What is a Food Scientist?
President Sue Potter presiding!  Sue’s changing things up and kicked off the meeting with a stunning rendition of the National Anthem featuring Cher. 
  • Greeter: Tom Faubion
  • Recorder: Becky Newton
  • Inspirational Moment: Jeannie Hill
  • Pledge of Allegiance: National Anthem by Cher
  • Four Way Test: Paul Webb
Announcements and Reports
  • Foundation Minute: Georgene provided a video titled, Foundation Showcase, which highlighted the great work of the Rotary Foundation to eradicate polio, and the many areas of service.
  • Membership: Teresa stepped in for Gretchen, and invited all to “Drinks on the Patio” at her house on Friday, July 14th, 4:30 to 9:00 PM.  Hope to see everyone there!  Teresa is providing a signature drink. Please bring a side dish to share, and your favorite beverage. 
  • Golf Tournament: Joyce noted that we need money quickly for this major fundraising event. Money is good, sponsorship is better, and golfers are best. We need golfers! Please sign up and get the word out. We are behind last year’s totals and need to get going. Dig deep and support this year’s event! We also need more prizes donated. A BBQ lunch is included. Cash donations and sponsorships are accepted, and encouraged. 
  • Service: Alan thanked Bob Lawrence for coming out to help spread 8,000 square feet of black tarp. July 29th is Pierce County Trails Day. Clover Park Rotary is hosting a walk-through of the South Puget Sound Wildlife Area at 9:00 a.m.
  • Caring for Kids: Scott Adams noted that he is now a Board Member. He encouraged all to support Caring for Kids by helping out with events. Volunteers are needed. A handout for these opportunities was provided. 
  • Thunderbirds: Bob Lawrence said to check out the Suburban Times for information on the JBLM Airshow this weekend, and arrival of the Thunderbirds today!
  • Dues: Joyce Ourbre’ reminded members to pay dues by August 1st.  She also reiterated making the August 12th Golf Tourney a priority.
President’s Minute
Sue sadly announced goodbye to an old friend. Pizza Casa has closed. A long-time Lakewood business since the 1950’s. A new Italian restaurant will take its place. 
July 26th, there will not be a speaker for our general meeting. We will be talking about the Rotary year, and what members would like to see. A survey will also go out.
Dr. Dave’s Jokes: Sue shared a couple of jokes from the secret vault of Dr. David Cotant. 
Fun and Fines
Sue has a new “piggy bank” in the form of a unicorn to collect happy bucks and fines. She passed it out to the members to go around the room, noting that CEO’s are like unicorns… They make things happen!
“She is beauty, she is great, she can stab you in the face”
  • Paige Hansen just returned from a fabulous trip to Washington DC, $50 + a buck for the unicorn
  • Becky Newton just returned from four days visiting the grand boys, a “Threenager and a Terrible Two”. They had fun at museums, the beach, and just hanging out, $20 ($15 paid, $5 owed next week)
  • Sheri Hodson just returned from visiting family, $100
Megan Leifson shared what it’s like to be a Food Scientist, including how she starts her process getting set up and putting on her hair net. Megan has a Bachelor of Science in Food Science and Human Nutrition. She always knew that was what she wanted to do since she was very young. Her focus has been on food safety, and quality management systems. 
Megan is a member of the Institute of Food Technology and the Board President for Nourish, as well as an employee of Bite Me Cookies, and Celebrity Gourmet Ventures.  She also holds food patents. 
Megan shared delicious Bite Me Cookies, and passed around three flavors of jelly beans to try. Members guessed the flavors, Popcorn/butter, Pear, and Cherry.