Norman Bates Did NOT Found Bates Technical College, Happy Tequila Day, and Other Useful Information!
Highlights recorded and edited by Dave Hall; Photo Credit: Tom McClellan
Today's meeting was bursting at the seams with fun and frivolity, plus a bunch of important announcements!
Leading off the awesomeness, Sheri Hodson presented a $500 check to the club from her employer, State Farm Insurance. State Farm has a practice of supporting its employees by making cash donations in recognition of 40 hours or more of volunteer work!
July 26: CPR Board Meeting, 7:30 a.m, at Carr's. All are welcome to attend!
August 3:  2nd Annual CPR Golf Tournament. Be sure to sign up to play or support this key fundraiser!
August 14: District Governor Maureen Fritz-Roberts will be visiting a joint meeting of Clover Park and Passport Rotary Clubs, at Carr's.
August 24: Tentative date for our first work party at the State Game Farm, pending final approval by the Board.
Hallie McCurdy was awarded her Blue Badge today, after completing all requirements very expeditiously. Congrats, Hallie!
President Ellie continued her fun tradition of celebrating whatever special day happens to coincide with our meeting. Today was "International Tequila Day", which our leader not only informed us of tequila trivia, but also provided bite-sized tequila-infused sponge cake. (This served to partially make up for her restaurant not serving us hot dogs during last week's "National Hot Dog Day".)
Your editor announced that last Monday, July 22, Clover Park Technical College Graphic Tech students were presented with letters of appreciation for their outstanding work on our club's new logo design project. Our club also presented a $500 check to fund a "Running Start" student's tuition for the Graphic Tech course during the summer quarter. One of our newest Rotarians, Darryl Owens, who is also a lead instructor for this program, accepted the check on behalf of the CPTC Foundation. (Also pictured: CPTC student Hope Davis, who submitted the winning design.)
Today's edition of "Fun and Fines" was a rollicking example of Rotary hijinks, with General Ed at the top of his game. Fines were levied for rats and hotdogs, anniversaries and travel. 
Continuing the good humor, our program was delivered by Dr. Lin Zhou, President of Bates Technical College. Dr. Zhou has a bright post-retirement career as a stand-up comedian, as her introductory remarks were brilliantly amusing. The renewed success of Bates under Dr. Zhou's leadership is no joke, however; along with Clover Park Technical College, Pierce County boasts some of the finest vocational education in the USA.  The mission of technical colleges is to prepare the future workforce, and this is accomplished by diverse programs such as computer coding and firefighting/Emergency Medical Technician training. Bates has three campuses, a TV station (KBTC), and is adding a new Health Sciences building and Fire Service Training Center. Bates also offers close to 100 associates degree programs, and a technical high school.
Mike Killen's raffle ticket was drawn at the end of the meeting; pulling a queen from the deck of cards yielded him five bucks.
And Finally...
If you ask a Home Depot employee where to find a vise, you might be sent to this aisle: