A New Look For Meeting Notes
Hello, Fellow Clover Park Rotarians! As the Editor of our club's Meeting Notes, I'm trying out some ideas to make the note-taking job a bit easier, while still providing an informative record of what we're doing each week. I'd love to hear your feedback! Please send comments to me at dhall058@aol.com .
Meeting Highlights: November 7, 2018
Lakewood Rotarian Carole Weir invited us to the Lakewood Partners Holiday Party on December 7, at Tacoma Golf and Country Club. She let us know that if the threat of having to dance was keeping you from attending, this year there will be a performance by a magician instead of a dance band!
Our newest Blue-Badger (Not to be confused with a Honey Badger!), Katelyn Billingsley, received a Member Plaque from her sponsor, Paul Webb. This is another way for our members to let their customers and colleagues know of their committment to making the world and community a better place!
Our program was Pierce County Sheriff's Office Detective/Sergeant Jerry Bates, who is a polygraph (aka Lie Detector) examiner and supervisor of the PCSO Background Investigation Unit. DET/SGT Bates provided a brief history of polygraphy, which has been used by PCSO since 1940. He explained the science and technology of polygraph examinations, how they are used for pre-employment and also criminal investigations. Jerry, a 30-year veteran with PCSO, described how the interview component of a polygraph exam is just as important to detecting deception as the polygraph test. He debunked a lot of myths about lie detectors, and gave us a fascinating insight into this aspect of law enforcement investigations!
Charlie Maxwell's new beard brought him a measure of good luck for the weekly raffle, though despite having his ticket drawn he did not select an ace. Charlie was happy to collect his $5 consolation prize, as he's a great example of positive attitude!
Here's more proof that statistics don't lie!