General Ed is "Rotarian of the Month", Paul Webb (finally!) Gets Chocolate, and Helping Hands for Peace Gets $$!
Meeting Notes Feb 20, 2019
Notes taken by: Jim Hairston          Edited by: Dave Hall        Photo Credit: Tom McClellan
Call to order: By President Heidi...rang the Bell precisely at 12:29 pm.
Greeters: Jeanne Hill
InvocationAlice Peoples
Pledge of Allegiance:Brandon Solomonson (Guest)
Recitation of the Rotary Code of Conduct:  
Visiting Rotarians:
Jeff Hager – Everett Post Gardner Club
Today’s Guests:
Jeff Hager – Guest speaker(Executive Director of Hands for Peacemaking)
Marco Maldonnado – Guest speaker (Director, Hands for Peacemaking, Nicaragua)
Brandon Solomonson – Guest of Dave Hall
Future Programs:
Feb 27 – Wendy Morris; March 6 – Ellie Carr; March 13 – Club Assembly/Practice CPRI
Sunshine ReportNone reported today
Paul Webb received the President’s Excellence Award and was double deep excited to receive the coveted dark chocolate bar. He attempted to get double recognition and a second chocolate bar on the spot.
Recognized our Rotarian of the Month as Ret General Ed Trobaugh for his longtime passion and service to this club as Fine Master.
Our February Club Fellowship- will be conducted at on Thursday February 28thfrom 5:00 -7:00pm at the TGCC.  Come out and relax a bit.  
Hallie McCurdy– announced that the West Pierce Fire & Rescue is conducting a Food Drive during the entire month of Feb.  Donations can be turned to any of the 3 Fire Stations (South Tacoma Way, Steilacoom Blvd or University Place). 
Memorable Fines and Moments with Gen Ed (assisted by Katelyn Billingsley & Jeanne Hill):
Birthdays – Jeanne Hill & Alan Billingsley
Wachter Settlements:  President Heidi, Becky Newton, Charlie Maxwell, Teresa Nye (paid by Charlie) 
General Fines:  Gen Ed paid for his trip to FL; Two tickets raffled off for seats at Tacoma Symphony presentation.  
Today’s Program:
Established in 1985 by Dr. Leon Aller and his wife Virginia, the mission of Hands for Peacemaking is to promote opportunities for self-reliance in rural Guatemala. The Hands for Peacemaking Foundation was incorporated as a nonprofit in 1991.  According to their presentation. Since 1991 the Foundation has partnered with Rotary Clubs, Civic Groups, Churches and Families from around the World to support initiatives in Guatemala, resulting in;
  • Building and furnishing 25 schools
  • Building and Installing over 4,000 Wood Stoves in 77 Villages
  • Installing 286 Water Catchment Systems in 15 Villages
  • Building and Installing 70 latrines
  • Training individuals in self-sustaining small enterprise skills including candle making, chicken/pig raising and garden projects
Clover Park Rotary’s donation will be used to purchase Aller Stoves, which will be installed in Nicaraguan village homes by Rotaract students from Canada and the US during the summer of 2019.
President Heidi - presented a check to Hands for Peacemaking in the amount of $2000.00 toward their upcoming “Stove Installation” trip to Nicaragua.
Raffle Drawing:
Charlie Maxwell hoped for the $700 in the pot, but No Ace.... $5.00 consolation prize.  
And Finally...
In "Star Wars Episode XX: Luke, I Am Your Piano Man!", we discover that Billy Joel does a mean James Earl Jones impression!