Practice Makes Perfect - CPRI is coming.
Notes from the March 8th meeting of
The Rotary Club of Clover Park
Becky started the meeting at 12:20 thanking Tom Faubion for serving as the greeter.  Jeannie Hill then provided four inspirational sayings in honor of International Women’s Day.
Bob Lawrence led the flag salute followed by Georgene Mellom with the Four-Way Test.
Guests this week included Debbie and Harry Billingsley.  Steve Enquist, from Lakewood Rotary, invited us to their Wine and Beer Festival to be held on March 24th at the McGavick Center.
Jeannie had nothing to report for the Sunshine Report.
Becky read parts of a thank you letter from Caring for Kids and another thank you letter from Shelter Box USA.
Ramona Hinton announced that a Literary Nite was being scheduled for March 23rd at Custer Elementary.  Volunteers are needed.
Joyce followed up with a status for CAPRI.  Boxes still need to be sold and more prizes needed.
Since no official Fun and Fines was scheduled, the following stepped forward and told on themselves:  Ramona for a trip to Texas, Paige Hansen for a birthday, Randy Black for an up-coming trip to Arizona, Hallie McCurdy for a trip to Mexico, and Scott Adams for a birthday.
Alan Billingsley then took over, leading the club thru a very thorough practice for upcoming CAPRI.
To finish the meeting, the daily drawing was held.  With $265 in the pot, Gretchen Allen’s number was drawn.  But, alas, she was not able to draw an ace.
Meeting was ended by the President.