We Welcome New Members, and the "Chief Ma'am of MAMC" (Madigan Army Medical Center: A Regional Partner that is Always There for the Community).
Meeting Highlights May 29, 2019
Notes taken by: Jim Hairston  Photo Credits: Tom McClellan     Edited by: Dave Hall
President Heidi opened the meeting promptly on time, giving warning of a packed agenda.  David Cotant provided the invocation, and Mike Killen led the group in the Pledge of Allegiance. This routine was followed by a group blind recital of the Rotary Vision Statement, as our boxlight was feeling under the weather. (Editor's Note: President Heidi has finally achieved total Rotary Consciousness, now able to recite the Vision Statement from memory, and with dramatic enthusiasm!) She followed up by issuing a coveted "President's Excellence Award" chocolate bar to Marie Barth for her city council support of today's program, and then designated Fred Willis as CPR's "Rotarian of the Month" for his indomitable participation in most every endeavor. (Fred was too quick for our otherwise on the ball photographer to capture.)
Off and running  quickly, Madam President welcomed Diane Formoso, leader of Caring For Kids, to today’s gathering. In a mark of respect and acknowledgement of Diane's close association with our CP Rotary Family, she was accorded a rare honor; presented not with the traditional donation check, but with an official "Wachter" for promised funds!
Two new Rotarians were inducted into the club today:  Darryl Owens  (Sponsor: Dave Hall) is a Graphics Technologies instructor at Clover Park Technical College; his students partnered with the Club to design our new logo! Darryl's brief intro speech confirmed he has a great sense of humor.   Kerri Pedrick  (Sponsor: Paul Webb) is the new Executive Director for the Lakewood Communities In Schools organization after a long search for someone with her unique skill set. Welcome, Darryl and Kerri!!!
General Ed began his "Fun and Fines" session with a heartfelt Thank You for our members' enthusiastic support of this Friday's CPRI fundraiser. President-Elect Ellie Carr echoed the appreciation, as only a few squares remain unsold! While our Finemaster began the session with only two Wachter’s to collect, his quick detective work netted much more for the club’s coffers today.  Darryl & Kerri were pressed into service as "Red Badge Rotarians" immediately after induction to assist in the collection of fines. (They both did a "Fine Job"!)
Today’s speaker was COL Susanne K. Scott, Chief Nursing Officer and Deputy Commander of Madigan Army Medical Center.   Madigan serves the community in a variety of functions.  COL Scott outlined several vital contributions and activities that contribute to a well-rounded partnership within the region: Madigan provides medical personnel training and support to active duty organizations on JBLM; Madigan participates as the regional care facility when any emergencies occur that require them to respond as the nearest emergency care provider; supports approximately 5,000 outpatient visits and 38 surgeries per day; is Pierce Counties 5thlargest employer; operates 9 community school-based health care clinics within local schools; participates in Regional Mass Casualty exercises with local Emergency Responders to maintain a strong working relationship.  COL Scott also confirmed General Ed's suspicion that Army protocol requires nurses to only administer shots for hospital patients at 2:00 A.M.
Today’s Raffle prize of $186.00 remains safe as only $5.00 was collected by Dave Hall, and so the pot will grow larger for next week’s drawing.  
And Finally...
Though the HBO series "Game of Thrones" and "Chernobyl" have concluded, we are left with a vision of what a "Nuclear Winter" might look like: