Posted by Tom McClellan on Apr 22, 2019
Sign, sign, everywhere a sign.  7000 of them actually, including our club's.
Notes from the April 17, 2019 meeting
of the Rotary Club of Clover Park
Recorded by Tom McClellan
Per her usual custom, President Heidi Wachter started the meeting by ringing the bell exactly 1 minute early.  It could be that her time-keeping device is precisely imprecise, or it could be that she just wants to milk her year as president for all that it’s worth, and is shaving off an extra minute every meeting for the full 52 weeks.  Cumulatively, that adds up to almost a full extra meeting in her Rotary year.  Your scribe this week, who is also secretary, is currently plotting how he might configure an interpretation of the rules in order to turn that cumulative extra meeting into numbers that could boost our attendance figures.
On to the meeting!  ¡Vamos Adelante!  Folgen Sie Mir!  Allons!
President Heidi thanked Hallie McCurdy for springing unprompted into duty as official Meeting Greeter.  Visiting Rotarians included Ramona Hinton, who is a past president of a club in Michigan, and now visiting our area, plus our club’s past president Bryan Christensen of the Gateway Club in Olympia.
Visitors included the future-Rotarian Gavin Carr (son of Chris and Ellie Carr, and grandson of Alan Billingsley), the Rotarian-in-spirit Mary Dodsworth (our guest speaker), and the Rotarian-about-to-be-inducted Mike Killen
President Heidi read a thank you note from the Emergency Food Network, in appreciation of our club’s donation for their “break bags” program, which provides food to send home with students ahead of big school holidays.  And we got two thank you notes from Degrees of Change, the college scholarship program which was a recent meeting program. 
A New Rotarian
Sponsor James Hairston helped to induct new member Mike Killen.  Mike grew up in Monterey, CA, spent 28 years as an Army officer in the Signal Corps, retired at Fort Lewis and then went to work teaching math at Lakes High School.  He eventually rose to department head before retiring again. 
Rotary Excellence Awards - - President Heidi awarded chocolate Scooby Snacks to:
  • Jim Hairston, for bringing us a new member
  • Hallie McCurdy for pinch hitting with no notice as this meeting’s greeter
  • Mary Dodsworth, who was ready a few weeks ago to pinch hit in case our speaker bailed, and came back again to talk about service club signage within the City of Lakewood.
Rotary Store
There are still a few items left.  See David Cotant to get yours.
CPRI Update
The Clover Park Rotary Invitational (a fun evening with friends, and a chance to win the big-bucks) is set for May 31 at 5:30 PM.  Tickets are on sale now via the attached flier, and very soon via an on-line ticket ordering mechanism.  Checks are the preferred payment mechanism, though, to save on credit card fees, but we’ll take any type of sign-up.  An “event” has been created on Facebook at so please notify your friends who might like to play.  They do not have to be present to win.  Note for the Notes: There will be another CPRI Update below, so you can feel doubly blessed.
Future Programs:
24 April           David Hall, Shelterbox
1 May              Dave McKay, Reverse Mortgages
8 May              Lt. Jeff Alwine, Lakewood Police Bicycle Patrol
Monthly Fellowship Meeting
Come to the Tacoma Country and Golf Club on Thursday, April 25 at 1630 for some fun and socializing.
Fun And Fines
Our Finemaster, Ed Trobaugh, quickly put new member Mike Killen to work running the microphone and collecting fines.  Ed reminded everyone that this is not so much a task for hazing the new guy, but rather a way for Mike to get to know everyone by having to find them in the room when they get summoned to the dock for judgment. 
Happy belated birthday to Anne Winters. She has missed a few meetings lately due to an overload at work, but we are glad to have her back!!
It is anniversary #12 for Sarah and John Munn, and John demonstrated his own intelligence by attributing all of his personal success in his life and career to the contributions of Sarah.  And then he pivoted to slip in a quick mention of this week’s show opening for “Inspecting Sarah” at the Lakewood Playhouse.  See for tickets.
INK!!! Becky Newton was offered the chance to discuss the redevelopment of the soon-to-be-former Woodbrook Middle School site.  That school is going to be combined with the soon-to-be-former Mann Middle School on Mann’s site in Lakewood, with a rename for the combined school yet to be chosen.  And the Woodbrook site is going to be turned into a 39-acre industrial park, which will hopefully bring more jobs (and tax revenue) to the City of Lakewood. 
More ink for Dave Hall, a TNT citizen-guest-columnist, whose recent column described his first experience as a golf caddie (which did NOT go well) but which led to his later-in-life re-do, including caddying for an LPGA pro.  Dave paid $20.  See the story at
Hallie McCurdy was called upon to discuss a firefighter class she is in charge of.  Not firefighting, but teaching at elementary schools about fire and first aid awareness.  Hallie was greatly gratified when a 5th grader at Dower Elementary in Lakewood was recognized by the WPFR because she was able to save her younger brother from choking.  She made the save using skills she had learned in the WPFR class.  Way to go Hallie, and kudos to both the firefighter instructors and to the young lady.  See her story at
General Ed was about to close the Fun and Fines portion of the meeting when Randy Black offered up a confession.  He acknowledged the previously reported pregnancy of his oldest daughter, which is a subject of great pride and anticipation.  He then went on to describe a 40th birthday party for his sister, at which the self-same sister revealed that it would not be appropriate for her to consume champagne to celebrate on account of the baby growing inside her(!!!).  It turns out that Randy’s sister and his daughter are due about 1 month apart.  So Santa is going to be busy this Christmas!!  $20.
This Week’s Program
City of Lakewood Parks Director Mary Dodsworth discussed the topic of “service club signs”.  You might ask, why is the Parks Director in charge of where and how to post signs for Rotary, Kiwanis, and other organizations?  [ed. note: there is a long answer, but the short version is that the City honchos wanted to get it done, so they turned to somebody who could do that.]
First impressions matter, hence the City’s “gateway program” to have better looking signs that say “Welcome To Lakewood” or the equivalent.  The City has 7000+ street signs, plus some service club signs. 
The City undertook a signs inventory.  A committee of the Parks Advisory Board discussed service club signs.  It is important to let people know that Lakewood is a service club kind of city.  The question is how to convey that message in the most effective way possible.  The result of this study is that the City will erect a sign near the eastern entrance to the Lakewoode Towne Centere, on Bridgeporte juste southe of 100the Streete
Other events coming up that are worth mentioning:
  • May 18, Ray Evans Fishing Event.
  • Farmers Market starts June 4, every Tuesday, 1000-1500 at City Hall.
  • New!! Concerts in the Pavillion in Fort Steilacoom Park, every Thursday.
  • Sep. 6, Friday, a Partners for Parks Barn Bingo Event, and also a resurrection of the “Black Tie and Blue Jeans” fundraiser.  It is toward restoration of the “H Barn” as a community center.  The projected cost is $6 million.
Your Bonus CPRI Update
17 prizes received so far, 17-20 more still needed.  Value should be >$50 per prize. 
The expectation is that every Rotarian is responsible for selling 3 squares, and for donating a prize of some sort.  That’s you, a spouse, and at least 1 other person.  Some members will fall short, so others should help to make that up. 
Signups need to include 1 form per square.  See attached PDF.  So a married couple, for example, would need 2 forms.  Facsimiles will be accepted if they have all of the essential information.
A roster is coming for members to visit other area clubs to sell tickets/squares.  And we will have an online signup link shortly.
With $249 in the pot, Joyce Oubre had the winning ticket, and drew a 9 of clubs. 
And Finally…
“Lord please give me a sign for what to do with my life.”