Committee Gathering
CALL TO ORDER -   Right on time!
Greeter:  Tom Faubian
Recorder:  Bob Lawrence
Inspirational Moment: Georgine
  Man never made any material as resilient as the human spirit-Bernard Williams
  Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at 20 or at 80. Anyone who keeps learning stays  young-Henry Ford
  It is often the small steps not the giant leaps than bring about the most lasting change- Queen Elizabeth
Pledge of Allegiance:  Bob Lawrence
Four Way Test:  Dave Cotant
Introduction of Guest Club Members n/a
Visiting Rotarians n/a
Sunshine Report n/a
Foundation Minute –Scott Adams
Approaching the end of our Rotary year, 30 June, so please donate for this year.
Membership – Membership Chair Gretchen Allen -  Three members identified three potential new members.
Tom Faubian shared a wonderful story. As he and Georgene were sitting at the greeting table a Carrs’ customer noticed than sunshine from a window was glaring in Georgine face and went over and drew the blind to eliminate the glare. She was thanked asked and then asked if she could join Rotary when she finishes schooling in Los Angeles. Tom said most certainly. Later as she was leaving the restaurant, she put a hundred-dollar bill in our raffle container. Moral is one can never see great things happen with friendly exchanges with a stranger.
Upcoming programs!
May 10: Joyce Price and Dominique Tutt, Lakewood Family Resource Center
May 17: Sheri  Holy Land
May 24: Paul Bucich, City of Lakewood Transportation Improvements
Catlin fine for 2 week Hawaiian vacation.
Dave $20 for desert golf trip.
Confession - Paige $20 for having a great life, playhouse and 15 year old accomplishment.
Bob $10 for no Hawaiian shirt
Birthdays/Anniversaries in May—Scott, Mike, Randy
Open committee meetings
Signature Project
Wildlife Project- Alan
May 20 next work project 9am to 1pm. Should have 100 volunteers to include 40 high school seniors and other club members.
$18000 spent grants and donations should cover 3k shortfall 3 in the que for this year.
$10,000 for five large educations sign to be erected by NW Youth Corporation which paid by city,
For the next couple of years potential larger grants e.g., WA Dpt of Fish and Wildlife, etc.
If those come to past funding from us, then about 3k which would leave 12k for other projects
Suggestion split remaining funds to contribute to new nourish food center building at the corner of Steilacoom and Lake Wood Dr
Ref international project
Discussed past projects in Morocco and Guatemala, this year partnered with another club for project in Dominican Republic. In the future the budget will be approx. 1500 which can be used to partner with other clubs.
Social – Paige
Looking at lunch meeting at the Playhouse, progressive dinner, happy hour at the pub, joint command performance with Lakewood rotary, etc.
Jim Hairston, aka Tank reminded everyone that CPRI is in the books and it’s time to start practicing your swing!  Soon we will be fully underway getting ready for another Rotary Golf Tournament, which starts with sponsors - it’s never too soon and any leads are welcome.
12 August
$500 for foursome or 130 per individual, if not playing lots of opportunities, and for players be sure to ask what you can do to help when you arrive an hour before 8 am shotgun start. Dave will help with sponsor letter. Teressa and Holly providing pictures from last year tourney for our flyer.
Catlin won $5 for drawing a 4 of spades card