Fun with Road Trips, Fines, and Pierce County Priorities!

Notes from the April 7th, 2021 meeting of the
Rotary Club of Clover Park
recorded by Becky Newton, edited by Tom McClellan

CALL TO ORDER -  12:31 PM   Happy Month End!

        Greeter:  Judi Maier
        Recorder:  Becky Newton
        Invocation – Jeannie Hill
        Flag Salute – Sue Potter
        Four Way Test – Georgene Mellom


Guest Speaker is Bruce Dammeier who is a member of Tacoma #8 Rotary. No other visitors.

Nothing bad to report for Sunshine.  Darryl Owens sends best regards to all.  Not currently able to attend meetings, hoping to rejoin soon.


No announcements


April 14           David Puszczewicz, Home Ownership Center next Wednesday
April 21           TBD
April 28           Jim Fuda, Crime Stoppers of Puget Sound


What has been your favorite road trip?  

Sheri Hodson said that road trips are one of her favorite things. Most memorable was a trip with her parents through Wisconsin and many parks, including Yellowstone. Lots of music, food, and laughter. 

Sydna Koontz shared that when their daughter was a junior at Wellesley, she and husband Corky drove her daugher’s Honda Prelude to Boston. A highlight was that they found the Perkins restaurant. Her daughter was delighted to have a car she could get around in.

Georgene Mellom shared a story called “Do It Now”. 

John Unfred shared his least favorite road trip to Disneyland. John's father had welded a third row in the car where John rode with the luggage. A good time with family of “togetherness” and good memories overall. “Safety standards in vehicles have gone up since then”. 

Teresa Nye recalled a beach trip with cousins. Taking a hairpin turn, the door flew open. Thankfully they were close and they held on to one another, and didn’t fall out of the car.

Judi Maier remembered a trip to Long Beach along Pacific Coast all along Seal Beach, a lovely drive. 


Ed Trobaugh said that Yes, Teresa, you do still owe.  John Unfred made a confession, because he’s an honest person. He closed on a new house in Lakewood last week, fined $20.

Teresa Nye will send in the $2 rat, as she was aware of John’s recent purchase.  Sue Potter and Becky Newton have anniversaries. General Ed said that the granddaughters visited over the weekend.

Dave Cotant said that on Easter, he had kids and grandkids over. April 4th, his grandson turned 30 years old. He will send in $5. 

Paul Webb confessed that he left early last week. That cost him $10. 

Sheri Hodson confessed that the weekend before Easter she spent the with family. $20 fine.

This Week’s Program

County Executive Bruce Dammeier mentioned the opening of Pierce County's new metal health Crisis Recovery Center, and provided an overview of priorities.  Bruce had the opportunity to honor two graduates from Veterans Court, noting that everyone who serves makes some sacrifice. Battling the pandemic has been particularly rough. 2021 is about restarting, reforming, and recovering.

Three top priorities:

·         Eye on vaccinations as quickly as possible as priority one

·         Getting kids safely back to school

·         Get people back to work and the jobs back online

Other priorities include “reforms” such as housing affordability and need for more family wage jobs so that people can afford a home. Behavioral health and criminal justice reform are also high on the Exec’s list.

Pierce County had a big opportunity to spend $158 million of federal CARES Act funds last year, and was nationally and internationally recognized.  There is another $194 million coming in for ARPA, and they anticipate $121 million for rental assistance in 2021.

Members were interested in body cams, rent/mortgage relief for landlord, whether immigrants were coming to Pierce County, and efficient permitting particularly for low income individuals.