How we are going to have a Golf Tournament, with people who cannot get within 6 feet of each other (and wouldn't want to anyway, if they could). 
May 19 weekly meeting of the
Rotary Club of Clover Park
Becky Newton filled in as president pro tem, since President Teresa was out having a track day with her new hot rod.  Jeannie Hill led us with the invocation.  Sheri Hodson led the flag salute.  And Georgene Mellom led us all in reciting the 4-Way Test.
Sunshine Report
Jeannie Hill noted that she had been in contact with Past President Heidi Wachter, who is looking forward to rejoining us.  Her work schedule has been horrible.  Jeannie also spoke to Sydna Koontz.  She and Corky are in Hawaii and doing well, staying there through August.  Sydna would love to get an email note from club members. 
[ed. note: Hey Sydna, youhave WiFi in Hawaii, yes?  We’d love to have you join a weekly meeting, even though they start at the incredibly early hour of 1030 Hawaii time.]
Future Programs:
May 26   Karen Larkin, Master Gardeners
June 2    Stuart Earley, Tacoma Pierce County Humane Society
June 9    Ryan Wheaton, Pierce Transit
Vice President’s Minute
VP Becky Newton shared three inspiring stories about people overcoming adversity. 
Fun and Fines
Ed Trobaugh noted that all members of the Fundraising Committee were wearing golf related attire, the better to inspire everyone for participation in the upcoming Sep. 18 golf tournament fundraiser. 
Ed offered a self-fine in honor of the American Lake Veterans Golf Course, which he promoted the activities of.
Bob Lawrence offered up a $50 confession concerning 2 trips (or 2 destinations on one trip) to see grandkids in Florida and San Diego.
Sue Potter went to Tucson to bring her mother back to Lakewood.  She also noted that volunteers are going to be needed for a Military Family Advisory Network food distribution project, Saturday June 5, 0900-1200, at the Clover Park High School stadium parking lot.  Contact Sue if you are able to help with this effort.
This Week’s Program
Joyce Oubré and Jim Hairston gave a rundown of the plans for the Sep. 18 Golf Tournament fundraiser.  Joyce focused on the fundraising part, and Jim covered the operation of the tournament itself.  The Golf Tournament is now our club’s lone fundraising event, replacing CPRI and the rose sale.
The big push will be to get members to recruit sponsors and golfers.  The Fundraising Committee will soon have forms and letters posted to our club’s Clubrunner site to help facilitate that process.  Committee members will be contacting individual club members to solicit our participation. 
The actual tournament event on September 18 will be a challenge this year, because the front 9 holes are soon to undergo renovation and will not be available.  So the 18-hole tournament will take place solely on the back 9 (holes 10 through 18), with players rotating twice through those holes.  Foursomes will have firm tee times, and will be asked not to arrive more than 30 minutes before their assigned times.  The signed up attendees will be divided into morning and afternoon “flights” to spread them out through the day.  Member volunteers will be needed to help with registration throughout the day.  The schedule will be as follows:
0730   Registration opens
0800   First foursome starts out of Flight 1
1300   Flight 2 starts
The tournament needs cash or prize item donations from sponsors.  There is also a need for volunteers on the day of the tournament for registration, refreshments, and other organizational details.  Look for a signup sheet to be circulated starting in June.
Jim Hairston discussed prizes and goody bag contents.
Final announcement: There is a board meeting this Friday, May 21.  All members are welcome. Contact Tom McClellan or Judi Maier to get the Zoom link to attend.
And Finally…
Mount St. Helens erupted explosively 41 years ago this week.  Here is a time sequence set of images from the GOES-3 satellite on May 18, 1980.