The Judge Earns Her "Blue Badge of Courage", and Pets, PETS, and More Pets!
Clover Park Rotary Meeting Highlights Mar 6, 2019
Recorded and Edited by: Dave Hall   
Photo credit: Tom McClellan
In honor of Mardis Gras, our lunch consisted of Cajun and Creole favorites, including chicken gumbo, and Muffelleta sandwiches. Et Tois! (Editor's Note: That was the most authentic and tasty Muffelleta sandwich I've enjoyed since my lone visit to New Orleans in 1988. Way to go, Carrs!)
President Heidi bestowed her “President’s Excellence Award” chocolate bars on Randy Black and visiting Rotarian Don Daniels (LWR) for their smooth handling of impromptu invocation and flag salute assignments. (Paul Webb was absent, so there were no attempts to guilt the Prez into handing out unearned chocolate.)
Tom McClellan received an email from Georgene Mellom, requesting that her grateful thanks for the well-wishes be conveyed to her fellow club members!  Get Well Soon, Georgene!!!
A major and long-awaited event occurred, spurring happiness among all in attendance: The Rotarian who probably holds the record for longest duration of “Red Badge” status, the Jurist with the most Prudence, a member who can be counted upon to support our club’s service to the community and the world, even when not always present at meetings, and who typifies the best qualities expected of a veteran Rotarian…yep, we’re talking about Judge Susan Adams…FINALLY completed all the requirements to be awarded the coveted BLUE BADGE!!!
Susan did have to request a waiver of one requirement: A club roster with all member’s initials affixed. Susan explained that the roster she was given when first inducted is now so outdated it only includes about three or four current members. This waiver was quickly granted, with an appropriate remuneration to be determined at a later date.
President Heidi took this happy occasion to emphasize the value of Rotarians who, like Judge Adams, contribute significantly to Rotary even if they can’t attend weekly gatherings!
NEXT WEEK: We have a Club Assembly, with the main activity being a practice of our May fundraiser, CPRI (pronounced “CAPRI”). General Ed, our staunchest proponent of this fundraiser, will direct this rehearsal.  Speaking of CPRI, we need prize donations.  While the suggested minimum value is $50, don’t let this deter you from donating really fun or unusual items. Our President-Elect Ellie Carr is collecting the prize donations, so let’s be sure to overwhelm her with lots of cool stuff!!!!
Long-Time Rotarian Fred Willis took the opportunity to share his “Rotary Moment”, describing how the opportunity to grow scholarship programs initially attracted him. Fred left the Tacoma Sunrise Club and transferred to Clover Park Rotary after he retired from working in downtown Tacoma. 
FUN and FINES: We got to celebrate some awesome people with birthdays, including Teresa Nye, and Pam Trobaugh!   In a somewhat related vein, Randy Black shared that another grandchild is in the pipeline, and the duo of Karen George/General Bill Harrison announced the addition of two Schnauzer puppies, “Leroy” and “Moose” to their residence.
Other notable milestones: Karen Fengler-Nichols and spouse Joe recently marked 27 non-calendar years of wedded bliss (They were married on February 29th); John Munn’s continuing thankfulness for how well “Angels In America” is coming together; Dave Hall’s 1stTNT Reader Columnist piece was published. As usual, General Ed raised beaucoup bucks for the treasury.
PE Ellie was our speaker today. She outlined the many things she learned at the recent Pacific Northwest President-Elect Training Seminar (PNW PETS). Although there was a lot of good information to soak in, several things stood out: The parade of flags, representing the more than 100 countries which have Rotary Clubs, was a stunning realization of just how worldwide our organization truly is; and how quickly the leaders from District 5020 Area 12 bonded over fermented grape squeezings.
PE Ellie also mentioned that our club’s installation banquet, scheduled for June 26, will be a bit different than in previous years. The venue will be Lakewold Gardens, and should be an equally fun event!
RAFFLE:  Red Badger Brandon Solomonson started his new membership tenure off right, having his ticket drawn at his second meeting as a Rotarian. Brandon displayed his great sense of etiquette and fair play by NOT drawing an ace first time out. 
With all the news about puppies and PETS, this reminder seemed appropriate: Dogs cannot read!!!!!