We support the Lakewood Community Foundation, and the Lakewood Playhouse.  And we even make learning about title insurance and home title theft interesting.
Notes from the July 27 meeting of
The Rotary Club of Clover Park
recorded by Tom McClellan
It was a full house in our meeting room at Carr’s Restaurant, with 23 Rotarians plus 4 guests in attendance.  Jeannie Hill led us off with some inspirational thoughts to get us in the mood:
1. Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does.  - - - William James
2. Accept the thing to which fate binds you, and love the people with whom fate brings you together, but do so with all your heart.  - - - Marcus Aurelius
3. I will love the light for it shows me the way, yet I will endure the darkness because it shows me the stars.  - - - Og Mandino
Gretchen Allen led us in the flag salute.  David Cotant led us in reciting the Four Way Test. 
Guests this week included Tricia Borgardt from the Lakewood Playhouse, Fred Willis’ wife Ingrid, Judi Maier’s husband Tom Wie, and longtime friend of the club Ralph Lockhart.
Future Programs
Aug. 3    Peter Cook, speaking about the HMS Titanic
Aug. 10  Brittany Gautschi, Tacoma Childrens Museum on JBLM
Aug. 17  Gretchen Caserotti, new executive director of the Pierce County Library System
The Golf Tournament is coming together, still with room for more golfers.  We have 93 golfers signed up.  It is not too late to sign up more and help our major fundraiser event.  $18,700 gross receipts so far. 
Judi Maier read a thank you letter for our club’s scholarship assistance to Pierce College.
Sheri Hodson recently ran into former club member Bob Edington.  He and his wife used to live in Steilacoom, and recently moved into Tobey Jones in Tacoma.  He sends his warm regards to everyone.
Membership director Gretchen Allen noted that Kathy Weymiller has been approved for membership by the board, and her name is being read now to the club members in case anyone knows of a reason why she would not make a great Rotarian.  She used to be a member of one of the Gig Harbor clubs.  She is now the principal of our adopted Custer Elementary School.  She would not be able to attend weekly meetings in person during the school year, but could perhaps attend via Zoom.  Kathy is checking with the Clover Park School District honchos about whether this would be allowed under District guidelines.
Foundation Minute
Rotary Foundation director Georgene Mellom read a brief note about what it means to be a Paul Harris Society member.
The Paul Harris Society recognizes Rotary members and friends of The Rotary Foundation who elect to contribute $1,000 or more each year to the Annual Fund, PolioPlus Fund, or approved global grants. The purpose of the Paul Harris Society is to honor and thank individuals for their generous, ongoing support of The Rotary Foundation.
Paul Harris Society contributions also count toward Sustaining Member (Annual Fund contributions only), EREY, Paul Harris Fellow, and Major Donor recognition. Recognition consists of a chevron style pin and a certificate provided by your District Paul Harris Society Coordinator.
Paul Harris Society members are listed in the Paul Harris Society Report.
Are you interested in taking the next step in supporting our Foundation? Ask Georgene.
President’s Minute
President Becky Newton read a thank you letter for our club’s $1000 gift to the Lakewood Community Foundation.  And she did a separate check presentation of $500 to the Lakewood Playhouse for its summer educational program.  Representing the LPH was its new board president, Tricia Borgardt.
Tricia mentioned that there is an entire new LPH board post-Covid.  New seats are getting installed in the theater, for which volunteer labor will be greatly appreciated at an installation event in September.  Tricia used to be a member of a Rotary Club in Morro Bay, CA, lives in Tacoma now, and is glad to be part of our community.
Becky also made a check presentation of $1500 to Ramona Hinton, accepting it on behalf of Project Las Americas, a reading program in the Dominican Republic.  Our club’s annual budget item for International Projects will join with a contribution from Ramona’s old club in Michigan, plus a third club in Florida.  It will help support literacy for 450 students.  There may be opportunities for Rotarians to get hands-on in the D.R. in some future year.  
Fun And Fines
Ed Trobaugh noted a big “Nye Owe You” from Marie Barth for $100 for a recent trip and her 51st wedding anniversary.  Marie was not carrying, and so the payment will be held over.  
Given that this was the last meeting of July, if you are a July baby or anniversarist, and have not yet made a celebratory contribution, please do so ASAP.  And August contributors should get their check-writing hands warmed up.  
David Cotant and Judi had a 4-day trip to Suncadia, losing many golf balls in the process, plus then a separate trip to Guemes Island in the San Juans for crabbing.  10 days total plus 4 rounds of golf was worth $70.
Alan Billingsley took a trip “into the woods” with 38 family members, and reportedly did not lose a single one of them.  They went to a lake near Bend, OR.  6 nights, $30.
Jack Kammer is back in person.  He was recently in California for work, plus got a new roof, a new job, and moved his daughter into the dorm at UW.  He offered up an unknown and unspecified amount of cash, equal to everything he had in his pocket.  Eyewitnesses claimed that it was in excess of $70, although a full accounting escaped your faithful recorder’s attention.
This Week’s Program
Teresa Nye introduced Reid Vance, who is a vice president and title manager at Ticor Title.  He works with Teresa at the University Place branch.  He came to talk about the risks of title theft, and whether homeowners need to pay for title theft protection plans.
You may have seen commercials for a service offering to protect you from title theft.  It does happen that fraudulent home sales are done.  Most fraudsters are caught, and yet people keep trying.  Title insurance covers most fraud scenarios. 
All lenders require title insurance be purchased on any home sale.  Title monitoring services function by scanning public records for any transactions that might affect their clients.  But they will only catch such a transaction when it hits the publicly viewable records. 
Members had several questions about the applicability of title insurance to several different scenarios, and how much protection it offers.
With $479 in the pot, and 19 cards left in the deck, of which only 1 is an ace, Jack Kammer had the winning ticket, but no joy in drawing an ace.
And Finally…
Be wary of a clever driver.