When the program coordinator cannot find a guest speaker, he therefore has to step up and explain all of the nuances of how the entire stock market works.
Notes from the Dec. 8 meeting of
The Rotary Club of Clover Park
recorded by Tom McClellan
President Teresa Nye was back in position, after wrassling with Covid and coming out victorious.  She started by thanking Jim Hairston for pinch-hitting on short notice last week, thanking Tom Faubion for serving as our meeting greeter, and thanking Mike Killen for another ace job setting up the speaker, microphone, two computers, sound mixer, and associated wiring so that everyone could enjoy and hear the speakers at this hybrid meeting.  We had 8 members Zooming in, so the effort was not for nothing.
Jeannie Hill reported that there was no sunshine news she had heard of to report. 
We welcomed as a guest a past member, Don Sosnowski, who came back for a visit.  Don works for Invista Performance Solutions, which markets the educational opportunities of Pierce College to companies that need to train their employees.  And in further good news, he and wife Corinne are expecting a grandchild soon. 
Future Programs
Dec. 15   Xmas Gift wrapping at Carr’s, 5-7 PM
Dec. 22   Becky Newton, Lakewood Economic Development
Dec. 29   Julie Anderson, Pierce County Auditor
Joyce Oubré offered additional details on the Christmas gift shopping and wrapping program for needy families at our adopted Custer Elementary School.  Those members who have already signed up to shop should have received instructions about getting gift cards to go shopping at Target.  We are partnering with the charity arm of West Pierce Fire and Rescue, known as “West Pierce Cares”, for this program. 
The gifts will get wrapped on Dec. 15 at Carr’s Restaurant.  The shoppers and other Rotarians and family members can all come together to wrap the gifts for these families.  Carr’s will offer up some finger food in a buffet, and President Teresa is offering to buy the first round of libations.  Cost $14.  A headcount of those who are participating is needed by Dec. 12.  RSVP to Joyce Oubré, pazonjoyce@yahoo.com, not later than Sunday night, Dec. 12. 
President Teresa served up a membership drive reminder.  All members are expected to propose at least one person who would be a good Rotarian, whether or not we actually succeed in convincing that person to join.  Please put on your thinking caps, and bring forward a name to Membership Director Gretchen Allen.
Hallie McCurdy was not in attendance at this meeting, due to a medical appointment for her husband, but she mentions that West Pierce Fire & Rescue has a new email platform for sending out periodic information on events, life safety messages, department happenings, etc. The goal is to keep our community informed in a more direct manner.  If you are interested in signing up please click THIS LINK..
President’s Minute
Teresa Nye is glad to be back from Covid, and is still suffering from “Covid Fog”.  Her temperature spiked to 102°F.  West Pierce Fire and Rescue came to her house after she collapsed in the bathroom, much to husband Chris Nye’s concern.  He did not bring home the grand prize from Las Vegas and the World Series of Poker tournament, and bringing home Covid was a cruel consolation prize.  Both Teresa and Chris are feeling much better now.
Fun And Fines
Finemaster Ed Trobaugh called out President Teresa for missing last week’s meeting, a grave offense against Rotary which she added to her “Nye Owe You”.  She blamed Covid brain fog for her scheduling mix up.
Ed went on to recognize Joyce Oubré for her generous contribution in honor of her recent trip to Maui.
He also mentioned a reminder to all December birthdays and anniversaries, suggesting that a celebratory contribution to Rotary of a dollar for every year would be a nice gesture.
For his own purposes, Ed was celebrating having received an injection in his back, which has him feeling better than at any time in the last 2 years.
Ed called upon Becky Newton, offering to help her celebrate her recent trip to Palm Desert, CA for Thanksgiving with the grandkids.  Becky reported that it was around 80°F most of the time, and she hung out by the pool, all of which was worth $60. 
Ed went on to note that Jeannie Hill was going to be an early leaver, which was worth $5.
He then called upon John Unfred, who has an unpaid “Wachter” for past debts.  John posed the reasonable question about debts incurred as “Wachters” under the old regime, under which IOUs were named for Past President Heidi Wachter who famously never used to have cash money to pay her debts.  Should such “Wachter” debts still be considered valid and payable under the new regime, where they are referred to as a “Nye Owe You”, in honor of our newly honored debtor in chief. 
Ed contemplated this question momentarily, and decided that the currency exchange rate from converting such old debts should mean an additional $5 added onto the tally.  That should serve as a lesson about asking such questions.
This Week’s Program
Program coordinator Tom McClellan offered up some information about the relationship between stock market valuations and future performance of the major stock market indices.  Not surprisingly, if you buy when stocks are “expensive”, it does not turn out as well as when you buy at a time when stocks are at a cheap valuation.  Here are a couple of relevant charts.
This Week’s Raffle
With $98 in the pot, Marie Barth had the winning ticket, and drew a Joker which entitled her to a prize of $20.
And Finally…
Since the topic of the program was the stock market, here is an old cartoon saved from years ago.