A visit from our District Governor, who brought good news about the battle on Polio.
March 3 weekly meeting of
The Rotary Club of Clover Park
The meeting started at 12:34 PM after a lively preliminary discussion of Covid vaccine availability.  DG Greg Horn noted that his wife Mary Horn has connections to get shots, although one may have to volunteer to serve a volunteer shift at a vaccine site to qualify. 
Once fully kicked off, the meeting proceeded with Kerri Pedrick offering the invocation, with DG Greg Horn leading us in the flag salute, and with Jeannie Hill leading us in the Four Way Test. 
Sunshine Report
Jeannie Hill noted that there were no reports of any club members needing our special thoughts, although it was noted that it was a happy event to see Fred and Ingrid Willis in attendance after Fred’s recent stroke scare.
In a late note, your faithful scribe has learned after the meeting that Steilacoom Mayor Ron Lucas has stepped down as of March 2, after a diagnosis of stage 4 pancreatic cancer.  In an email to town residents, Mayor Lucas notes that he hopes to make it to May.  This is a big gut-punch for Steilacoom residents.  Lucas has served as mayor for more than a decade.
Future Programs
March 10         Daniel Wirth, ED of S. Puget Sound Red Cross
March 17         Melody Meyer Pierce Co. Noxious Weed Control Board
President Teresa Nye called upon Hallie McCurdy to recognize the 10h anniversary of the West Pierce Fire and Rescue Department.
Joyce Oubré noted that the fundraising committee met on Tuesday, March 2, and reviewed the survey responses.  Thanks to all who contributed their views.  Joyce noted that there is no practical way to mount a fundraising event during the remainder of the current Rotary year (ending June 30), so the committee will focus attention on the Golf Tournament, which is now rescheduled for September 18.  The committee is hoping to conduct a CPRI (Clover Park Rotary Invitational, a sort of Monte Carlo night event) around Valentine’s Day in 2022, so look for more details about that.  Hopefully the Covid preventive rules will allow for that.
President’s Minute
Teresa Nye posed a question to the group: What skill(s) did you learn during the Covid shutdown?
  • Ramona Hinton noted that she had learned how to use her phone to pick up and link to QR codes.
  • David Cotant mentioned that he and wife Judy have become adept at playing Mah Jongg.
  • Karen George has taken up embroidery.  And her charge General Bill Harrison has taken up the task of sampling the varied culinary offerings which Karen has thought to create.
  • Sue Potter has learned how to make chain mail jewelry.
Blackened Chain Mail Armor Coif - Pearson's Renaissance Shoppe
  • Jeannie Hill has almost mastered a new Bach piece, which is very difficult.
  • Tom Faubion noted that he has learned to operate on Zoom, which he contends is very difficult. [ed. note: C’mon Tom, it’s a couple of mouse clicks, not playing some entire sonata.]
  • Sheri Hodson has learned to lead Zoom meetings for her church.
  • Georgene Mellom noted that she had viewed a performance of the musical “Hamilton” before the Covid shutdown, and she confessed that she did not understand all of it.  So she has undertaken a study of the history of Alexander Hamilton, and the other aspects of the period. She hopes to be up to date enough by the time she can view the play again so that she can catch all of the cultural references.
  • Fred Willis reported that he has learned how to survive a stroke.
  • Becky Newton has developed new programs for the City to get money out to businesses.  She and her daughter are also learning French, hoping to visit France later this year.
The Financial Situation of France | Foreign Affairs
  • Mike Killen has learned how to deal with medical system, in order to get the Covid vaccine.
  • DG Greg Horn mentioned that he has attended 201 Rotary Zoom meetings since July 1, learning all of the awesome things clubs are doing.
  • Ed Trobaugh mentioned that is still learning how to unmute in Zoom.
  • Teresa Nye noted that she has learned to solder electrical connections, for wiring her under cabinet lighting.
There was no time allowed for Fun And Fines, which was noted with a scowl by finemaster Ed Trobaugh.
This Week’s Program
Assistant District Governor Tony Camoroda introduced DG Greg Horn.  Greg is a former competitive water skier, who went into ski manufacturing.  He is a UW grad, and a Navy vet.  After the Navy, he became independent manufacturer’s rep, leading into involvement in the ski boat industry.  Greg met wife Mary at a boat race.  They have 3 grown children, and 4 grandchildren.  Greg joined the Lakewood Rotary Club in 1996.  He is a Past President of that club.
Communities need Rotary now more than ever.  Food insecurity, virtual learning for kids are big issues.  Greg thanked our club for what we have been doing in those areas.
District 5020 is largest in North America, with 93 clubs 4400 members.  He has 18 AGs to help manage.  The district bought a bunch of Zoom licenses so that clubs would not have to.
TGIG The Global Impact Group, could be future of Rotary meetings, “V/IP” virtual plus in person.  It involves Rotarians leveraging technology for the greater good.
Rotary5020.org is our District website – lots of great information
Zone2627.org is our Zone website – lots more great information
Rotary.org/donate – to sign up for Rotary Direct donations.  You may specify Polio Plus.
Rotary.org/learn – to get to the Rotary Learning Center.
Rotary is not just service organization, but also a leadership organization.  Especially via developing young people.
Greg noted that the District is moving its own member database operations to DACdb.  He believes it is better than ClubRunner.  [Ed. Note: our club’s board has done an extensive study, honchoed by Mike Killen, and found that making such a move is not justified for our club, and that  we will be staying with ClubRunner after much deliberation.]
Greg celebrated that there have been only 2 worldwide polio cases so far in 2021, one in Pakistan, one in Afghanistan.  Those countries’ governments are finally getting on board and supporting immunization efforts.
On March 13 the District 5020 will conduct a Virtual District Training.  26 classes.  5 different 75-minute sessions.  
On Oct. 29-30, the District hopes to conduct a District Conference at Great Wolf Lodge.  Stay tuned to see if this can actually happen, under Covid reopening rules. 
RI is adding a 7th area of focus – supporting the environment.  Grants will be available starting July 1 in this area. 
The District had to cancel RYLA this year.  RI is to determine in 4 weeks whether we can do it next year.  District is already making plans as if we can, because waiting for a decision before the planning effort will not be sufficient.
Greg Horn presented some multiple Paul Harris awards to Randy Black and Alan Billingsley.
And Finally...