Sheri Hodson shared her trip to the Holy Land while Randy Black paid a fine for traffic in Toronto

Rotary Club of Clover Park Meeting 

June 21, 2023

12:30 PM


Our own Sheri Hodson is sharing her experience traveling to the Holy Land


This is a hybrid meeting, with some of us meeting in person at

Carr’s Restaurant, and others joining via Zoom.


CALL TO ORDER -  Becky Newton

Greeter:  Tom Faubion

Recorder:  Heidi Wachter

Inspirational Moment: Jeannie Hill

  Pledge of Allegiance:  Tank (Jim Hairston)

Four Way Test:  Paul Webb

President Becky Newton presented a video on the Rotary Foundation.  She reminded members to submit those final donations.


Introduction of Guests of Club Members

Gretchen Allen introduced Future Zhou and Sean Werner

Visiting Rotarians

Sunshine Report


Tank (Jim Hairston) reported that the time for the Golf Tournament is drawing near.  Find sponsors!  Find players!  Register!

Mark your calendars:

    October 7 is our next day at the Game Farm

    Installation Banquet is next Wednesday starting at 6:00!

Upcoming programs!

President Becky Newton shared communication from the Lakewood Community Foundation.  They have granted the Clover Park Rotary $1,000!




Teresa Nye led Fun & Fines, kicking off with her own announcement of an upcoming wedding and anticipated new baby - $5.  She shared her grandmother’s wisdom:  “You never do know how long it takes for the first baby after marriage…from the second baby on, they all take nine months.”


David Cotant paid $5 for recent contact with past president Don Paradise, who sent a check to support the Golf Tournament.  David is sending it back to add some zeros….


Randy Black angled for a lower fine after his trip to a Water Conference in Toronto.  Apparently the traffic was sufficiently challenging that he does not expect to return anytime soon and his payment is reduced to $10.

Ellie Carr attempted to summit Mt. Rainier.  She paid $50 for the attempt; would be more for a summit.



Sheri Hodson presented on her trip to the Holy Land including many slides and a book containing over 400 pictures.  This trip included learning about the area, discoveries there which are continuing through current day, faith components of the trip and the emotional impact of the trip.


There is a lot of Roman, Jewish and Christian history in the area and artifacts are discovered regularly.  Sometimes the religions agree on history and where things happened; other times there are different accounts.




ADJOURN at 1:30