We tried a hybrid meeting, via Zoom plus in person.  We’ll try some more, and keep trying until we get it right.  Don’t ever buy Version 1.0 of anything.
Notes from the Aug. 25 meeting of
The Rotary Club of Clover Park
Recorded and edited by Tom McClellan
President Teresa started us off on time, and thanked those involved in this week’s special meeting setup.  Sergeant At Arms David Cotant was manning the sign in table and weekly raffle, and he also led us in the flag salute.  Mike Killen was operating the electronics within the meeting to handle the hybrid Zoom functions, and Sue Potter was acting as this week’s Zoomxecutrix from across the restaurant, just so that her laptop would not cause feedback with the audio system. Jeannie Hill shared a couple of inspiring quotes via Zoom, from a secure undisclosed location. 
We welcomed 6 Rotarians logging in via the hybrid system, and many more in person.  We also welcomed guests including longtime friend Ralph Lockhart (who makes a big appearance later in the notes), Alec Willis who was visiting again with his grandfather Fred Willis.  And we had our 3 guest speakers, Terry Knight, his wife Cassandra Knight, and Alyssa Phillips, all from Wake For Warriors, which was this week’s program. 
There was thankfully no sunshine to report this week.
Future Programs
Sep. 1              Donna Handoe           Santa's Castle Program for Military Youth
Sep. 8              Alec Willis, R.N.          Trends In Long Term Care Facilities
Sep. 15            Tom Faubion               Western States Trails Association
Teresa reminded us that there are only 3 weeks left until the golf tournament, which is our one and only fundraiser this year.  It is not too late to sign up a foursome of golfers, or even a single who can be matched up with a team. 
President's Minute
Teresa then opened her heart to talk about her impending emptynesthood, as son Patrick is about to head off to college all the way in the other corner of the country in Florida.  She invited members to offer their own stories about dropping off prodigy at college.
Ramona Hinton talked about dropping off her daughter Kylie at college, and meeting a fellow dorm resident Dave who arrived with a box of Hot Pocket frozen sandwiches to store in the refrigerator belonging to Kylie and her roommate.  He thereafter came to be known as “Hot Pocket Dave”. 
Sheri Hodson shared a story about dropping off her daughter at WSU, her middle child.  Her youngest (her son) was okay with the eldest daughter going off to college, but was closer to the middle daughter and had an emotional time after dropping her off.
Tom McClellan shared a story of dropping himself off at West Point, 3000 miles from home, which he had never visited before being admitted.  He and a buddy got to stay the night before at the nearby home of Tom’s aunt in Pound Ridge, NY, an aunt who bought them beer!  Tom also noted that in high school he had an afro hairstyle, and upon admission to West Point in his senior year of high school, Tom decided to just let it keep growing, because soon all of his haircuts would be for free.  When he walked into the Cadet Barber Shop on the first day, all of the barbers stopped working and looked.  It took a while to get used to the feeling of peach fuzz on the back of the neck.
Tho Kraus shared a story about driving her son off to college, which was actually not that far away.  She looked forward to her son coming home, so that she could lay some mothering on him in the form of stocking him up with food. He had to carry it all off to the dorm himself in a backpack, a problem for which Tho later found her own solution in the form of a wheeled grocery dolly. 
Fun And Fines
Ed Trobaugh appeared as finemaster from a secure undisclosed location, and proceeded to note that the Zoom acoustics left a lot to be desired.  Let the record reflect that Ed made this complaint after (finally) getting his own computer off mute following 30 seconds of delay.  Computer audios are hard.  Once again, don’t ever buy Version 1.0 of anything.
Ed then pointed out that there are some August birthday fines still not yet received, including Paul Webb who was present at the meeting.  Paul was allowed to get up and speak, and noted that, “the most fun [he] has had at a Rotary meeting was the few seconds that Ed was muted.”  Unfortunately for Paul, the punchline was lost in bad audio function over Zoom. 
Teresa Nye was called upon to pay her long overdue Wachter, and she noted that on this day she had actually procured a check, filled it out, and then summarily left it at home.
Sheri Hodson confessed to having bought a new car last week, and at the last minute.  Still waiting to take delivery on the car, but fessed up to the $20 fine.
This Week’s Program
Terry Knight came to do a presentation on the Wake For Warriors program, a therapy effort for wounded warriors and vets struggling with the aftereffects of their service.  Terry noted that the VA has done studies on surfing as therapy, and found that it does magical things for rewiring the brain after Post Traumatic Stress.
Terry came to be associated with the organization after his own medical retirement from the military, following a diagnosis of ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, AKA Lou Gehrig’s Disease).  He met the founder of the organization, David Deep, four years ago at an organization event in San Antonio.  Terry got up on a wakeboard and was hooked, convincing Deep to allow Terry to form a local chapter of Wake For Warriors here in the Pacific Northwest.  It is the first such chapter.
Ski Nautique (boats) and Hyperlite (boards) are national sponsors.
The staff are all volunteers. Fundraising goes toward paying for insurance and the lodging for vets at their events.  The Northwest Chapter is also trying to raise funds toward a new boat, a personal watercraft, and an adaptive surfseat on a modified board for those vets who are missing limb function. 
Wake surfing is different from wake boarding, where the skier is towed by a rope like a water skier.  A tow rope is used initially when first starting, and then the rider is propelled by the wave.  Wake surfing is lower impact, and involves more mental function to achieve balance successfully.  As such, it represents an achievement for someone to be able to get up and stay up.  It is in meeting that physical challenge that the veteran receives the therapy from this activity.   
Medical separation from the military is very isolating.  The events they sponsor help with that.  They offer 1-day and multi-day events.  The Northwest Chapter does not yet have its own boat, and thus relies on volunteers to provide boats and gas for these events. 
Get more info and see a video of them in action at https://www.wakeforwarriors.org/.
With $586 in the pot, Ralph Lockhart had the winning ticket, and had the good fortune to draw an Ace!!!
And Finally…
With the golf tournament looming, here is a little bit of golf humor from the book “Golf Is A Four-Letter Word” by Richard Armour.  This poem is titled, “Later Please”.
On the second tee
It’s all right with me
If I start my old topping and botching;
But give me a long one,
A straight one, a strong one,
On the first, when so many are watching.