The Red Badge of Chorus, Emergency Food Network, and a 3rd String Photographer!
Meeting Highlights: July 10, 2019
Written, Edited by Dave Hall. Photo Credit: Dave Hall  (This is one of many reasons why we truly missed Tom McClellan!)
President Ellie Carr held her first indoor meeting of the new Rotary Year, and reverted back to us reciting the 4-Way Test. It's possible that some quietly whispered the Rotary Vision Statement after the Test was done, because old habits die hard.
President Ellie was once again in a giving mood, presenting donations to Lakewood Arts Festival (Bob Lawrence), and Step-By-Step (Krista Lynden)
Also guaranteed to bring a smile to our faces, George Lin and his cousin Mae joined us, bringing delectable treats (pineapple cakes and fiery-hot peanuts) from Taiwan! George let us know that he considers Clover Park Rotary his "Home Away From Home", which warms his heart!
General Ed was in fine fettle, having been inactive during our "Picnic Meeting". Noting the squad-sized element of new Rotarians present, Ed commanded them to assemble at the front of the room to form a "chorus line", and then conducted them in a rousing caterwalling vaguely resembling the song "Happy Birthday". Sadly, it was still 200 percent better than if Dave Hall had sung this tribute. Many fines were collected for anniversaries, trips, and other "Crimes Against Rotary". One actual crime was also recounted by the new vaudeville team of Trobaugh and Killen, as they described their almost-arrest by an overzealous State Game Warden before last week's tour of the Phillips Road Game Farm. (Pro Tip: "The Discover Pass; Don't Leave Home Without It!")
Our presentation was delivered by the CEO of the Emergency Food Network (EFN), Michelle Douglas, who was recently promoted from Deputy Director upon the retirement of Helen McGovern Pilant. Even though Clover Park Rotary has been a long-time and stalwart supporter of EFN's operations, we all learned some previously-unknown facts about this essential organization: One in seven Pierce County residents go hungry on a regular basis; one in five are children. 57% of food pantry users are seniors; even more startling is the fact that those seniors often go without food in favor of feeding their pets! 
EFN's motto is, "We Give Out Hope". Of course, they give out more than that, supporting 76 different food pantries in Pierce County, by distributing 14 million pounds of foodstuffs annually. They acquire this food in several different ways: donation, purchase ($10K/month spent on milk), and growing fruits/vegetables on leased farmland. And EFN provides more than food. Our own Charlie Maxwell and LeMay Inc. have spearheaded the legendary "Build-A-Bike" program, which puts rebuilt and new bicycles (with helmets) in the hand of needy children.
Our Raffle pot contained $331, and Ramona Hinton had her ticket drawn. Alas, the card she pulled from Tom Faubion's deck wasn't an Ace, so Ramona had to settle for $5. (We're learning that Ramona has a sunny smile in response to every circumstance!)
And Finally...
Perhaps it's because you've only got a landline?