Ringing in the New Year with a Clear Wachter Status.....for at Least 5 Seconds
Notes by: Tank   Edited by: Dave Hall
President Heidi – delivered with a prompt on-time start of the meeting. Her welcome was greeted with a loud and resounding response.
No visiting Rotarians were present today.  We did welcome visitors Bruce Barth (“the Plumber”) and our speaker for the day, Nicole Ayres.
President Heidi - recognizedDave Hall as Rotarian of the Month in absentia.  Paul Webb commented on the upcoming Fireside and President Heidi’s mention of the Club's 5 Red Badger’s.  Mark your calendars for our next fellowship social at the Golf and Country Club on January 24th.
Fun & Fines:  General Ed – made quick work of collecting fines from Bob LawrenceAnne WintersGeorgene Mellom,and President Heidi.  In a new twist to the process, each members who hosted anyone over the holidays was fined $2.00.  
Guest Speaker:  Nicole Ayres is Clinic Director of the first Steven A. Cohen Military Family Clinic in the Pacific Northwest. She is a graduate of the University of Southern California and has a background in Evidence- Based Practices. This clinic will bring customized, clinically proven treatment to veterans and their families statewide.  
The Cohen Veterans Network is the next phase of Steven A. Cohen’s long-term commitment to help veterans and their families. Mr. Cohen’s work with veterans began in part because of a personal connection – his son was a member of the United States Marine Corps.  Since 2011, Mr Cohen has demonstrated and promoted the growth of Military Family Clinics that continue to grow and serve those who have given so much for their country.  The first clinic in the Pacific Northwest will open In Lakewood in early 2019.
Raffle:  Marie Barth pulled a 5 of diamonds from the deck which netted $5.00. (This was a rare case when "Diamonds AREN'T a Girl's Best Friend"!)
And Finally:  From Our intrepid technology reporter Tom McClellan... "Wife said she wanted to buy one of those fancy store-bought cell phone holder gizmos.  I said, “Ha, I can build one of those for a lot less.”