An eager one to Rat On A Rotarian, some Christmas gift wrapping details, and Sue Potter explains food bank operations.
Notes from the Dec. 1 meeting of
The Rotary Club of Clover Park
recorded by Tom McClellan
With the full line of elected succession out of commission, Past President Jim Hairston was pressed into service to preside over the meeting.  He started by acknowledging Tom Faubion for serving as our greeter, and Mike Killen for meeting setup and Zoom duties.  He also welcomed guests including Fred Willis’ grandson Alec Willis, and Heritage Bank manager Hailey Wheeler.
Jeannie Hill offered 3 inspirational thoughts to put us all in the right frame of mind:
1. A problem is a chance for you to do your best. (Duke Ellington)
2. Talent is cheaper than table salt. What separates the talented individual from the successful one is a lot of hard work. (Stephen King)
3. A good conscience is a continual Christmas. (Ben Franklin)
Sunshine Report: President Teresa Nye and husband Chris are doing better after their bout with Covid, and have gotten back to work.  Teresa should be joining us again very soon.
Future Programs:
Dec. 8     Tom McClellan, What An Overvalued Stock Market Means
Dec. 15   Christmas Gift wrapping (look for more details very soon)
Dec. 22   Becky Newton, Lakewood Economic Development
Proposed New Members
3 new potential members have been proposed: Scott Adams of West Pierce Fire and Rescue, Isabel Ragland of the Pierce County Conservation District, and Tom Rebek of the Lakewood Ford dealership.  If anyone knows why any of these individuals might not make a good Rotarian, please contact Tom McClellan or Gretchen Allen with the information that is relevant, otherwise they will be invited to membership.
Tom Faubion thought it appropriate at this point in the meeting to mention that during our last in-person meeting, acting president Jim Hairston had won the raffle.  This was not yet the Fun and Fines segment, but Finemaster Ed Trobaugh nevertheless spoke up to assess a $2 “Rat On A Rotarian” against Tom Faubion, for speaking up to point out Jim Hairston’s great fortune in the raffle.  But Tom Faubion countered by noting that he had purchased a “Fraley” earlier in this Rotary year, exempting him from further fines including $2 rats.  Not to be outdone, Jim Hairston sidestepped the call for him to tithe part of his raffle winnings by noting that he had already donated the entirety of the windfall to purchasing prizes for next year’s golf tournament.
Acting President Jim then turned the group back to the tasks at hand, which included reminding everyone of the new member challenge.  Everyone needs to bring forward the name of someone who would be a great Rotarian.  Get the names to Gretchen Allen.
Bob Lawrence mentioned that the Lakewood Playhouse had opened a new play, “Christmas Carol, More Or Less” last week, a play about a cast of actors who suddenly must present the entire story of Dickens’ play “A Christmas Carol” with just two people.  It will be running on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays for the next 3 weekends.
Joyce Oubré mentioned that Christmas shopping will be different this year.  Those who have signed up as shoppers can come Dec. 11, 0800, at Target, or get a gift card from our partners at West Pierce Cares (the firefighters’ charity) to do the shopping at your convenience.  Joyce is proposing a gift-wrapping party on the afternoon of Dec. 15 at Carr’s Restaurant.  Details are to be forthcoming.  Please email Joyce if you can serve as a shopper. 
Fun And Fines
After a warmup prelude in a prior segment of the meeting, Ed Trobaugh got down to real business reminding those with December birthdays and anniversaries to get in their celebratory contributions.  We no longer call out those dates individually due to identity security concerns. 
Ed called upon Randy Black, nothing that the recent rains must be good for inventory for the Lakewood Water District, of which Randy is the supreme poobah.  Randy noted that their wells tap into shallow aquifers, which are indeed recharging.  Randy went on to note his own recent birthday in November, and a trip to Arizona, where he went to a hockey game.  He also had a surprise birthday party thrown by one of his daughters.  He rolled up all of these offense against Rotary into a $100 fine.
Bob Lawrence is back from a 7-country trip over 28 days: Iceland, Ireland, Netherlands, France, England, Belgium, and Florida (did you count the 7 countries?).  This involved a transatlantic cruise, culminating in a trip to Disneyworld in Florida with 5 grandchildren for 4 days.  $150. 
Gretchen Allen celebrated the Thanksgiving holiday with family members in a rented house on Whidbey Island, for $20
This Week’s Program
Sue Potter gave a presentation debunking several of the myths about food banks and food pantries.  Her firm, Nourish Pierce County, is the largest network of food pantries in western Washington, operating 23 separate sites. 
With $73 in the pot, Ed Trobaugh drew a 9 of spades, resulting in a $5 consolation prize which Ed donated to the club just to make the bookkeeping that much more difficult.