Soon we will say goodbye to Zoom, and get back to meeting together in person. So it's time to get a haircut.  Plus, we got to hear from the exalted Mayor of Steilacoom.
Notes from the June 23 meeting of
The Rotary Club of Clover Park
recorded by Tom McClellan
This was our last meeting via Zoom, as we all look forward to getting back to meeting together in person next time.  Judi Maier served as our Zoom hostess and greeter for the final time, and will soon be heading up to Roche Harbor for the summer.  
Jeannie Hill offered up three inspirational quotes to get us started, including this one from the late comedian Milton Berle (Uncle Miltie, for those old enough to remember): “If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.”
Ed. Note: doors are overrated.  A door was not much help for Jack Dawson.
Sheri Hodson led us in the flag salute.  And Joyce Oubré led us in reciting the 4-Way Test.
Sunshine Report
Jeannie Hill noted that there was no such news of member or family health to report, and so she took a moment to thank Judi Maier for such splendid service for over a year as our Zoomxecutrix. 
Future Programs
June 30           Installation Banquet    
July 7              Reopening celebration meeting, no speaker, just visiting
July 14            Dr. Thomas Broxson  VP of Instruction, CPTC
Starting July 7, the weekly meetings will be held once again at Carr’s Restaurant, 11006 Bridgeport Way, in Lakewood.  Ellie Carr checked in by email, noting that she is looking forward to having us back again, but there will be challenges.  Staffing shortages mean that we won’t be doing the buffet style service like we used to do before Covid, and so everyone is invited to order off of the regular menu. 
Installation Banquet is a week away.  You should have received an “evite” from Sheri Hodson.  If you have not responded, please do so immediately for headcount purposes.  You can email to let her know that you and your guest minions are coming, and to choose between the prime rib or the halibut meal.  Cost is $50, to be paid by check or cash on June 30 at the event.  If you need to pay by credit card, please understand that we need to add the card fee, so the amount will be $52 (we run a tight organization, financially). 
Dress is “business casual”, meaning a collared shirt for the men, and your scribe has no idea how to describe what that means in terms of women’s fashion.  The gathering will be held at the Tacoma Country and Golf Club in the downstairs meeting room.  There will be a cash bar.  Come at 6 PM for the social portion of the evening.  Supper will be served at 6:45 PM.  Masks are optional for those who are vaccinated.  The Country Club asks that those who are not vaccinated should please wear masks. 
President’s Minute
Teresa Nye asked members to share their favorite Rotary memory.
David Cotant noted that he went to Barcelona for the annual international conference, and got thoroughly “Rotarized” upon seeing how many people from around the world are involved. 
Georgene Mellom recalled visiting a Rotary Club meeting in Toronto, where she attended as a guest to do a “make-up”.  She related to the members at her table that she was there to attend an educational conference, but also hoped to purchase a Tilley hat (a well-known hat company based in Toronto).  A polite gentlemen at her table got up and walked around the table to her to introduce himself, and it was Mr. Tilley, the owner of the company.
Gretchen Allen recalled attending a Gig Harbor dragonboat race event, as a member of one of the dragonboat racing teams.  There are 3 Rotary Clubs in Gig Harbor, each of which was involved in the event.  It was enlightening for her to see so much Rotary involvement, and it made her resolve to become a Rotarian someday.
Sue Potter told of the pleasure she had in helping to build a house with Habitat For Humanity, in honor of the late Gene Pankey.  She was also honored to get to be in Rotary with Georgene Mellom, who was Sue’s kindergarten teacher.
Fun And Fines
Ed Trobaugh reminded all June babies and anniversary holders to get their fine payments into Judi Maier, 28 Silver Beach Dr., Steilacoom, WA  98388.  Then without having any good dirt on members worthy of a fine, Ed opened it up for confessions.
Teresa Nye kicked things off, noting her vast tab which dates all the way back to her birthday in March.  She has added to that multiple other fineworthy items, including her son Patrick’s recent high school graduation.  Patrick also won honors from the Tacoma Athletic Association as their athlete of the year, as well as being named 1st Team All-Conference in Lacrosse.  $250.
Sheri Hodson took another trip to California for 5 nights.  She also noted that her State Farm business has recently expanded through a partnership with Rocket Mortgage, so now Sheri can originate home loans.  $50.
Jim Hairston noted that he has now orbited the sun a full 69 times.
Kerri Pedrick celebrated her 6 year old daughter finishing kindergarten under Covid, and everyone is looking forward to real school in the fall. 
Karen George offered an advertisement, of Bill Harrison’s upcoming birthday party on July 22, 4PM at the Tacoma Country and Golf Club.  Rotarians are all invited. 
Tom McClellan noted that he and Shelley traveled last weekend to Boise, Idaho for Father’s Day to visit their daughter Heather and new husband Zach.  3 nights, rounded up to $20.
Joyce Loveday spent 3 nights in Oregon with her siblings.
Becky Newton celebrated the birth of a new grandson on June 16.  Everyone is healthy.  $20.
This Week’s Program
Dick Muri is the new mayor of Steilacoom, having been appointed to fill the role left open by the death of Ron Lucas.  Dick comes with leadership experience as a retired US Air Force officer, and elected experience as a member of the Pierce County Council and representative to the State Legislature for the 28th District. 
Steilacoom has a population of 6,500, and its government is supervised by a 5-member council.  It is a “strong mayor” system of city government.  Paul Loveless is the town administrator. 
The city has partnerships to make everything work, including with Lakewood Water District for their “wholesale” water supply, and with West Pierce Fire and Rescue for fire and EMS coverage. 
Running a police department has been a challenge, with some officers retiring and others leaving for higher paying jobs with neighboring jurisdictions, including neighboring Lakewood. 
The former Abitibi paper mill site has just been rezoned to become a master-planned community.  It should eventually have 200 residences, and small commercial businesses.
The old train depot building by the ferry dock is an item of interest due to its prominent location.  But it is too close to the railroad tracks to allow it to be used for any other purpose.  BNSF is willing to sell the building if someone will move it, but it is tough to move a concrete building. 
The Steilacoom Kiwanis Club recently did a service project to fix up the bandstand at Pioneer Park (where Teresa Nye was married).  They will hold concerts there this summer.
Sunnyside Beach is very popular, but has traffic issues.  A seawall collapsed there, and cannot be fixed until after July 15 due to a “fish window”.
Actually, the fish window has to do with a time window for fish passage and spawning, but your editor hates to miss an opportunity for a good pun.
This year’s July 4 fireworks show has been canceled due to Covid, but there are other events coming up.  These include a July 25 Salmon Bake, a National Drive Electric Week event on Sep. 11, and the Apple Squeeze on the first Sunday in October.
And Finally…
The G7 countries heads of state recently met in Cornwall, England, to discuss weighty geopolitical topics, and to pose for this group photo.  They looked like a landing party from Star Trek, that just beamed down onto a hostile planet (one that just happened to have a convenient podium).  If I have learned anything from watching Star Trek in my youth, I know that things are not likely to turn out well on this expedition for Angela Merkel.