Where’s The Fire (Department)?  And a President Pro Tem who acted like a Pro.
Notes from the May 4 meeting of
The Rotary Club of Clover Park
recorded by Tom McClellan
With President Teresa Nye off playing hooky again, reportedly in Florida, President-Pro-Tem Becky Newton stepped up to the lectern and took charge.  She thanked Tom Faubion for serving as greeter, and Mike Killen for his ace never-fail setup duties.  Gretchen Allen led us in the pledge to the flag, and Bob Lawrence helped us recite the 4-Way Test.
Jeannie Hill got us into the mood of service and fellowship with some inspirational thoughts:
1) The older we get, fewer things seem worth waiting in line for.  - - - Will Rogers
2) The quickest way to double your money is to fold it in half and put it in your back pocket.  - - - Will Rogers
3) Time is the coin of your life. It is the only coin you have, and only you can determine how it will be spent. Be careful, lest you let other people spend it for you.  - - - Carl Sandburg
Sunshine Report
David Cotant is doing well after his knee-replacement surgery, and was able to join us via Zoom.
Future Programs
May 11     Shannon Bennett, City of Lakewood Human Svcs Programs
May 18     Georgene Mellom & Howard Svigals, Rotary Foundation
May 25     Andrea Krook, Children of the Nations
CPRI Update
Joyce Oubré gave a report on the successful Clover Park Rotary Invitational (CPRI) event.  We sold all 100 of the squares on the board, and had a successful silent auction that raised around $2000.  The gross receipts were around $12,000.  Final details coming soon.
And Tom Faubion liked the backpack he won via auction.  He liked it so much, he decided to wear it home.
Jim Hairston noted that our next fundraiser, the Golf Tournament, is scheduled for August 6.  Joyce and Jim are getting a committee together, and welcome everyone’s involvement.  We are hoping to sell out all 36 foursomes.
Alan Billingsley noted that the Rotary work party in the South Puget Sound Wildlife Area is set for Saturday, May 7, 0900-1300. 
Ed. Note: It was a successful work party, with pulling of Scotch Broom weeds, pressure washing of concrete pads for picnic tables, mowing of tall grass, and painting over graffiti on the bathroom building.  
And Louie the Lab (age 13) thinks that everything is just fine among the piles of pulled Scotch broom plants.
The Installation Banquet is scheduled for June 15, at the Tacoma Country and Golf Club.  Details will be coming. 
Becky read a letter from Kerri Pedrick, thanking our club for our support of its fundraising efforts and its Champions Breakfast. 
President’s (pro tem) minute
Becky Newton shared her 3 big priorities in life:
1. Give more.  Do this via the common connection with others.
2. Have faith.  Believe that we make a difference, via collaboration.
3. Find the good.  Nothing is perfect.  No one is perfect.  Have fun.  Support each other.
Fun And Fines
Finemaster Ed Trobaugh reminded all May birthdays (Kerri Pedrick) and anniversaries to get in their celebratory contributions.  Anniversaries include Randy Black and Tina (41 years), Mike Killen and Cheryl (38 years), and Scott Adams and Stephanie (11 years). 
At CPRI, Ed was delighted that Sydna Koontz was able to participate from Hawaii, and was in the final 3.  Alan Billingsley connected to her by phone.  Sydna noted that she has never won anything at a past CPRI, so it was quite fun to win the big prize this time.  She also noted, by way of tithing, that last fall her son began a feeding program at his Spanaway church for the homeless.  Sydna is donating 30% of the prize to her son’s feeding program, and donating back the remainder to fund prizes for the Golf Tournament this summer.
Gretchen Allen was recognized as a “Platinum Producer”.  Ed. Note: Gretchen does not actually own a platinum mine.  She’s just doing well agenting real estate.
Bob Lawrence and Judy are back from San Diego, after spending six days and nights with grandsons. 
There was a lengthy discussion about double entries of Heidi Wachter and Neil into CPRI, resulting in them believing that they were both losers (because it was announced), but then with Heidi winning a beautiful cutting board and Neil being in the final running as one of the last 3 on the board.  Registrar Georgene Mellom confessed to being the author of this problem, and blamed the double registration on Tom Faubion being so darned distracting.  Ed was flummoxed by this (hey kids, that’s an SAT word meaning frustrated) because both Tom and Georgene have previously purchased “Fraleys” for this Rotary year, meaning that they are exempt from all fines. 
This Week’s Program
We welcomed back an old friend of the club, Jim Sharp, a Lakewood Rotarian, and chief of the entire West Pierce Fire and Rescue department (WPFR). 
Jim started out by noting that he was feeling a bit nervous earlier in the meeting, when Jim’s subordinate Scott Adams was seen conferring with Finemaster Ed Trobaugh.
WPFR set a new record for 911 calls in 2021, up 9.3% from 2020.  It has added a fifth medic unit, hired 40 new employees in the last year.  There are still 8 vacant positions, and they have plans to hire 21 more firefighters in 2023.  They have added a second “battalion chief” position, intended as an on-scene operational commander. 
WPFR is now in the “medical care business”, with 80% of calls being for health related issues as opposed to fire and rescue.  Firefighters have to be detectives and aid givers, seeking to get to the root problem behind the calls.  Sometimes the aid solution is to give referral to a food bank. 
There is a new “squad” truck for lower level aid calls, and WPFR will be adding a second one soon.  This saves on fuel and vehicle costs of sending an entire ambulance.
The Connected CARE program seeks to address issues of chronic 911 callers, coming from elderly, mental health, substance abuse, poverty, and homelessness.  The new CARE manager has 20 years of nursing experience, with a focus on case management.
WPFR has plenty of entry-level applicants, but there is a national shortage of paramedics.  Schools can only produce them just so fast.  The school is one year long. 
With $174 in the pot, 30 cards in the deck and one remaining ace, Gretchen Allen had the winning ticket, but no luck in beating the 1/30 odds.
And Finally…
Our last meeting was on May the 4th, known on the Internet as Star Wars Day.  Bruno’s German and Polish food restaurant up the street from Carr’s did not want to miss out on the festivities.