towards the Foundation.  This will enable us to meet and stretch our commitment.  Also, the goal for “Every Rotarian Every Year” (which is now a $100 minimum per member goal to the Foundation) needs some work.  We have a way to go with only 28 of our 41 members having achieved that status. 
Don presented Grant Blinn with his first Paul Harris recognition Certificate.Congratulations Grant!
President Joyce Loveday once again “Tested Our Knowledge”
What is the name of our incoming RI President?
Where is our new RI President from?
Where is this year’s International Convention being held and when?
Where is our District Conference being held and when?
FUN & FINES WITH Ed Trobaugh, assisted by Anne Winters and Clarke Thomson.
Ed paid $25 for announcing with pride that his granddaughter participated in a National Dance and Cheerleading Competition.  Her team from Oklahoma City University won both competitions.  Ed also challenged the Club regarding their decision last week to charge him fines amounting to a matching amount that was collected (during his unannounced and uncovered absence).  Turns out Ed was serving as chauffeur to get wife Pam to a doctor's appointment.  After pleading his case, he was forgiven his “sins” and let off the hook!   
President Joyce Loveday was fined $5 for needing to be reminded that she forgot the Sunshine Report.  
Grant Blinn paid $20 to be an “early leaver” and to announce that he is looking forward to running for Pierce County Superior Court position.   This announcement was endorsed by Bob Lawrence, who noted that the rules forbid a judicial candidate from soliciting campaign donations, but the rules do not forbid Bob himself for making that solicitation on Grant’s behalf.  You can donate by visiting
Anne Winters had a birthday, and Clarke Thompson was able to lead the Club in the traditional “Happy Birthday Dear Anne”, song.  She paid the appropriate fine.
President Joyce Loveday shared information about the CPTC Innovative Partnership with JBLM and the awarding of a new five year grant amounting to approximately $1.67 Million for the school participation.   Fine Assessed for this good news.
Jim Hairston and Brian Christensen attended DLTA in Victoria last weekend.  Each paid a $20 fine for the two night stay and the new leadership skills they obtained for future use as our Club Leaders.
Teresa Nye admitted to NOT going to DLTA, and paid a $10 fine. 
Sheri Hodson and Joy Taylor proudly shared updates about the Robotics Club and the recent Pacific NW District Competition. 
The Team (which we help sponsor) competed against some very heavy competition and ended up winning 1st Place (not once, but twice) out of 360 competitors.   Congratulations Team!   They will advance to St. Louis for the World Championship where they will compete against over 600 competitors.  Wish them Good Luck.  By the way, Joy advised our Finemaster that he forgot her “Anniversary”….don’t feel bad Joy, this is a regular occurrence for some members.  Fine assessed for this accomplishment ????
Today's Program
BG (ret) Jack Nevin, was introduced by Tom McClellan.
Jack has served on five different continents while in the military, is a member of Tacoma Narrows Rotary and currently serves as Pierce County Superior Court Judge.  He first of all, donated $5 to Grant Blinn’s campaign drive and wished him the best of luck!
Jack provided an overview of Guantanamo Bay Cuba and the Military Commissions at this location.  A profile of the detainees was given and the applications that must be adhered to and why, when handling the detainees.  He reviewed the history of the base, which dates back to the early 1900s and why it was selected as a base where we would hold these detainees who are/were primarily 9/11 conspirators and terrorists (not to be confused with POWs).  The presentation was very interesting but very complex from a legal standpoint.
The weekly drawing (for a pot of $836) was completed with Georgene Mellom holding the lucky raffle ticket, but she did not draw the lucky “Ace” so walked away with $5. 
Meeting Adjourned at 1:30 p.m.