This week’s meeting was all business, with committees meeting and getting things done. But next week is our White Elephant gift exchange.
Notes from the December 14 meeting of
The Rotary Club of Clover Park
recorded by Tom McClellan
This week’s meeting was a different kind of meeting, with no guest speaker but with opportunities for club committees to meet.  But we started with the standard formalities, and Jeannie Hill got us into the mood of fellowship and service with 3 inspirational thoughts:
1. Remember this December, that love weighs more than gold.  - - - Josephine Daskam Bacon
2. Love the giver more than the gift.  - - - Brigham Young
3. Traditionally, the holiday season is a time to highlight the truly human qualities of peace, of generosity, and of understanding. No matter how we choose to celebrate this season, this time of year reminds us that the beliefs that unite us are far greater than those which divide us.  - - - Roxanne Reeves
We had one guest joining us this week, Judi Maier’s husband Tom Wie.  There was no sunshine to report.
Future Programs
Dec. 21     Fellowship meeting, no speaker
Dec. 28     Matt Costanti, New Developments in Waste Recycling
Jan. 4        Michelle Tirhi, District Biologist, Pierce County
Regarding next week’s meeting, on Dec. 21, it too will not be a standard meeting format.  It will instead just be a time for some Christmas fellowship, and a “White Elephant Gift Exchange” for those who want to participate, nothing over $20.  Look for an email from President Becky Newton with more details.
Joyce Oubré thanked all of the shoppers and gift wrappers who participated in the gift program for needy families, done in conjunction with West Pierce Cares, our local fire department’s charity arm.  Thanks also to Ellie and Chris Carr for the dinner, and the use of the restaurant.  Here are some photos of both activities.
Fun And Fines
Alan Billingsley hosted a brief segment, accepting Becky Newton’s confession that she had both her daughter and son come to town for a visit.  Then he got more members involved, assessing the following fines:
1. If you decorated your house for Christmas prior to Thanksgiving, that costed $1.
2. If you have an artificial tree, no charge.  But a real tree costed $1.
3. If you have NO outside lights put up, $1.
Committee Meetings
Rotarians then met by committees, and there were some reports provided after the meeting by committee heads, as follows:
Foundation Committee:
1. Focus on encouraging all members to donate to the foundation, ideally monthly.
2. Provide stories to the club from members on work being done locally and around the globe in all areas of focus (Peace and conflict prevention/resolution; Disease prevention and treatment; Water and sanitation; Maternal and child health; Basic education and literacy; Economic and community development).
3. Discussed donating credits that some members have towards newer member's first Paul Harris so that all club members are Paul Harris Fellows; committee members agreed that members should earn their own Paul Harris Fellow credential.
4. Six members do not have their Paul Harris Fellow, including our two new members.
5. Georgene Mellom, Becky Newton, and Ramona Hinton will go through the training in order for the club to apply for grants.  The training is in January; Sue Potter has already been certified.
Social Committee:
1. Fireside is scheduled for January 19th, more information to come.
2. Suggested that we offer a once per month social gathering for members that want to attend.
3. Social gatherings are important so that we can get to know our members.
4. Paige Hansen volunteered to lead the social events committee.
Fundraising Committee discussed ways to generate additional revenue, especially at the upcoming CPRI event on March 17:
1) We need to begin getting the word out mid-January.
        - Sponsorships
        - Letters
        - Prizes
2) Venue already secured and security deposit paid. ☘
3) We would like to keep the price of a square at $100, and hopefully the meal price at $35.00 depending on rising food and labor costs.
4)We need to find a worthy cause ( maybe via Service Project/s) input/feedback to include a “Raise The Paddle” portion to help fund that project. Starting amount to be determined at a later date, but not less than $1,000.
5) Have an energetic person introduce Raising The Paddle at beginning of CPRI (cocktail hour).
6) Continue the Silent Auction.
7) For those not exactly thrilled with their luckily drawn board prize, once someone who wins the bid to secure it will have to contribute 1/2 of those dollars back to the club.
8) Silent auction donors will be asked if there is stiff competition on your item would they be willing to double up the auction item?
Late Notes:
There will be a Fireside Chat for new members, and a few veteran members, to be held Thursday, Jan. 19, at Paul Webb’s house.  More details coming soon.
Paige Hansen noted that the Lakewood Playhouse is extending its run of Jacob Marley’s Christmas Carol, a retelling of the Charles Dickens classic novel but through the eyes of Scrooge’s dead business partner Marley.  Get details at
And Finally…
The new movie from James Cameron just out is called, “Avatar – The Way of Water”. 
It is a 192-minute movie all about water, but ironically with no bathroom break.