Powerful Inspiration to Change Comes Step-By-Step!
Clover Park Rotary Meeting Highlights for May 22, 2019
Written and Edited by Dave Hall. Photo Credits: Tom McClellan
Once again, our energetic Vice-President John Munn was called upon to honcho our meeting, and carried out his duties with aplomb! (President Heidi was apparently jousting with a state agency.) Although our Veep required cue cards to lead us in reciting the Rotary Vision Statement, he otherwise sold his performance!
The trio of Munn, Billingsley, and Trobaugh combined to deliver an impassioned motivational appeal to members present; CPRI is fast-approaching (May 31), and we are still close to 40 squares short of a sold-out prize board. Now that the Clover Park Rotary Invitational has joined our troika of annual fund-raisers (with the Golf Tournament and Theatre Benefit being the other two events), it's vital that we support it 100%!  Alan B asks that everyone who promised to donate prizes please get them to him ASAP!
Thanks to the skill and enthusiasm of the Clover Park Technical College Graphics Technologies Program students, our CPR Logo project has produced a winner! CPTC student Hope Davis designed a beauty, incorporating Rotary International-approved colors and symbols with artwork emphasizing our club's unique identity:
Look for new CPR-branded items to be available by the end of summer!
This week's Guest Speaker "knocked our socks off" with her story. Krista Linden, Founder and Executive Director of Step By Step, painted an inspirational picture of what led her to become an impassioned and effective advocate for young mothers and their children. As an elementary school teacher in the mid-90s, Krista witnessed the distressing effects of poverty, addiction, domestic abuse on new moms and kids. She decided to take action to "break the cycle" by building a non-profit support collaborative, assisting mothers to become employable while learning healthy parenting skills. Step By Step helped just over 100 women in 1997; now over 1,200 mothers each year benefit from this amazing organization's efforts! (If you missed this amazing presentation, or would like to learn more, check out her organization's website: 
Alice Peeples couldn't quite replicate Alan B's luck of last week, drawing a card which paid only 1/20th of the pot. 
And Finally...
Tom McClellan discovered this rare photo: Schr√∂dingers Bowls. They are both broken and not broken until you open the door.