A Club Assembly, with a challenge to all of us to grow membership.
Notes from the Oct. 20, 2021 meeting of
The Rotary Club of Clover Park
Recorded by Tom McClellan
President Teresa Nye welcomed Zoomers and Inpersonators to our club assembly, a chance to talk about the state of the club and where we are going.  But first, Gretchen Allen stepped in for Jeannie Hill with a moment of inspiration:
“A single act of kindness throws out roots in all directions, and the roots spring up and make new trees.”  - - Amelia Earhart
Tom McClellan announced Future Programs:
Oct. 27, Jim Kopriva, Communications Director, City of Lakewood
Nov. 3,  DG Lorna Curtis, District Governor Visit
Nov. 10, Special Veterans Day Program, Lewis Army Museum
Teresa noted that everyone should please plan to attend that Nov. 10 field trip meeting in person, as the WiFi is too iffy there for a Zoom meeting.  This will be a great opportunity for us all to get a special tour of the museum, and learn about the history it is preserving.  Bring along a family member, or even better bring someone who might be interested in becoming a Rotarian.
New “Donate” Button
Thanks to the work of Hallie McCurdy and Judi Maier, there is now a button on our web site’s Home page to donate to the Club’s Charities Account.  Members and others can use the link only to make a donation to the Club’s Charities Account.  It does not connect to the Club’s General Fund account, which is where money goes from fines and dues payments, and it is not for Paul Harris/Foundation donations. 
Ambassadorial Scholarships
Zoommeister and all-around tech expert Mike Killen shared a video of Harry Panjer, from the Rotary Club of Comox on Vancouver Island.  Panjer is the chairman of the District 5020 scholarship committee, and asked clubs to help identify candidates for Rotary Ambassadorial Scholarships.  These are for post-graduate studies outside of the recipient’s own country, and related to at least one Rotary area of focus, which are:
• Peace and conflict prevention/resolution
• Disease prevention and treatment
• Water and sanitation
• Maternal and child health
• Basic education and literacy
• Economic and community development
The District’s scholarships are for up to $15,000, and recipients can also get up to a total of $30,000 by getting support as well from Rotary International.  The deadline is Jan. 15 for study in the next Rotary year (July 1 to June 30).  Information about the program is available at https://www.rotary5020.org/foundation/scholarships/.  Working with a local club is part of this process.  So if you know someone who would qualify, please get them word about this so we can start the process of helping earn that scholarship.
Club Assembly and Club Business
Teresa Nye mentioned that the nominating committee for leadership in the subsequent Rotary year.  We need to select the next member in the line of presidential succession, as well as two new directors for 3-year terms.  Tom Faubion will again be chairing that committee, with the mission of presenting a new slate of officers and directors to the board, and then to the club by the 3rd regular club meeting in November, as required by the bylaws.
Our club’s biggest challenge is to recruit and retain members to keep the club going.  Our numbers have been falling.
To that end, Teresa announced a membership challenge to everyone.  Every single member should submit the name of a person you think might make a good Rotarian.  There will be a weekly drawing for those who have submitted names, and you could win prizes.  Aside from the potential for a prize, this is an essential mission, and everyone needs to get behind it and expand our club’s membership.  So please think of one or more names. 
There was a discussion of our Club’s philosophy for Fun And Fines.  The hope is that everyone can see it as more of a celebratory opportunity instead of something punitive.
Social Events - - Are we ready yet?  Should we have a Christmas gathering?  Karen George opined that we should, and offered to host it at hers and Bill Harrison’s home.  Look for more details as they develop. 
Other social events - - The fire department has apparently not yet finalized plans for Christmas gift shopping.  Joyce Oubré will get those details.  Members also expressed an interest in doing holiday food basket packing again.  Last year, the Carr’s Restaurant staff handled that alone due to Covid restrictions of social gatherings.  
With $68 in the pot and a new deck full of 4 aces and 2 jokers, Paul Webb had the winning ticket, but no luck at drawing a useful card.
And Finally:
With Halloween coming up, here is a special deal you might want to take advantage of.