Lakewood PD's Top Cop Gives a Top-Notch Presentation!
The regularly-scheduled weekly meeting of Clover Park Rotary kicked off on time as usual, and we were honored to count a number of visiting Rotarians (Ric Thompson, Parkland-Spanaway, and unindicted co-conspirator of Charlie Maxwell, plus our speaker, Mike Zaro, Lakewood) and guests (Ingrid Willis, though this was her last meeting as a guest; and Brandon Solomonson, Hawkins-Poe Realty, and also Chambers Bay Golf Caddie, guest of Dave Hall.)
So, before anyone gets worried by the above reference to his wife, that Fred Willis won't be bringing his Ingrid to meetings, fear not!  Due to Ingrid Willis' faithful attendance record, and long-time participation in service projects and social events, the Board of Directors unanimously voted to accord Ingrid status as an Honorary Clover Park Rotarian. Club Secretary Tom McClellan presented her with a Blue Badge to sustained applause. Welcome, Rotarian Ingrid Willis!!!!!
Ric Thompson joined us today in order to express his club's gratitude for our support of the "Build-A-Bike" program this past holiday season. The aforementioned Mr. Maxwell is one of the project's long-time co-leads, and many kids benefit from this excellent program!
General Ed levied both Fun and Fines, with vacationers Tank Hairston and Charlie Maxwell receiving the most attention. John Munn dazzled us with his ability to condense a 90 minute commercial for his Lakewood Playhouse fundraiser benefit into about 47 seconds, paying a sawbuck for the airtime. (He was moving so fast, John was a blur!)
Our program was both fascinating and sobering, as Chief Zaro detailed the anatomy of a recent high school shooting in Parkland, Florida. He explained the importance of staff and students paying attention to their surroundings, and immediately reporting any situation which appears "out of the ordinary". On a positive note, law enforcement agencies in Pierce County continue to train to a higher standard, and work closely with our school districts to ensure a quick and functional response by all concerned.
Today's Raffle Pot was $587; Tank Hairston had a shot at it, but alas, drew the King of Clubs...which is also one of Clover Park Rotary's nicknames!