Brandon Earns His Blue Badge of Courage, and West Pierce Really DOES Care!

Clover Park Rotary Meeting Notes

September 25, 2019 

Notes taken by Sheri Hodson

Photos provided by Tom McClellan

Edited by Dave Hall


Today’s Greeter was the fabulous Jeannie Hill. The Invocation was delivered by Ellie Carr.


Visiting Rotarians – There were no visiting Rotarians.


Visitors – Marie Barth introduced Tho Kraus once again. Tom McClellan introduced our speaker Scott Adams and Katelyn Billingsley proudly introduced her son, Harrison Billingsley. 



Sunshine Report – No new sunshine report. Jeannine Hill reminded us all of her mother’s (our beloved friend and former Rotarian, Alice Peeples)  Memorial Service this Sunday, September 29th at 1:00 in the Aspen Chapel at Mountain View.


Future Programs:


October 2 –  Joyce Loveday, Offsite Program at Clover Park Technology College at the new Center for Advanced Manufacturing. Lunch will be catered by Carrs.


October 9 –  Alfonso Godinez, State Student President of WA DECA program


October 16 – Brenda Wall, Side by Side South Africa Program 



President Ellie – Ellie presented Brandon Solomonson his coveted Blue Badge.

Alan Billingsley –  October 12- 9:00 – 1:00 last big work party of the year at the Wildlife Area. We will be working on a rock wall, clean up, working on the paths, etc. Those present get to wear our new Rotary Hard Hats (if you want ). Sign-up sheet was circulated.


October 10th – “McTakeover “ – Joyce Oubre’s McDonalds on Steilacoom Boulevard is donating a portion of the proceeds that evening to Custer Elementary. Please support the cause.  


A big thank you to those that helped serve 300 hotdogs to students and parents at Custer Elementary last Thursday. It was A LOT of hotdogs served in a short period of time!

President’s Minute: National Better Breakfast Day. It was started in 2008 to get people to stop skimping on breakfast. In 1863 Granula, the first manufactured cereal, was introduced. In 1917 the proclamation that breakfast is the most important meal of the day began. In the 1920s it was stated eggs and bacon are the best way to start the day.


General Ed had lots of time for Fun and Fines but not a lot of fining to do today.  Kerri Pedrick and Brandon Solomonson (even though he has blue badge) assisted in the collection of fines.


Joyce and Virgil Loveday celebrated their anniversary and Joyce shared about the new unit we will see next week at CPTC.

Brandon Solomonson and his wife are going strong after 3 years.

Karen Fengler Nichols shared about the wonderful trip her and Joe took in Spain and Portugal. Electric biking about 50 miles a day and river boating at night. Consumption of some nice wines along the way. 

Joyce Oubre was on a circuit of 2020 Planning meetings in Chicago, Atlanta, and Portland.  Cle Elum is yet to come.

Paul Webb was not sure who he was ratting on for missing his birthday and anniversary. Ed was not there on his birthday week so was it is Marie’s fault or was it Ed’s for not getting Marie the information. 


Today’s Program:


West Pierce Cares presented by Battalion Chief Scott Adams. Scott is also the current President of West Pierce Cares.

West Pierce Cares is 5013c formed to help people in the community West Pierce  Fire Department serves. They wanted to make their community better. There is a 11 member board, all the members work in some department of West Pierce.  Before University Place and Lakewood combined their Fire Departments they each had a community outreach Program. Lakewood’s program was started about 25 years ago. When they merged in 2010/11, West Pierce Cares was formed.


It is an acronym for Community, Assistance, Resources, Education and Support.


It has an annual budget of about $15,000. 60% comes from dues and employee deductions, 35% Light My Fire South Sound and 5% comes from community members or businesses.  The Christmas shopping that we have done with them for years actually comes out of the Local 1488 fund.


Biggest monthly expenditure comes from Taxi vouchers. Sometimes when EMTs arrive on scene the person calling doesn’t really need an ambulance ride but they do need transportation to the hospital, so they are given a voucher. There are other situations the vouchers are used as well as transit passes to take the bus to family or another county.


All trucks and ambulances have care packages in the form of gift cards.  Sometimes when the WPFD is at a home they can tell there is a need for assistance. They can give them a Safeway gift card for food or Target for supplies. There have been times when repairs to a home are needed (windows, wheel chair ramp). Discretion on distribution of assistance is left in the field. When someone is in need, you help.


Another thing CARES does is set up Santa at 2 fire stations so kids can come talk to Santa, write letters, take pictures, etc.


Scott was asked about the smoke detector program. FEMA awarded them 6000 smoke alarms. If you know someone who needs assistance on getting some installed, please contact Scott


He was also asked about interest in becoming part of the WPFD. Currently they have 15 openings and over 810 applicants.


 Raffle Drawing:

There was $ 897 in the raffle today with 2 aces in the remaining 8 cards. Alan Billingsley had a 1 in 4 chance but he instead pulled the 4 of spades.


And Finally...

When you realize that your tattoo artist probably fell asleep in high school Geography class: