Congratulations Are In Order All The Way Around!
Clover Park Rotary Meeting Notes
October 9, 2019 
Notes taken by Jim Hairston
Photo’s provided by Tom McClellan 
Edited by Dave Hall
Editor's Note: These highlights were delayed in getting published because, somewhat ironically, your Editor was gone the past four days at a Writer's Workshop!
Todays meeting was called to order by President-Elect John Munn at 12:31pm.
Today’s Greeter was Ramona HintonBob Lawrence provided the Invocation and Katelyn Billingsley led the Pledge to the Flag.
Today’s Visitors:
Tom Wie (Judi Maier's spouse)
Alphonso Godinez – guest speaker
Harrison Billingsley (aka "Lucky")
Future Programs:
October 16 – Brenda Wall
October 23 – Mary Krauszer
October 30 – Mic McDaniel
Alan Billingsley – announced 2 upcoming activities:  October 10 Custer Elementary Takeover at McDonalds on the corner of Hipkins Rd and Steilacoom Blvd; and October 12th as the next work party at the South Sound Wildlife Refuge. 
John Munn - distributed the latest Playhouse trifold announcing next seasons shows.
Dave Hall - solicited interest of the club in creating a coffee mug with our new logo. Sufficient interest was expressed to proceed with this endeavor.
Katelyn Billingsley – Reminded everyone that November is Foundation month and engaged members in a discussion relating to the 6 areas of the Foundations focus. Katelyn reminded everyone to give all donations to Judi.
Memorable fines with Gen Ed! ...assisted by Red Badge of Courage Team of Ramona & Lisa!
President Ellie – Fined for omitting the Fine Master on today’s program, and starting one minute late.
John Munn – Wachter was satisfied by Bob Lawrence.
Tom Faubion – Celebrating 47 years of marriage.  Tom was also fined for rewelcoming our unofficially newest Rotarian Tho Kraus.
Tho Kraus – Ratted on Marie Barth and promised to provide video footage of Marie’s recent participation fashion show.
Jim Hairston – Thanked everyone for supporting the raffle and pledged his recent raffle winnings to fund gifts for next year’s Rotary Golf Tournament. 
Teresa Nye – participated in a recent 5K run
Katelyn Billingsley – celebrated her 10th wedding anniversary
Gen Bill & Karen – recently travelled to Hopkinsville KY for Gen Bill’s 68th High School Reunion
Becky Newton – proudly announced 3 new project openings for the city bringing new venues and growing business!  Go Becky!
Today’s Program:
Alphonzo Gardinez is a Senior at Lakes High School and also holds the title of State Student President for DECA. The DECA program provides business and leadership opportunities for students who desire to learn and achieve. Areas of focus include marketing, hospitality, finance and management.  Students in the club use problemsolving, mock-competitions and community involvement to build skills for the future.
Visit the Lakes High DECA on Facebook,Twitter and Instagram to follow the club.
Raffle Drawing:
With $120 in the pot, Katelyn Billingsley assisted Harrison to pull the final ace from a 5 card deck and collect the dough! 
And Finally....
Here's a candid photo of how our Fine Master manages to keep track of our finable "Crimes Against Rotary".